Unfulfilled Journey

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Author's Note

I know most of you are all upset with me for all Releasing Fate ended and I'm so very sorry. I wasn't happy with how it ended either and I will tell you I was a mess. It took me three months to write Finding Fate but over a year to complete Releasing Fate.

So many emotions were put into this book and at times I had to walk away because I couldn't contain the tears. I mean I was such a blubbering mess. It was like I had just watched The Fault in our Stars or You before me kind of cry. It was horrible.
However, I love this book and I love how my characters growth shows throughout the book. Don't be too sad though because Cole and Willow's journey is not over yet. Willow has a little girl now and she still has to tell Cole about her right?

So Stay tuned for Embracing Fate. Also, I just want to say Thank you so much for reading this story as long as Finding Fate. It means the world to me, and for those who leave comments and reviews, I love you! You inspire me to keep writing.

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