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" His lips seemed much too tantalizing for my well-held composure, so I avoided them altogether.." " He was as much of a knob as he was a solicitor." The Hawthorne siblings have always been particularly fascinating, and so has Lara Croxford. Here, we all get the chance to learn how life works, we get to read and experience certain moments of their lives, and learn from their rights and wrongs. We get to understand a little better what is to life, what is love, and whatever the hell these kids go through their idiotic adulthood. It's a story where everyone is right, whilst they are all wrong, and if these words don't make any sense to you, you're on the right path. Because if you have no idea yourself how life works, this book may just offer you a hand. All of them with sharp mouths and humorous characters, they go through many experiences together, and this story just lays out a bit of theirs for you. It all starts with terrible decisions slowly becoming not as bad, and as marvellous as it is unusual, this book may have a little bit of "home" for everyone reading it. " To top that off, he had managed to already get under my skin, and for the sake of me, I could not allow him to get physically close to any of it. "

Romance / Erotica
Anastasia R.M
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Lara Croxford is a high-minded and tend-hearted twenty-two-year-old law student with a strong conviction that granting herself with the contingency of flourishing romantical feelings will ultimately undermine her study results and induce mishaps and decay. She has lived her life adhering to her own rules and never crossing the settled boundaries.

Sarcastic, humorous, full of wit and creative comebacks, she is stumbling her way through life, building her career and happiness.

Hector Hawthorne, a 27-year-old, strong-willed barrister, with a hard-boiled mouth and tenacious demeanour is pursuing Lara’s interest and affection, leaving no stone unturned. Complex, as he is, will surely render many of you speechless. Used to pursue until ultimate accomplishment, unceasingly with an ace down his sleeve, he conquers every conversation, outthinking the people around him with his quick-witted ways.

Fastidious, with an upstanding high-principled character and vigorous cunning strategies, will have a thrilling and awe-inspiring journey ahead.

May their characters will be as life-changing as they were for me, and I sincerely hope will yourself enchanted with their beautiful story and strange ways.

- with a fondness for you, my dear reader, Anastasia.

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