Unfulfilled Journey

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Chapter 2-Willow

I knew my father could be a complete jackass, but I never really thought he would be so rude or cruel to Cole. When he asked who Cole was I didn’t even stop to debate how to answer that. I knew I wanted Cole to be my boyfriend but we haven’t defined what we are yet so I wasn’t sure how he would react to my revel.

“This is Cole, my boyfriend.”

The look that crossed my father’s face was priceless. Of course it was going to piss him off since everything with my father is all about power and image; Cole does not fit any of those in the eyes of my pompous father. However, it was apparent Cole was pleased, or at least he seemed pleased by his new title. During the fight with my father, Cole stayed silent. I could feel the anger coming off of him and I could see him fidgeting, he wanted to do something. I wondered how long it would take for him to step in and then I wondered if he thought I would be mad if he did. I prayed he would, I needed him to because I was losing my resolve and was about to crack. I may be strong but not when it comes to my parents. I don’t think my father every really loved me or Josh or even my mother for that fact, but I had always held out just a little bit of hope that deep down somewhere in my father’s cold black heart he held just a tiny shred of love for me.

Cole and my father were deep in an argument, it was up to me to stop it since this wasn’t going to go anywhere. I know how stubborn and proud my father can be, I also know how protective Cole can be.

The next words to come out of his mouth were the words that broke me. He knew I blamed myself for not being there with her when I should have been; he knew how to throw it back in my face. He knew how to hurt me where it counts.

“Is he why you weren’t with your mother? You decided it was more important to be off fooling around with some boy than to be at home taking care of your sick Mother?” He looked around “Where’s your brother?”

I could feel the tears coming but I would not shed them in front of him, I would not give him the satisfaction of knowing he got to me, so I dropped my head and I studied the floor. The sadness, the guilt and the anger within me are blistering like a third-degree sunburn. I wanted to scream, and cry. I wanted to hit something, which was weird because I'm not a violent person. How dare he make himself and my mother the victim in all of this.

My Mother was the one who decided to drink and drive after she had already taken pills. It was my Dad's stupid fault he was out screwing his mistress/secretary in his office instead of being at home taking care of his wife and family. It's his fault she's this way anyway.

There's no way Mr. High and Mighty, Mr. Respected, the great and powerful attorney can do anything wrong, such as have a dysfunctional family. A wife with bipolar and a drug and alcohol problem, An autistic son and heaven forbid a disobedient Daughter. Could you imagine the respect and the clients he would lose? Oh, the shame of it.

I could also feel Cole's anger steaming off of him and this could turn out badly for Cole, and with everything his family is dealing with right now, he doesn't need the extra stress and drama.

I peeked up and he had my father against the wall and was yelling at him. This was really not good. I needed to put a stop to this before this gets way out of hand.

I really worry Cole does not understand the can of worms he just opened up for himself. My father will not sit by and take his threats, he will fight back and I just hope he is strong enough to deal with the possible consequences.

A few minutes later a security guard finally shows up and tells us to take it outside. Cole takes advantage of my distracted father, grabs my hand and we run down the hall away from him.

I really can’t tell you what was running through Cole’s head when he pushed me against the cold hospital wall. He looked around and then at me, his expression was confusing. It was a mixture of desire, anger, and pain. It was a little scary but I was nervous and exhilarated.

I had never seen Cole like this in the time I had spent with him but I took a deep breath and closed my eyes in hopes of settling my nerves. Before I opened my eyes Cole’s warm lips crashed onto mine. It wasn’t his normal gentle, sweet kiss; this was rough and full of unadulterated passion.

I held back and tried to get a grasp on to what was happening, but oh my goodness his mouth felt so warm and inviting. He nipped at my bottom lip with his teeth and I had no choice but to open up and the second I did he thrust his tongue into my mouth.

Once we made contact he let out a growl from deep down which in turn made me giggle but he kept going. I closed my eyes again and let his kiss and his touch overtake me, everything else just disappeared. He ran his hand through my hair, then I could feel his hand on my neck.

I have no idea how long he held me like that while he continued to ravish my mouth. It felt like time had stopped and I wanted it to stay that way. He begrudgingly pulled away and his eyes roamed down to my swollen lips, I could see he wanted to kiss me again.

When his gaze locked with mine, I knew he needed answers and luckily, I had them. After a few minutes of teasing him again, he went back to kissing me, and it was great until someone came down the hall.

“Your father sent me to come find you, Willow.” That voice! It sounds so eerily familiar it scares me. I pushed myself closer to Cole’s back hoping I could just crawl in and disappear.

“I-I-I know you!” I stammer from behind Cole. “How do I know you? Who are you?” I ask with a shaky voice.

The guy smiles and stares at me with a predatory gleam. “Ah come on, Willow, you know me,” he laughs. “I’m Tyler Harrison, Ashley’s cousin; we met at that frat party a few years ago, remember?” If I could have pushed myself even further into Cole’s back I would’ve.

“What do you want?” Cole asks.

“I’m here to take Willow back.” He stares at me again only this time it’s as if he can see right through me, it’s terrifying.

“What do you mean to take me back? I’m not going anywhere with you, I don’t know you!” I say a little too loudly. I’m still hiding behind Cole but have gained enough courage to find my voice again.

“I meant to take you back to your father so he can take you to see your mom,” Tyler clarified. I can tell he’s lying just by the tone in his voice and his body language.

He glances over to Cole and glares at him. When he sees Cole’s hand still holding onto mine, I’m pretty certain I see anger and jealousy flash in his eyes but all I see now is an irritation.

“Well, you can go back and tell him I’m fine. I don’t need him to send his little pet to come and fetch me. I’m capable of taking care of myself, as he well knows. If he was so concerned then he should have come himself,” I retort.

“I will not be at his beck and call and I will not go to him just because he sends some over-pretentious rich kid to lure me away. Peter should know me better than that, but then again he doesn’t know me at all.”

Tyler doesn’t like my response. He shifts back and forth and runs his hand through his perfectly sculpted blond hair; he locks his piercing blue eyes on mine. If I wasn’t so scared of him and so taken by Cole, he would be a handsome guy. I could see myself being captivated by him.

“I was told not to come back without you Willow, and I don’t plan to disappoint your father,” He says.

“Well, I guess you’re just going to have to go back and disappoint him because I’m not going anywhere with you.” Cole’s body starts tensing up next to me and it’s only a matter of seconds before he blows; the guy has had a lot to take in tonight and this is just enough.

“Listen, buddy, I would appreciate it if you would just listen to Willow and get lost,” Cole says. “She said she doesn’t want to go with you and I wouldn’t let her anyway. I don’t know you but I can tell I don’t trust you.”

Tyler scoffs. “Seriously, Willow, he won’t let you? Are you going to stand here and let him control you?”

I walk around and face Tyler. Cole lets go of my hands and I can see that he is trying to regain some sense of control; it’s apparent he is in pain and I need to get him out of here. Tyler is just going to have to go back empty handed and I really don’t care.

“You don’t know anything!” I yell. “Cole is not controlling me; he is protecting me because I don’t trust you either. I don’t know what it is about you but its dark and it frightens me. I will not go anywhere with you and if my father really wants me then he can come to get me himself. Please go back and tell him that. We're done here!”

I made the mistake of turning my back on him; he reached over and grabbed my arm and starting dragging me away from Cole. I was too caught off guard to fight back. I looked over at Cole who was struggling to keep up, the pain was evident and my heart broke for him.

“Listen up, Willow, I don’t care what you say or what your boyfriend does but you will soon realize your father promised you to me. So you are coming with me whether you like it or not.”

I had heard that before, in my dream. Now, I’m starting to piece it all together. Tyler is the boy from my nightmares; I took a deep breath and sucked in every ounce of courage I could muster; I balled up my hand into a fist and punched Tyler in the nose.

"I said I WASN'T GOING ANYWHERE WITH YOU!" I screamed. "What part of that didn't you understand? I'm also not just some weak girl you can trifle with, because I will break you at the end of it all."

He let go and I ran back to Cole, he immediately reached out for me and we both crashed into the wall. I needed to get him home. Screw seeing my mom, and screw my stupid dad.

They did this to themselves. How dare my father promise me to someone, like I was an item to be given away? How could he do this to me? I wonder if my Mother knows or if she would even care? However, who would be her bitch if I were gone but the million dollar question is Do I even care anymore?

I helped Cole get back on his feet and we both looked over at Tyler who was holding his nose with blood oozing down staining his crisp white button up shirt and his overly starched khaki’s. The look he gave me was revenge and he would not back down.

He sees me as a game an. What is with that family and their games? “This isn’t over!” He mouthed; I just shook my head at him, turned and walked towards the exit. Cole was the most important at the moment.

Once I got Cole settled into my car I walked around and got in, he reached over and took my hand in his. I could see the tears he was trying not to let loose.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you, he never should have been able to touch you Willow. I’m so sorry.” I scooted over until I was nestled in his lap and pulled him into me; I cradled him and let him hold me. I reassured him that it was not his fault, and he did help me; he gave me courage.

What Cole said next was not what I was expecting but deep down I knew he felt it. He holds my chin in his hand and makes my eyes connect with his; they were wet with tears.

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