Unfulfilled Journey

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Chapter 17-Erin


I never thought I would ever have to touch one of these horrible things again; not after the first and last time. That time had been to protect my mom. I was only ten but I was smart streetwise.

I had spent most of my life living on the streets; I knew how to take care of myself. I couldn’t let them hurt my mom, she was all I had and was my everything.

When Tyler showed up at my house, I froze; it felt like the worst day of my life was happening again. The people who hurt my mom showed up the same way. Tyler started to drag Willow away and I had to do something and fast. I didn’t think but I acted on impulse.

I’m not the same scared ten-year-old anymore, but now I’m a scared seventeen-year-old. I grabbed his arm and tried to pull him off of Willow but the only thing that got me was pushed to the ground.

As I fell, I saw the same look in his eyes and I realized I needed to get help or do something myself because I would lose my best friend like I lost my mother.

I wasn’t going to let that happen. I quickly disappeared out of the kitchen when Tyler wasn’t looking. I didn’t know what he would do if he saw me leaving.

I started running for the back door, but then realized they stopped coming around since Tyler went cold. I reached for my phone but remembered it had fallen when Tyler pushed me, I couldn’t get to it.

I ran to the phone on the kitchen wall and quickly dialed 911 and asked them to connect me to Deb. It took them about five seconds for them to get her. When she realized who I was she told me to get somewhere safe, but I wasn’t going to do that. Tyler could kill and or kidnap Willow in that time.

I stayed on the phone with Deb, but then I remembered where my foster dad had kept his guns and how to unlock them. When I first came to live here, I was fifteen.

He knew of the possibility of the same people coming after me so he showed me where they were and how to use them. He wanted me to protect myself if he couldn’t be here. Right now is one of those days I’m glad neither one of my parents were here.

It took me longer than I liked to get to the office. I finally reached the office and went to the safe, my hands were shaking so bad it took me three times to get the code right. When the safe popped open I hesitated, I hate guns; I’ve seen what they do.

I really hoped I would not have to do this again. I really hoped I wouldn’t have to take someone’s life again, but then I thought of my best friend downstairs and I grabbed the gun. I threw the phone down and ran back towards the kitchen. I heard the door open and slam shut.

My heart sank, what if he succeeded and my friend is gone…I was too late once again. I didn’t want to find out. As I reached the kitchen, I could hear Cole screaming at Tyler. I ran in and I saw him straddling Willow.

She had a bruise starting to form on the right side of her face, she was close to blacking out and that’s when I point the gun at his chest. I was ready to pull the trigger.

Cole looked up and shook his head no. I lowered the gun and slumped to my knees and just let it all out. I know the time has come for me to come clean about my past, but right now Willow is my concern.

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