Unfulfilled Journey

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Chapter 18-Cole

I knew the minute I pulled into Erin’s driveway something was wrong. There was a brand new Mercedes in the driveway. It wasn’t Willow’s car and it wasn’t Erin’s. I at first thought it could have been Willow’s father but quickly shut that idea down.

He wouldn’t waste his time coming here. I turned off my bike and jumped off it. I pulled out my phone and called the police. I hear Willow shout something about being a liar and a coward so I take off in the direction of her voice.

They were in the kitchen. When I get there I see Tyler on top of her. All I could see was red; I wanted to see this prick bleed. I ran towards him with every intention of tearing him from limb to limb. I run up and pull him off of her.

“Get off of her, asshole!” Then I hear the words I have been waiting the last month and a half to hear her say to me.

“I love you, Cole!”

I needed to get to her; I had to make sure she was okay. I charged Tyler; I didn’t care if I ended up breaking my arm again. She was all that mattered. I was able to get him off of her but not before he threw a punch at me. I grabbed his wrist and blocked the blow.

I take hold of his wrist, pull it behind his back, and pull his arm up to his shoulderblade. He screeches in pain and all sorts of curse words come flying out of his mouth.

"For someone who likes to rape and beat on girls, you really are a pussy when you come up against a real challenge aren't you?" He squirmed and tried to get out of my hold. I just yanked his arm up higher.

“You are only fooling yourself, Mr. Knight,” he provoked. “She already knows she belongs to me, and if it weren’t for you she would have already been here. I wouldn’t have had to go to this level. You forced my hand, and when she wakes up she will realize what I can give her and what you can’t. She will choose me.”

I laughed at the craziness of all of this and said, “She won’t want you after our prison friends have had their way with you!”

His face paled. “You can’t prove anything! It’s her word against mine and I have powerful lawyers to back me up!”

“Not anymore you don’t!” I hear someone say behind me and I turn to see Deb, her handcuffs are out and she is ready to arrest this guy.

“Evidence goes a long ways Mr. Harrison and we have a lot of it. Your so-called powerful uncle has confessed to cover for you, you have not only raped and stalked Willow but several other victims have come forth." A wicked smile curved her lips and her green eyes gleamed with delight.

"You are going away for a very long time and I will gladly put you there. You are vile scum and shouldn’t see the light of day ever again.”

She looks at me and says, “I normally don’t condone this but is there anything you would like to say to this scumbag before I take him away?”

I have to think about it. Is there something I want to say? “No, I have nothing to say, but I would like to beat him to a bloody pulp. I want to make him pay for everything he has done to Willow, but I will take the high road. There has been enough violence and right now the only thing I want to do is go to Willow.” Deb nods and hauls Tyler off.

It took a few minutes for Willow to come to but when she did she looked right at me. She didn’t look happy to see me and I didn’t know why. The paramedics were there assisting her but she pushed them away.

She tried to stand up but needed assistance. So I walked over to her and offered to help her but she refused my hand. This was something new.

“Willow, what is it?” I’m definitely concerned. She was able to stand but as she did, she held her head down.

“I let you in, Cole. I told you that I couldn’t be in a relationship with you, but you kept pushing until I finally gave in. I was so stupid to believe that you could really want me or that you could really love someone like me. I gave myself to you; I gave you everything that I had. I can’t believe I fell for it and fell for you. I can’t do this anymore.”

As her words started to make sense, I felt the ground beneath me fall; I felt my world and my heart shatter. I made my way to her but she just backed away.

“Don’t, Cole! I need time to figure things out and I can’t with you around,” she says as she wipes the tears from her eyes. “I’m sorry, Cole. I do love you but this isn’t going to work anymore. I can’t keep pretending anymore.”

“I don’t understand what you are saying,” I lamented. “How could we be so happy just a couple of hours ago and then now after this you want to break up. It doesn’t make sense.” Then it dawned on me.

“Willow, are you breaking up to protect me? If that is what you are doing then don’t worry about me. Please, Willow, think about this and think about what we have and what we can have. We have been through so much already. You can’t just walk away from me...from us...from this.”

I hardly ever cry but now was one of those times. I saw her's fall so there had to be other reasons she was doing this. It couldn’t just be what happened with Tyler.

“I saw the picture, Cole!” She screams. “You didn’t have to go behind my back. If you really wanted her you could have just told me!” Now she was in full hysterics.

“I always knew deep down you would end up going to her, she always gets what she wants. I wondered why she all of a sudden backed off and left us alone. She had gotten what she wanted all along.”

I didn’t care if she didn’t want me to touch her; I had to get to her. She was crying so hard, her beautiful blue eyes were swollen and full of sadness. When I got to her, I lifted her chin so she would have to look at me.

“What are you talking about?” I begged her for an answer. I really had no idea what she was talking about other than it had something to do with Ashley. I began to believe she was done harassing Willow, but I was stupid to let my guard down.

“Please tell me what has you thinking I’m with Ashley? What photo?” She tries to look away but I won’t let her.

“Please, Willow, I need an explanation, I deserve that much.” She shakes her head and tried to pull out of my arms, but I held on to her, she fought with every ounce of strength she had left in her and I let her. She needed this; she needed to let it go.

“WHY, COLE?” She sobs loudly. “Why did you have to make me fall in love with you? Why did you have to hurt me? Why did it have to be her?” As she asked all these questions, I had no answers because I really didn’t know what the hell was going on, but she needed me to say something.

“Willow, I have never been with Ashley. I don’t know who told you that. I have been with you since the first day, and it has always been you. From that day I walked into History class and looked at you, it was you. I love you so much, I thought you knew that. Haven’t I proved it to you? I’ve done everything I could to protect you, isn’t that enough?” I ask. “There has never been anything or ever will be anything with Ashley.”

“I saw the picture on Tyler's phone,” she cries quietly. “He made me look at it and told me that you were sneaking around with her. I know I shouldn’t have believed him and maybe it wasn’t true but the picture was right there Cole. Can you explain why you were so up close and personal with her when you claim you despise her?” It took me a minute to realize what she was talking about then I remembered what it was.

“There was nothing going on, we got paired up to do a project for Bio. The only thing we were doing was talking about the project. I don’t know what you saw in that picture but I swear to you that it was nothing,” I try to get her to understand.

“She was all over you, Cole, and you weren’t stopping her. She was practically salivating. It was really disturbing and disgusting. Explain why you weren’t stopping her.”

“You only saw a picture but what you didn’t see was how many times I pushed her away. Or how I ended up moving away. You can ask anyone in that class since I was asked about it.”

“That may be the case but why didn’t you tell me?” That was a legit question and I had an answer, it may not be the right one and it was pretty crappy on my part.

“I didn’t think it mattered since I am going to ask for a different partner. I also didn’t want to add more to what you were going through.” I am guilty of being stupid that's all. She looked up at me with skepticism.

“Really? That’s the best you could come up with?” She argues. “You must think I’m really dumb, Cole. You really thought I would buy excuses likes that?”

I let her go and threw my hands in the air. “Willow, it’s the truth. I understand trust is hard for you but come on, you know me.”

“No, I really don’t! I thought I did. I thought this would be good for me, but you know what I figured out? You were my escape. I fell for you because I saw you as my hero. I don’t have room for a hero right now.” She stands up and wipes her eyes.

“I need you to go now; I really need to be alone. I’m sorry I dragged you into my mess of a life, and now I’m letting you go. Go find someone who isn’t messed up and someone who can truly love you. Goodbye, Cole.” She turns on her heel and runs out of the room.

I was standing there staring at the last place I saw her. Erin and apparently Toby had come over to me. I was so caught up with my break up that I didn’t even notice everyone around me.

The paramedics were cleared to go since Willow refused to go to the hospital. Deb and the police had left with Carter in tow. We all did have to go in to make statements tomorrow.

“Cole, what happened?” Erin asked with concern.

I stood frozen with tears running down my face. “I’m not sure, but I think I just lost my whole reason for breathing.”

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