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Nine: The Cheerleader’s Photo

Dear Diary,

Waking up Sunday morning without Prescilla next to me was a little disappointing. Equally as much this morning.

Lacking her body against mine, the soft snores and occasional smile in her sleep and the comfort of knowing she’s there is devastating to not have even if it was just a few days of getting used to.

Pre has burned her mark on me. Her scorching touch is felt all through my veins and in the organ that beats in my chest. I burn for her. She’s the oxygen that ignited me and without her by my side I feel like i’m slowly smothering.

The fact that I feel such a way after only a handful of days of knowing her, a few nights of holding her doesn’t go unnoticed. But in this I know I can’t change a damn thing. It’s how I feel, and I can only hope Prescilla feels at least an inkling of what I do. The fact that I’ll know in less than an hour is... Overwhelming.

Stressed, not sure i’m depressed,


I know how today can go. My mind has been on repeat with a hundred different scenarios even though I know I’m merely being paranoid.

So far, the worst concoction my brain has stirred is flat out rejection. No nail biting anticipation of whether she is going to speak to me or more, period. Then, I remember Saturday and whatever it was that clicked between us and those thoughts are fucking stone-cold dead.

I’m driving to school and with every inch closer I get, my heartbeat seems to double in my chest. I try and distract myself by scrutinizing the trees and green grass that flows in the commute.

Oakwood is the kind of town made for families and settling down, its immaculate, safe. It’s been my home since I was born and college was going to be my out.

Now, I’m not so sure I want to leave Oakwood after all.

A smoking car catches my attention, but just as I begin to turn on my blinker to go their direction, I see who it is. He’s wearing Oakwood highs cheer uniform, the one for the guys. I think his name is Chris or some other jerk name like that.

I put both of my hands back on the wheel and push back the thoughts only a good Samaritan would think. Pull over, he needs help. But would he pull over if that were me?

My scoff rings through the space in my car.

The second I pull into the student parking lot, my heart pounds so loud that I can barely hear the bell ringing inside over it.

I’m walking toward first period when the intercom sounds. “Senior cheerleaders and students A-E to the gym for pictures please.”

I clench my keys in hand and follow the directions. When I reach the gym door I can see the flashes going off already. Inside there’s a long line formed but fuck me. Prescilla is posing for the photographer in her skimpy little uniform.

Apart from that cock teasing sight—that has my blood pressure soaring—is the fucking photographer. As Prescilla changes poses, his eyes rake over her body lasciviously and uncaring that she’s probably ten plus years his junior.

I begin walking towards the line next to them, until I hear the photographer redirect her positioning. She listens and is oblivious to the fact that he has a view right up her skirt and is thoroughly enjoying it.

My sense vanishes then and I change course, heading toward them—the photographer.

“Here, I’ll help you with the next one,” he says to Pre, just as I’m approaching.

Instead of throttling him like my earlier plan, I settle for ‘accidentally’ tripping into the camera stand. How can he perve if he has no reason to be here any longer?

Prescilla gasps as the camera crashes to the gym floor.

“I’m so sorry! I-it was an accident.” I fake my excuse, adding the stutter for effect. The photographer curses under his breath as he picks up the broken pieces of his camera.

The cheer coach suddenly appears. “Oh no! What happened?” Her disappointment is obvious but then turns to thoughtful. “You know what, I can take pictures with a school camera. You can go, sir.”

I hold back a triumphant grin as I back away to the line, giving Pre a small smile as I do.

There’s no time for her to react or read into what just happened. The cheer coach is assembling her team and ordering them into position within the snap of a finger. “Where is Chris?” she belts out a moment later, causing quite a few students to cringe at the high pitch of her voice.

I guess it’s to be expected. From my minimal and I mean very minimal experience on the sidelines of football games (my purpose there being to watch Prescilla dance until I felt light headed because all of my blood was rushing to my... other head) I’ve gathered that cheerleaders have the lungs of a banshee. When it comes to their coach, however? Times ten.

I make eye contact with Pre and take in her state of dress. Her uniform is far more teasing than it was before because now I know what she looks like underneath and it’s damn hard not to imagine her pert little—

Prescilla looks away as the cheer coach starts redirecting the squad. I’m anxious to know the playing field here; Is she going to act like nothing happened? Or is she going to accept the fact that she’s mine now.

“Jenna!” Prescilla suddenly yells, raising her hand over her head. “I can just grab someone else to stand in so we don’t have to ruin the formation.”

“Great idea,” Jenna responds, looking around the gym.“Uh, there aren’t any other jocks here...”

I don’t realize I’m staring until Prescilla appears in front of me, pulling on my hand.

“Got someone,” she tells the coach on our way back to her spot.

Jenna assesses me and nods in approval. “All right. Let’s get you two situated then.” She stands in front of us. “Get her up on your shoulder, sweetheart.” Simple enough. “Hand on the upper thigh and other one under the leg for support. Good. But under the skirt so we don’t ruin the photo.”

I do as I’m told and then realize once my fingers brush against Prescilla’s lace panties that some other fuck was going to be doing this. I look up at her and meet a smile that conveys no awareness of the fact and is so vague that it puts me on edge.

The simple fact that she sought me out instead of another guy should be enough to settle me some, except it’s not.

Is this how it’s going to between us now? Secretive but open at the same time?

I’m not sure that I can take only having half of her commitment. Bits and pieces of her, when I want everything that she is.

She told you from the beginning this was nothing.

My jaw clenches and I tighten my grip on Prescilla, half scared something as small as a thought could cause her to slip through my fingers.

“Arnie?” Prescilla says, looking down at me with a tight smile. Her eyes flicker with concern and my grip instantly slackens. And... I feel it.

The subtle movement of my fingers around her thigh was enough to have them slip under the edge of her panties.

And she is wet.

My gaze snaps to hers and I glare. Jealousy crawls over me as I think back to her and the photographer, until her cheeks pinken and her ass subtly squirms on my shoulder.

Hmm... I face forward and smile through the first photo, drumming my fingers against her inner thigh as her ever growing wetness continues to spread. For me.

“Pre?” I whisper, after another click and flash goes off. This time there must be more camera issues because Jenna lets out a frustrated groan and walks out of the gym.

Prescilla rests her hand on my other shoulder, her small frame causing her breasts to rest right against my head. “Yes, Arnie?” Her voice is soft and husky and my cock responds to it immediately.

Is she trying to tease me? The idea has my blood pumping faster. Pre may have started this game, but the advantage is truly in my hand.

My hand rests on her soaked mound in no more than an inch of movement and I revel in triumph at her sharp intake of air. “Do you know what happens when two surfaces collide but lack friction?” I ask her.

She stays silent apart from her heavier breathing.

“Things tend to slip.” One quick thrust of my hand and just like that, Prescilla’s pussy is filled with two of my fingers. She gasps and her pussy clenches around them.

A few heads begin to turn our way but Jenna bursts back into the gym, successfully stealing their attention before they can get a look at the female on my shoulders.

She flushes in the sexiest way when she’s turned on and ready. My hand tightens on her pussy as I think of any other fucks in the gym looking at her. Pre covers a moan with a cough and just barely grinds her clit into my palm.

I give her inner thigh a warning slap with my other hand. “Wanna hear another fun fact, Pre?”

Prescilla straightens up for the next picture and my fingers sink inside her a little deeper. She clears her throat to muffle a groan and mutters, “Sure.”

Satisfied with her response, I rub the slick walls of her pussy, rubbing my fingers around the sensitive patch that has her clenching. Her chest hitches and I smirk. “I think you might enjoy this one.”

“Nerd,” a guy in front of us snickers. He receives a few shoulder punches and laughs from his friends. I don’t care. If being a nerd gets me the sweet prize that’s in my hand then fuck, being a nerd is fucking glorious.
I tune them out and lightly tap Pre’s G-spot. Her body trembles. When I steal a glance up at her i see flushed pale skin and her bottom lip between her teeth.

I continue quieter so only she can hear me. “If one massages the G-spot in just the right way,” I press just a little bit harder against her sweet spot. “One can make a female ejaculate.”

Prescilla’s wetness trickles between my fingers and I have to fight to keep my cock from bursting out of my slacks. A zipper can only hold so much.

Her hips swivel and I can feel her pussy twitching and rippling around my fingers. She’s desperate to cum and I regret continuing this because now I need release as well.

A quiet whimper comes from above me and I slap her thigh again. If anyone hears her sweet noises I’ll lose it. If anyone stops me from pleasuring her, I’ll also lose it.

A squirm, thrust and shudder later I can feel Pre’s thighs beginning to shake as her orgasm looms closer. I skim her G-spot and whisper a warning. “Careful, you don’t want to make a mess and ruin the picture.”

A small moan slips past her lips and I feel her pussy beginning to clamp down onto my fingers.

I pull them out just in time to bring her orgasm to a halt. Her hand fists against my shoulder, nails digging in and piercing skin despite my shirt being there.

My eyes shoot around the room in a frantic search to find the perfect spot to fuck her senseless. Elation fills me when I do. It’s the storage closet, not exactly out of hearing range from the other students gathered here, but fuck with the ache in my erect cock and the trembling state of her thighs-- we both need this. Now.

I’ll just have to gag her.

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