The Fancy Pants Club

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'I seek revenge, Daniella. Sweet, delicious revenge.' Here's Daniella Rosecraft, the only daughter of the Rosecraft Family that owns a famous company that specializes in weddings. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, she aims to show to her mother that she can take over the business flawlessly. And yes, everything was going fine. Everything was according to her plan, until... 'trouble' came in the form of the President of the Fancy Pants Club, Erik Romano 'the asshole devil' Fancii. Her beliefs and character were quickly questioned by him thus making the ultimate clash of the history. With these two polar opposites, the question now is, how will they survive without cutting each other's throats? And with guns, drugs and the illusions staged by the Club, there remained a question still... Are their throats the only part that gets the damage or their hearts get a share of it too? Genre: Mafia, Action, Reverse Harem, Romance Status: Complete/Publishing daily on Inkitt All Rights Reserved 2019 JMFelic Books

Romance / Action
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The Fancy Pants Club Pledge

The Fancy Pants Club Pledge

I ____(state your name)______ of legal age, and a rightful resident of _____(state your address)_____, do hereby solemnly pledge myself before the Fancy Pants Club President, its Honorable Officers and its Witnesses to practice faithfully my duties as a Member of the Club.

I hold the care of its activities as sacred and I will come to assist the officers with loyalty and honesty. I will not knowingly permit harm to come to my fellow members. I will not partake of, nor administer any unauthorized fancy events or parties without the written or expressed consent of the President.

I will hold all personal matters pertaining to the private lives of the Members in strict confidence. I dedicate my mind, heart and all abilities to the Club. I shall do all in my power to show in myself an example of all that is honorable and good throughout my membership.

And lastly, I will hold true to anything that is fancy as dictated by the President and its Officers.

Signed and verified by the Fancy Pants Club New Member

Ms. Daniella Rosecraft

Signed and verified by the Fancy Pants Club President

Mr. Erik Romano Fancii

Stamped and Sealed

And chained forever...

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