Mending Her Heart

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If you love someone it doesn't mean that he or she will also love you in return. Madeline parents died in a car accident and she came to live with her aunt. On her first day of kindergarten, she met a boy Brandon Edward. She instantly felt the need to get close to him but Brandon had eyes on someone else. Brandon Edward was a mischievous kid; he grew up in a loving family with crazy siblings. He was a kid with a heart of gold and he liked to copy others. Before leaving for his first day of kindergarten he caught his parents kissing which raised many questions in his little head. His parents were very carefull and Brandon had never seen them in a passionate lip lock before. He asked his father why he was biting his mommy's lips and his father explained to him with a mortified face that he was kissing his mom because he loves her. Brandon went to class that day and noticed a gorgeous blonde girl. They sat beside each other and he instantly liked her. He was infatuated by that girl so in the lunch break he kissed her to show his love. Unfortunately, Laura Gonzalez didn't appreciate the kiss from Brandon Edward. Laura cried so much that teacher had to send her back home. Now the trio is older and they are best friends.

Romance / Drama
S.G. Sonysa
4.6 47 reviews
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Third Person POV:

Madeline was sitting on a bench in the school garden. She was staring at the other kids with a deep longing gaze. All kids were accompanied by their parents as it was the first day of school; they were begging their parents not to leave them, some were clutching their dad’s leg and some were holding their mom’s hand with a terrified look on their faces.

Among so many girls and boys, one boy caught her attention. The boy wasn’t crying like other kids nor was he begging his parents not to leave him. He was smiling with the mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes; his stance was clearly promising them to create the rout.

She noticed his pretty brown hair with hints of blonde streaks and loved the striking color. His cheeks were chubby with the hint of rosy tint making him look cute. Her inner voice told her to go to him and say hello but she didn’t hear her inner voice and grasped the base of the bench to stay there.

The boy’s parents kneeled down; his mom kissed his temple and his dad whispered something into the boy’s ear. He nodded his head enthusiastically and hugged them.

At that moment, Madeline recalled the memories of a few months ago when she started a school and her parents were there with her, bidding her goodbye. She didn’t know it was the last time, she would be seeing her parents.

She is now living with her Aunt Emma, who just dropped her outside the school and told her to follow the other kids by pushing her roughly.

Eventually, all the kids started to make their way inside the school and she realized she had to follow them.

The thought of other kids hurting her like her cousin Delia did make her shudder in fear.

Putting her fear behind, she got up from the bench and made her way inside the class.

All the kids were looking at the playing section with ecstatic faces. She rolled her eyes that she had learned from her mom.

Madeline took the seat at the back. Her eyes fell on the boy that she saw outside earlier. He was sitting a few rows ahead of her with the girl dressed in a pink jacket. He said something to the girl and she smiled shyly.

Madeline didn’t know what she was feeling, but it was a foul feeling.

The Pink-Jacket girl was beautiful. She had blue eyes, a bit darker than the boy she was talking too and her hair color was white blonde.

The teacher entered the class and asked for everyone to introduce themselves to her.

Madeline didn’t hear what other kids were saying but when the boy with the blue eyes started talking her focus went to him.

“My name is Brandon Edward. I’m five. I love ice cream and playing football.”

Madeline fell in love with his introduction, his cute smile, and his chubby cheeks. Madeline loved to play football with her dad on weekends when he was alive.

A girly voice pulled her out of the memories of her father. She looked up to find the Pink-Jacket girl talking.

“My name is Laura Gonzalez. My favorite color is pink and I like to dance.”

Madeline snorted at her boring introduction but all the boys in the class looked at Laura with a smile, including Brandon.

Finally, it was her turn to introduce herself. She was pretty sure no one was interested to know about her. She was the last one in the class to introduce her.

“I’m Madeline Hamilton,” She said

She didn’t get other kids attention, everyone ignored her making her feel extremely uncomfortable and awkward, even the teacher was busy looking at some stupid papers on the table. The uneasiness was making it impossible for her to continue her introduction.

She glanced around to seek some kind of attention from other kids when her eyes landed on Brandon. He was looking at her with the same beautiful smile on his face like he was waiting for her to continue her introduction so he can get to know her better.

A small smile appeared on her own lips; she felt confident and started to speak. Her eyes were focused on the boy.

“I’ll be turning five in two months. I love reading stories and my favorite food is pizza. I love playing football.”

Brandon smile widened at her introduction making her feel giddy.

Finally, her little speech ended and the teacher started giving books to them.

She took the book from the teacher and wrote her name on it. She knew how to write and read because her mother taught her a lot of things at a very young age. She was grateful for that time that she got to spend with her mom.

Today, Madeline was missing her mother a lot.

After two hours, the teacher finally allowed them to have some lunch. All the kids hurriedly dug in their bags and pulled out lunch boxes full of appetizing food. She just looked around awkwardly because she had nothing to eat, no lunch box to pull out from a bag.

She glanced at Brandon who was offering Laura to share his lunch with him. The girl glared at him and pushed his box away.

Madeline narrowed her eyes at the girl’s actions.

Suddenly, Brandon leaned towards her and kissed her on the lips. Madeline gasped at his action as well as the teacher. Laura started crying in her shrill voice making her cringe while other kids looked at her with a frown.

Brandon’s face turned sad at her response like he wasn’t expecting the girl to cry. He looked baffled, he didn’t understand what was wrong with her and why was she crying like a dying dinosaur.

That day Madeline’s small heart broke. The first boy that she set her eyes on just kissed another girl in front of her. Madeline thought there was no way that her broken heart can be mended again.

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