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It's a love story about an Italian girl who will live an adventure after an American guy asks her to meet him in New York. Her boring routine kills her. Basically, she works on her research day and night. So she did not leave Rome for two years. But one day, her dull life will turn into hell. She will know that she is sick, and her illness will force her to do things she does not want. But she will stumble upon him. His name is Ryan, and her name is Jasmine. But to her, he was the last person she could fall in love with, until Ryan ask her to meet him in new York. There she will see how blind she was. it's almost certainly going to be the adventure of her life.

Romance / Drama
Nora H.
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Chapter 1

The sadness will last forever.”

Van Gogh

To someone very special who has not found someone to support that virtue. Carry on and know that sadness and heartache are temporary. To the man that had the audacity to say, “The sadness will last forever,” I take a contrary stance. Vincent Van Gogh, although you were an artist far beyond your years, I believe you were wrong. Art lasts forever, but not sorrow, and it lives in all of us as happiness, envy, wrath, monotony, and many more words than I can write. No one emotion lasts forever, not even sadness.

The Holy Routine

It wasn’t a habit for Jasmine to do anything she was not accustomed to, so she decided to follow her daily, holy routine strictly from its first step, which was her leaving the house for work without breakfast, through to its final step, which was her coming back from her work after she had successfully exhausted her productive energy.

One morning, in Rome, while everything was embraced by calmness, Jasmine’s mother called out to break the peace in a less-than-sing-song voice.

“Jassie, this is not okay,” her mother kibitzed, “You have to sit down and have breakfast for once. For God’s sake, your work and your research will kill you one day if you keep this up!”

“Dearest Mother,” said Jasmine smiling in attempts to hold back her developing frustration, “I have no time. It’s almost eight; I’m late.”

“Jassie! Sit down now!” yelled her mother fiercely “Just eat some bread, that’s all I ask. You’re ruining your health like this, because of your bloody research!” her mother continued while gradually softening her voice. Despite that, Jasmine didn’t listen to her, and opened the door to leave.

“Jasmine,” her mother added as she pressed her hand to her throat, “Don’t pass by your father today in the church. That will save some time for you to have breakfast. “

“You know I can’t do that,” sighed Jasmine “I have yet to say good morning to him or to you. It’s a habit for me to say ‘Buongiorno’ to both of you,”

“I don’t understand why you are this way…” her mother said, looking away impatiently, “You don’t listen, and you’re not bothered to.”

“I’m sorry Mama,” breathed Jasmine, lowered her head then rolled her shoulders to leave again, “But please don’t curse me or my “bloody” research.” She continued while she gave a half smile to her mother; then she proceeded to close the door behind her. “Oh, damn it!” she murmured looking at her wristwatch anxiously “Mama! Fifteen minutes of arguing with me over breakfast! I am going to be late now!” she said turning away from her house to drop by the church where her father was working.

Jasmine noticed the joy that lingered in the skies of Rome, and the weather invited amusement and relaxation, and today seemed to be a nice day to go the beach. This was typically her favorite kind of weather.

She knew she wasn’t as work-savvy as her mother had thought; she wanted to have fun, especially because it was the summer, and summer was her favorite out of the four seasons, but her work and her research prevented her from bring any fun for her colorless life, and it prevented her from having breakfast with her mother, but, of course, she couldn’t admit that to her mother. She would encourage her to have a long break and leave her research alone, and that wasn’t what Jasmine wanted. Her only goal in life right now was to finish that research. She didn’t have time for to get sidetracked by anything else.

Eventually Jasmine forced her mind to move past that subject, and she turned back to glance at her house (which was decorating by some many numbers and types of flowers). She grinned to her mother who was watering some lilies on the balcony and waved at her; her mother was still mad at her, but just for a few seconds. Her mother eventually smiled back to her and blew her a kiss.

“Buongiorno papa!” said Jasmine with a breathy voice as she stood inside the church.

“Buongiorno dear!” said her father, smiling woefully, “My dear daughter, why were you late today. I was so worried,” continued her father. He pressed his fatherly hand on her cheek obviously showing concern.

“I am fine papa, I was just arguing with mama.”

“God bless you dear,” her father said and took a big cross into his fist, “Go and read your scripture, I don’t want you to be any later than you are now.” he continued and put a kiss on her forehead.

After she finished her scripture, she hurried to leave the church.

“Ciao, papa,” Jasmine shouted out

“Wait, my child, Leonardo will take you with his car. You’re already late and waiting for the bus will delay you even more.”

“No, papa I am good, “

“It’s not a problem Miss,” Leonardo interrupted “I will give you a ride.”

Leonardo was a pious young man who was working with Jasmine’s father, and he was always a very loyal student to him.

He was a very kind soul and never tried to annoy or disturb her, but every time he saw Jasmine at church he had intentionally ignored her and avoided talking to her. With that in mind, Jasmine was uncomfortable with the idea of being with him in the same car for even fifteen minutes. It would be an awkward fifteen minutes for sure, and she expected the ride to go by in complete silence, but she was wrong about that.

“Miss Marchisio, may I ask you a question?” said Leonardo looking toward the road, “I don’t mean for this to be rude, but I am curious.”

“It’s okay,” said Jasmine surprised at the fact that he opened his mouth to speak to her, “You may ask your question.”

“I know you’re working at a university, but what is exactly your job there? Are you a professor? I feel like you’re a little too young to be a professor.”

“No, I am not a professor.” She said while smiling and looking into his silvery, grey eyes, “I am just a researcher. My major is Microbiology, and I am about to finish my very first research project. I have been working on it since I graduated.”

“Impressive, Intelligence runs in the family. Your father, Preacher Marchisio is a very wise religious figure too.”

“Thank you for your kind words.”

“My pleasure,” he said while smiling at her.

The remainder of the fifteen minutes passed quickly, and the car came to a stop at the university, so he got out of the car and opened the door for Jasmine.

“I hope you are not too late,” he said with a polite smile “Is there anything else I can do to help?”

She shook her head and thanked him shyly. Then she turned away to leave; she smiled secretly because of his politeness and respect toward her. Those were among her favorite features in a man.

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