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"Your hands are scarred from murder and yet I trust them completely." Sequel to The Girl who Fought to Provide and cannot read as stand-alone. ©️All Rights Reserved, Sentima Mani 2018.

Romance / Action
Sentimà Mani
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Chapter 1

"Does he have to leave mummy?" Beau clung to Grayson's neck.

"I'll see you next time little bop." He smiled sadly, responding to her hug.

It's been eleven months since me and Beau have been in Brazil, mid-break was now over for Grayson and he had to return to school.

He came over being under strict rules by Carter. We weren't allowed out of the house while Grayson was here. Precautions so no one knew of him.

"I hate goodbye's." I huffed, wrapping my arms around the both of them.

"I'm going to miss you Gracy." She sniffled, teasing Grayson with the nickname she had made for him.

They are the best of friends, they got on so well. At first, Grayson thought it was a little weird that Beau called me Mummy and that I was taking care of her but he got used to it after a couple of days. She ran to his bedroom every morning to wake him up so they both could go play in the playroom Carter had made for her 3rd Birthday.

"I'll call you once I get back to school." He promised her, tickling her stomach to make her smile again.

"Okayy Gracy." She giggled.

"Be safe and we'll be waiting for your call." I set Beau on the ground and pulled his tall frame into a tight embrace.

"I will." He bent down so he was at my level; he's gotten so tall it's unbelievable.

"Take care of our sister will you and keep her away from guns, knives especially. It's kind of scary that she enjoys the training so much." Grayson shot me a pointed look.

"Of course I will and she hardly listens to me, so no luck there." Carter threw me the same expression.

"You're the one who said I needed to learn." I sassed playfully.

"And don't I regret it." He chuckled, picking up Grayson's suitcase.

"Ha ha." I poked my tongue out at the both of them.

"I'll walk you out." He told Grayson.

"Bye, we love you." I pulled Grayson into one last hug and Beau clung to his legs.

"I love you guys too." He waved and followed Carter out of the doors.

"Bye Gracy, I won't tell mummy that you ate her chocolate." She screamed and ran off giggling.

Before I could say anything, he broke out into a sprint, throwing a grin over his shoulder.

We haven't met any of Carters family, well we haven't met anyone yet besides Carters guards that we've gotten used to over these past eleven months. Carter doesn't get along with his family very much but it doesn't mean he doesn't love them.

Or maybe it does.

It's easy to see that he keeps every single one of them at a distance, Landon's told me a little on the subject but nothing I haven't already figured out.

Carter agreed to let me and Beau leave the house twice a week on day trips around Brazil followed by our security team. He joined us every now and again when he wasn't so busy but that was rarely.

Maceo came for the weekend every three weeks, sometimes Chris was with him but that was also rarely. Beau has asked questions about Zaee, I have too but Maceo doesn't give us anything besides he's busy.

I miss him, of course, I do.

I tried ringing and texting him but I never got anything back. At first, I understood, yeah maybe he was busy but time went on and I finally learned to just let it be.

I still love him, I'll always love Zaden.

It hurt, badly. But his promise kept me hopeful.

"Okay, What is 13x4?" I moved around the kitchen cooking dinner while Beau sat at breakfast counter, coloring in her books.

"52 mummy, you're going easy on me again." She sighed.

"You're getting too smart for your own good." Carter tapped her nose.

"Mummy said being smart is good." She squealed, kicking at his hands that threatened to tickle her.

"I guess she is right." He held his hands up in playful surrender.

"I'm not letting my guard down mister, you're just going to tickle me again." She laughed, slipping off her seat and came running around the counter to me.

Beau hid between my legs, laughing at him as he approached us.

"I'll see you two girls in the morning, I won't be back until later tonight." He kissed both of our cheeks. "The house is safe and Messiah and Zion are right over there."

"We knuws Uncle Carter, we already knuuuws." She held her hand out with a bright smile.

"Don't tell Ava." I heard him whisper to her.

"Mummy, Uncle Carter gave me a chocolate." She screamed and ran off to her toys she had carried into the dining room.

"That girl, she cannot keep a secret." He shook his head.

"Stop giving her chocolate Carter, she's already bouncing off the walls enough as it is." I shook my head, taking our dinner off of the stove.

"You're going to tell me you can deny her big grey eyes? Because I sure fucking can't, the girl just has to give me puppy eyes and I'll give her a whole damn chocolate factory." He whisper-yelled so Beau couldn't hear.

"She gets it from you, the puppy eye thing. Don't even deny it either, every time I say no I end up saying the exact opposite." He huffed, the side of his mouth twitching.

"Whatever you say older brother, be safe with whatever you're doing please." I handed him his keys.

He never told me what he did exactly but I had a fair idea of what it was.

"I will, save me some pasta. Don't forget we have that lunch tomorrow." He called out as he left for the garage doors with Messiah following behind him.

Lunch with his family is tomorrow at his grandparent's house. Since we haven't met anyone yet, I was a little anxious about it.

"Would you like some?" I grinned, offering a plate to Zion.

"Thanks Ms. Vice." Zion dug in, groaning in appreciation as he ate.

"Your cooking is like old people cooking, home made meals are my favorite." Zion shoveled the chicken carbonara into his mouth.

"Old people cooking huh?" I laughed, setting Beau into a chair and handing her-her plate and fork.

We ate and Messiah joined us minutes later, we all talked about things Beau came up with. The guys had no clue about pony's and unicorns but gave Beau pointers on how to beat up a boy if she encounters with one, which I scolded them for since she's only a three year old.

After dinner me and Beau cleaned and took her toys back into her playroom, the room is huge, filled with every single toy a kid could ever want, from an inside playground to a wall of stuffed bears.

Carter really does spoil her too much. I thought.

"I'll give you a bath for bed, let's go." I pulled her into my room and ran the bath.

I bathed and dressed her into her fluffy pajamas.

"I'll go shower now, which movie would you like to watch?" I sat her on my bed, among the many pillows.

"Princess and the froggies please." She sang, pulling the blanket over herself.

I switched it on the flat screen tv and pulled the bedroom door open so Messiah and Zion could watch her while I showered.

Once showered and dressed in my own pajamas, I made my way into the room to find her already fast asleep.

"Thank you." I said quietly to Messiah and Zion before closing the door softly.

Beau normally sleeps in her own bedroom but I didn't have the heart to move her. Switching all the lights off, I left the TV playing on low volume and slipped into bed next to her.

Like every other night, thoughts of Zaden Salvatore made its way into my head. With my arms wrapped around Beau, I fell into a deep sleep.
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