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"Why are you doing this to me? You are driving me crazy and you very well know it" He groaned in frustration as he pinned me to the wall. All through high school Megan Brown had never been in a 'committed' relationship. She found people in serious relationships dumb and laughed at them. " Who the fuck cries after break up ?", " Relationships make people weak","Girls trying to find a new guy every month and then crying over him the next month is what I call telenovela" was her take on relationships. She is now in college.She has a weird obsession with nights. She seems to love staying awake all night . Something about the silence and the beautiful dark that calms her. When it comes to relationships, she has a 3 step process- 1. Approach em 2.Flirt with em 3. Leave em (something that she followed throughout her high school too) Her past had taught her enough about maintaining distance with people around. But what happens when she meets Nathan Daniels, the hottest guy on campus, who is crazy about her and wants her all to himself? Witness- Bets. Heartbreak. Love. Friendship. Will Megan be able to overcome her fear and make new relationships in college?

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Now it was not like I had insomnia or anything but there was something about the night that I was completely in love with. The silence, the streetlights visible from my window in a completely black background, the cool breeze... ugh I loved it. There was something so freeing about it. I wished the world functioned in the opposite time.

I know its kinda dumb but .. I mean look at the sky... its black.

Just like my soul .. haha self five! Damn I am funny . . .

I grinned to myself.

And kids this is what pulling all nighters almost everyday does to your brain.

Get yourself together.

It was 5:59 am and the alarm on my phone was going to go off any second.

“Could dress up to get love,

To get love

But guess what?

I am never gonna be that girl

Who’s living in a Barbie world”

There. It was time to get up but I was too lazy and I loved that song, so I started singing along.

“What’s the point of setting up an alarm when you know you're not gonna sleep?” my dormmate Kate asked,annoyed, probably because I disturbed her beauty sleep with the music which I now realized was pretty loud.

That’s another one of many things pulling all nighters do to you. IT MESSES YOUR HEARING. Seriously. I usually didn’t listen to music that loud but somehow the volume was maximum everytime I listened to it early in the morning after pulling an all nighter.

I believed it was because you wanted to keep your brain working and awake.

“Kateee, I am so sorry. You can go back to sleep, still one hour left. I try to sleep, you know the struggle is real. Its like everytime I close my eyes I feel like I am missing out on something. I want to wake up and do something productive and. . . . . . . . you are already asleep.”

Well it was time for me to get up and get going to the gym. Don’t get me wrong, it was not like I was a gym junkie but I needed to go just so that I could wake my brain up. Completely.

Quickly after brushing my teeth I changed into my sweats and my sports bra, grabbed my jacket and headed out.

It was the beautiful season of autumn and my second week at my dream university - University of Florida. I loved autumn and also the fact that college started in that season. Nothing spoke ‘new beginnings’ better than Autumn. As the old and dull leaves shed and piled up under the trees and gave way to new, young and vibrant green leaves. I loved to jump on the brown scattered leaves and hear the ‘scrunch’ sound. I loved to wear hoodies with shorts. I loved to feel the sun on my skin so I did exactly that. I stood in front of the gym, closed my eyes and faced towards the sun, relishing the warmth of it. I felt goosebumps on my skin almost immediately.

Did I tell you why I loved not sleeping at night?

Here was another reason. The sunrise. It was beautiful. Now again, I was not one of those nature loving people who have deep thoughts about life and stuff . . . But I loved to see the transition between the dark sky to the orangish and then to the bright yellow sky.It was simply one of the most beautiful things that people often ignored or were too bust to notice.

I knew for a fact that I could not get up early in the morning to witness the sunrise. I was just not a morning person, so I enjoyed it everytime I pulled an all nighter.

I didn’t know how long it had been but I heard someone clear their throat.

“U-hum u-hum” whoever this person was he was in for a treat.Not.

I turned my head towards the source of disturbance. Nobody annoys me after I had stayed awake the entire....


Well except maybe this guy. He was beautiful. To say he looked hot would be an understatement. He had caramel brown hair which was currently a mess ,few strands falling on his forehead; his eyes were these beautiful hazel. He had a sharp jawline and very delicate features. His white tank top was sticking to his body,defining his lean but muscular physique. Overall, he looked unrealistic. Only people on TV deserved to look that good.

“If you are done staring--“ He started to say with a deep voice which sent chills down my spine but I cut him off.

“What staring? I am not staring at you. . . You are standing infront of me and I am. ." I struggled for a second before speaking again with a more confident voice. ". .Waiting for an explanation as to why you would disturb me getting some vitamin D.” Nice save. I patted my back in my head.

He smirked. Did I not sell that ? “Do you know you have been standing here for 11 minutes and 28 seconds” he showed me the stopwatch on his phone before continuing “you were practically asleep, and I am so sorry for waking you up before you fell down on the floor.” Sarcasm dripping in that one line.

WHAT?! I had a serious problem. But what was his problem? Couldn’t he just mind his own business?

I threw a fake smile at him.“So you stood here for 11 minutes and whatever seconds just so you can time it and tease me about it when you ‘wake me up’. And by the way, I was not sleeping.” I lied.

He stifled a laugh by biting his lower lip. Damn. I swear I felt something. But this guy was trouble and I had to get the hell out before I did or say something stupid and embarrassed myself more.

“Whatever” I shrugged turning around, heading towards the gym.

He didn’t say anything but he followed me to the gym. Shit. I didn’t wanna workout infront of him. I didn’t want him anywhere near me when I worked out. But I had no other option , I desperately needed to gym to refresh my mind.

I ignored all thoughts of him judging me, dropped my jacket in the corner and stepped on the treadmill. Our eyes locked in the mirror which was in front of the treadmill and a shiver ran down my spine. Focus Megan. Focus. Breaking the eye contact, I put on my headphones and started with some light jogging. I could see him stretch behind me courtesy of the mirror. Shit! I forgot to stretch. He must think I am such an amateur at this, ‘Just some girl who comes to pass time by running for 5 minutes and leaves.' types.

I didn’t realize but I had been staring at him the entire time and now he was walking towards me . Oh no!

“See what you like?” he smirked. I pushed my headphones down to my shoulders.

I rolled my eyes. “Oh please! I was just lost in a thought. . .”

“thought about. . .me ?” he asked, smirking. Damn that smirk. If I could just.

“You wish. Listen Mr-”

He cut me. “Nathan. You can call me Nathan.”

That’s a pretty sexy name. what was wrong with my brain ? god! all nighters.

“Listen Mr. Satan not everything in this world revolves around you so if you could please excuse me, I am in the middle of my workout.” There. I think I got to him. He raised his hands in defeat and backed up a few steps before hopping on to the treadmill next to mine. He was about to say something when I quickly put on my headphones and increased the speed to a 11 and started running. I could see the frown on his face in the mirror. I felt bad for ignoring him. Just a little bit.

Annoyed, he ran his fingers through his hair and started jogging. Someone was not used to rejections.

Here and there our eyes would lock in the mirror which would send some small electrified shocks in me making me the first one to break the eye contact . He smirked everytime I did.

After running for 3 miles I lowered the speed to 4 and started walking slowly and breathing deeply as I felt my limbs beginning to relax. I noticed him doing the same. Creep. He couldn’t have run more than me in such less time. Could he?

I felt his gaze on me through the mirror for what it felt like the umpteeth time and I couldn’t help but stare back, but this time I was not planning on breaking the eye contact and so I kept staring.

His eyes were truly beautiful.

Unknowingly, both of us had come to a halt. Now, we were just standing on our treadmills, staring deep into each others’ eyes. I felt goosebumps on my legs. Thank god I was wearing sweats.

I could see a glint of surprise in his eyes. He definitely expected me to break the eye contact. Nah-ah not this time Satan. I bit my lower lip as I felt my eyes watering just a bit. That definitely had some effect on him as his pupils dilated and I saw a certain hunger in his eyes . What he did next surprised me.

He got of his treadmill, hurriedly grabbed my wrist and pushed me to the wall.


His hands slid down to my waist slowly as he pulled me closer to him. I was on my toes to level to his gaze. His hazel eyes bore deep into my gray ones. His fingers were digging deep into my waist, keeping me still. My legs felt like jell-o and my breathing was rapid.Our foreheads were touching and lips barely inches apart. I could feel his hot minty breath on my face. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t speak.I felt dizzy, my thoughts were blurring.I didn’t know whether it was the heated atmosphere of the gym or the pumping of my blood after all that running but I felt so so desperate for his kiss. I needed his lips on mine, right now. Judging by the way his eyes were traveling down to my lips and back to my eyes every second, he needed it too. The anticipation was killing me now.So I clenched his t shirt and pulled him closer as my other hand gripped his hair.

He groaned at this gesture and leaned down to close the distance between us completely when we heard some noises coming from outside the gym growing louder.

Oh shit!

We quickly sprang apart, embarrassed.

Oh my god!

I felt breathless, thankful to the wall behind to support me. I leaned against it panting and looked at Satan himself, glad to see that he had the same effect and that he was taking the support of the wall opposite mine breathing heavily.

Just then three boys entered and fell silent on seeing the both of us.


All three very well built and handsome. One had beautiful black curls, other was blonde and the third was a brunette with waves. What a treat.

Who knew a Monday morning could be this interesting? I gazed at them while they stared at Nathan.

“U-hum U-hum” Nathan’s coughing brought me back to reality.

I looked over at him with an annoyed look. That was definitely on purpose. What was his deal?

The blonde was the one to break the silence first. He turned towards Nathan smirking, ” You are early. Any reason why?” he questioned, speaking the last part looking at me. I felt a blush creep through my cheeks as the images of what had just happened or what might have had happened filled my head. Thankfully, my cheeks were already red from all the running and so that hid my blush.

When Nathan didn’t respond, I decided not to say anything either, except I rolled my eyes at blondie and walked out of the gym ignoring all four of their gazes at me.

Now that’s how you wake your brain up.

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