Releasing Fate

By Amanda Jensen All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


With Allen awaiting trial and his Mom and Dad living under the same roof Cole feels safer then he has felt in years. He is confident that his life and his relationship with his Mother will get healthier. His relationship with Willow has blossomed and he is ready to share his true feelings for her but what he doesn’t know is that sinister schemes are being set in place to rip them apart. While Cole’s life is being put back together Willow's is falling apart. After receiving a call from her father informing her that her mother has been in an accident brings the beginning of Willow’s world crashing. She will learn things about her Father that she has never suspected and he will also bring Carter into her life. She doesn’t know Carter but he seems to know her. Secrets will be spilled and hearts will be broken. Will they keep a hold of the love they share on their own fate or release fate to make the choice for them?


“Willow!” I hear someone say my name. I look up and see a boy; no not a boy but a man. A man I still don’t know, but the same one who has haunted my dreams. I feel his hand as it touches mine, I feel his warm breath as he leans in close and whispers in my ear, “Soon you will remember who I am and then you will be mine.”He grabs me by the back of my neck and forces me to face him.

I’m scared; I want to run but his grip on my neck is too tight. When I give in and look up at him, I truly look at his face; he has crystal blue eyes that would be captivating if I wasn’t so terrified of him. He has blond hair and a striking face but the only person on my mind at the moment is Cole and I pray he finds me.

“Who are you? What do you want from me?” I ask with a shaky voice.

He forces my head closer to his and says, “You will get your answers when you remember. When that happens you will dump your worthless boyfriend, and then you will give yourself over to me completely,” he sneers. I’m angry and scared. As I try to get away he tightens his hold making it impossible to move.

“I will never break up with Cole, you idiot! I love him and he is the best thing for me,” I shout. “I have no idea who you are and where you get off thinking you have control over anything I do.”

I see anger brewing in his crystal blue eyes as he lets go of my neck and I use that to my advantage; I try to get away but he’s too quick and grabs my arm. I don’t know what to but I want to bury myself and hide. I have never been so afraid of anyone in my entire life; I have never felt this defenseless. He looked like he wanted to hit me.

When he raised his hand I flinched but he only used it to wrap around my neck once again, this time he forced my face to his and his lips crashed onto mine. He tried to force my mouth open but I kept it shut, he pulled me tighter against his body, getting angrier because I wasn’t giving in. He finally pulls away and looks into my eyes with evil burning through his.

“Don’t pretend to not know me, Willow. If you look deep into your heart you will remember me and will remember what we shared, you will realize how beautiful it was. You belong to me and I will not stop until you are with me even if that means ending your boyfriend.”

He forces his mouth onto mine again and this time when he tries to open my mouth I obey but instead of letting him kiss me I bite down hard on his bottom lip and then bring my knee up and get him right where it counts. He falls to the ground moaning and I take off running but as I run I hear him yell, “YOU WILL REGRET THIS!”

I don’t look back; I just keep running until I can be in the arms of the boy I love; the one who makes me feel safe. I’m sure I hadn’t been running very long when I smack into something hard. I hear an oomph and then I feel those safe and perfect arms wrap around me. I would know him anywhere.

He pulls me tighter as if he knows something happened. I start to sob into his shirt and he rubs soothing circles on my back. After a few seconds he pulls away just enough to look at me, he sees the fear in my eyes.

“Baby, what’s wrong? What happened?”

I had to tell him but I hear, “Get your hands off her, she belongs to me!” I feel myself being torn away from him. Cole balls his hand into a fist preparing to fight and just as I duck he throws the first punch and I wake up screaming.

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