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The Brotherhood has few rules. And Trevor will break the most absolute one for her... Code: GRFX- Girl Running From Ex. That's what Jane Reveer was. Except Trevor Vex, a bodyguard by day and ass kicking vigilante by night, knew that wasn't the whole truth. Learning her story only draws him in more than the initial first sight of her, spending nights and days by her side has his thoughts of leaving the brotherhood becoming more final. Because the absolute, unbreakable rule of the Brotherhood is that until the purpose is fulfilled, no falling in love.

Romance / Thriller
Lana Cathryn
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Composed of five close knit brothers, is the Vex Brotherhood, an elite group of FBI trained vigilantes. Together they fight crime, swearing off anything that may break up their bond, or distract them from their single priority. Fighting Crime. By day they pose under the guise of advanced security, by night they kickass, unchecked, unhinged, and unwarranted.

Trevor Vex third born son to Riker Vex, the man who started it all. Trevor respects his father, and the special bond he created between himself and his brothers through the Vex Brotherhood. But even that isn't enough to stop him from wanting more, what he wants goes against their code, it has potential to damage the bond his father put so much effort into forming.

Trevor wants love, he’s young, and his entire life he’s only ever known one night stands with girls hed never even think to bring home to meet his mother, he’s only known the caress of his handguns that have also been the only item to share his bed at night. But it’s a distraction, could get him or his brothers killed. That’s why there’s a code that bans exactly that, no love interests until the sole purpose of the Brotherhood is fulfilled.

Trevor has no idea what the hell the achievement is, just that it’s what him and his brothers have been working towards their entire lives. He would lay his life down for his brothers without hesitation, but for once he was going to be selfish. If by the end of the next mission his father didn’t reveal their prime achievement, he’d leave the Brotherhood once and for all, and start the life hed wanted from the beginning.

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