Loving my boyfriend's bestfriend

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The worst thing for Elena Ryder is having feelings for Harry, Shawn's best friend. Elena started dating Shawn after he confessed he had feelings for her. She felt the same towards him but not the same way she feels for Harry. She thought harry leaving for England will help matters but now he's back and long time secrets are revealed.

Romance / Humor
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Loving my boyfriend's best friend was one of the greatest feelings I had always wanted to get rid of. Harry never looked at me the same way Shawn did but as a sister and a friend. So I decided to stick to that but every time I look at him, I swear I want him badly. I know it's wrong to have feelings for him but honestly he was the first boy I've ever loved. Shawn was second. I thought Harry leaving for England will help matters but now he's back and I know the worst is bound to happen.

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