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Ten: The Girl’s Secret

The moment the clicking and flashing of the camera ceases and Pre is standing next to me on wobbly legs, I start leading us to the closet.

Not a damn person gets in our way. In part because Prescilla is pretty fucking intimidating and they’re all still distracted by changing lines and getting in order.

“Arnie?” Prescilla whispers nervously. “I don’t know if this is a good ide—”

I press my lips against hers, not a single fuck given that we’re not in the closet yet. She looks up at me dazed and with flushed cheeks, simultaneously calming the erratic beating of my anxious heart and making my cock jump.

“I need you now,” I say, opening the door and pulling her in after me.

Inside is dim and spacious with a few carts of—I don’t fucking care what—in the back. I turn to Prescilla and claim her mouth with a heated kiss. Her lips move against mine with equal force and urgency that has me groaning in need.

I bend slightly, pick her up by the back of her thighs and wrap them around me while making sure her pussy is right against my aching cock.

The door rattles lightly as I push her against it and grind into her, evoking her sweet moans. They’re not anywhere near loud enough to attract attention from the outside, but I won’t take the chance of any interruptions.

Besides, my tongue is parched for her sweet pussy honey. Dropping her back onto her feet, I turn her to face the wall and fall to my knees behind her.

Prescilla turns her head in wonder. “What are you doing?”

I don’t answer. Or maybe I just fucking can’t because the only reason my tongue wants to be moving is to taste the honeypot between her thighs.

I flip up her skirt and take in the sight of her lush round ass that’s cradled by nothing more than lace. I tear them down, pocketing them for later and then bury my face into her from behind.

"That. You’re doing that. Oh fuck," She moans, wiggling her ass against my face.

Pushing my tongue inside her sweet pussy, I drink it up and part her thighs wider to make room for me. As soon as she cums on my face, I’m going to be inside her as quickly as I fucking can.

Her legs shake and she cries out my name louder the higher I bring her to her crest. She coats all the way down to my chin in her wetness as I eat her like my life depends on it.

Thighs quaking and with a surge of her sweet cum, she orgasms on my face with a muffled scream.

Even under the dim lighting in the closet, I can see the proof of how forceful it was. Her cum is practically leaking down her thighs. I unbutton my slacks and my cock springs out into the air, firm, slick with pre-cum and ready to fuck.

Prescilla glances over her shoulder and parts her legs wider, pushing her ass out to me as she eyes my thick erection. Her cheek rests against the wall and I grip her hips as I slide the head of my cock into her heat, enjoying the delicious sensations of her silky walls taking in every inch of me. She sighs in content when our bodies become flush together and my cock is buried to the hilt.

I place a hand over hers that’s braced against the wall, pull out her hips more and begin to fuck her. Hard.

“Arnie,” Pre gasps as my cock slides inside her in rapid, rough thrusts that hit deep and have her gripping me tighter and tighter.

The harder I fuck her the louder her cries and moans get. When a particularly loud one mingles in the air with the harsh sounds of our bodies colliding, I remember that there are a shit ton of people on the other side of the closet door. Just one of them hearing us will end this.

I jerk her panties out of my back pocket and stuff them into her mouth, satisfied when she doesn’t protest and clenches around my cock especially tight.

Does my girl like more kink than I’ve given? Now isn’t the time to figure out the answer to that question. As much as I really fucking want to.

My dick twitches inside her and I groan through clenched teeth as I fight back my release. Pre moans, the sound muted by the lace and pulls my hand down to her breast in silent demand.

Bottoming out inside her tight pussy, I pinch one of her erect nipples through the fabric of her shirt. Her back arches and she cums all over my cock moaning around the gag in her mouth. The way she grips me inside of her through every wave and the final crash of her orgasm has me erupting as soon as my cock is seated to the root once again.

I’m still stone hard as I pull out, groaning at the sight of her pretty pussy leaking with my cum that drips down to her inner thighs. I kiss her shoulder once before I reach forward and seek out the swollen bit of flesh between the folds of her pussy. She moans quietly as I rub it and I find myself needing to hear her say my name.

“Pre, I’m going to take these out,” I say, tugging the lace out from between her lips. “Keep those moans quiet enough for my ears alone.”

I place them back in their new home and continue circling her clit with my fingers. She gyrates against my hand and pushes her ass into me. “Arnie..” She whimpers. “I need you again. Please.”

I could cum on the spot. Her saying my name. Begging. Her wet pussy sliding all over my hand. Fuck.

My cock jerks against her back and I grind against her, seeking my own relief. She’ll bear my cum on her flesh there. More importantly, inside of her.

Prescilla gasps and her thighs close around my hand as she quakes through her third high of the morning.

I spin her around so she faces me and then fix her uniform. Covering her curves makes my cock ache fiercely, so does stuffing it back into my slacks even though it’s pulsing with need.

“I don’t think I can go back out there yet,” Prescilla mumbles. She’s leaning against the door now, apprehension in her expression.

I stand straight and nod. Though a part of me turns cold as my mind flicks to the idea that this could just be her being too embarrassed to walk out with me.

Prescilla’s hands fall to the edge of her skirt and she lifts it up tantalizingly, allowing me the slightest glimpse of her creamy pussy. “I need you inside of me again, Arnie,” she whispers.

I’m jolted back to the here and now, and to the ache of my cock that’s throbbing harder from her words. I close the distance between us quickly and hike her legs around my waist. It takes the smallest motion to free my cock and bury it inside her wet used pussy.

Her neck arches back and her lips part on a breathy moan. I slam into her roughly, desperate to hear more and to fill her with my cum. The force of my thrusts jarrs the door and makes harsh noise but I can’t stop. I keep fucking into her, my pelvis crashing into hers with bruising force.

Just as my cock starts to burst and the first stream of cum spurts out, Pre cries out my name and writhes erratically, her body jerking and her arms and hands flailing for something to grip. One of her hands falls against the door handle, sending us toppling out onto the gym floor and her other smacks against the door, causing it to slam against the wall loudly.

I bury my face and groan into Prescilla’s chest as the final spurt of my release unloads inside her.

When I can finally lift my head, I see wide eyes turned in our direction, morphing into gaping mouths and murmurs. Fuck.

I make sure Prescilla’s body is covered before pulling my cock out of her and stuffing it back in its prison. It’s still hard, sensitive and the material I’m putting it in might feel like silk but it’s sure as fuck not like Pre’s pussy and it just fucking hurts. I have half a mind to just unleash it again and fuck Prescilla hard to ease it regardless of how many eyes are staring us down.

My dick twitches. Of fucking course that idea would turn me on.

I grab Prescilla’s hand and help her stand, preparing for the backlash of this.

A moment goes by of me watching her— Too long. One scrutinizing look up at the shocked gazes shows that there are no staff among them.

The fact that we’re that fucking lucky takes my breath away. No more than when in front of everyone’s locked stares, Prescilla grabs a hold of my face and presses her lips to mine in a soul searing kiss.


“Arnold, please finish the equation on the board.”

It’s a little after lunch. A solid four and a half hours since I fucked Prescilla in the little storage closet right next to half the senior student body.

As I solve the mile fucking long equation, I think about what happened shortly after. Prescilla shut down every doubt in my mind with the way she kissed me. More so, when I figured out the door opening incident was intentional beyond rationality.

I should have fucked her in front of everyone like I’d wanted to.

I probably could have gotten away with it, too.

The white board marker slips from my grasp and I bend over to pick it up, a curse bubbling in my throat. Behind me a whistle comes, followed by girly giggles.

I ignore them since they aren’t the ones that make my cock ache at the first octave. I finish the equation and head back to my desk.

As I do, dainty fingers wrap around my wrist.

“Nice show this morning. Though I couldn’t help but notice you looked a little unsatisfied.” The girl’s gaze drops to my crotch where my cock lays positively uninterested in her obvious come on. “If you need—”

“Get a clue!” Tommy interrupts from the back. “He ain’t into it, Winnie.”

A few snorts of laughter echo throughout the room and an angry blush rises in Winnie’s cheeks. I take the chance to pull my wrist back and move away.

Furtive, interested glances are tossed my way even after I take my seat.

Christ. Is that all that was needed to catch female attention? A flash of my cock?

Tommy throws a crumpled piece of paper at me. 6. Your place, I’ll bring a bottle of jack. We need to talk.

I give him a stony look. He holds up his hands and then winks at me.

I turn back around and sit through the rest of class in discomfort. A myriad of unwavering gazes stay glued to every angle of me.

Prescilla is waiting outside of the classroom when I come out. Something about the cheer team kept her behind. She grabs my hand and yanks me against her, but I’m too distracted by the haughty stares of the other cheerleaders shuffling down the hall.

“They wouldn’t stop talking about you, ” Prescilla explains, hand tightening around mine. “I don’t think it was any more possible to stress the fact that—” her hand abruptly slips into the front of my slacks and grips my cock—“This is mine.”

My eyes snap to her possessive ones and I feel myself thicken in her hand, unbelievably aroused by her statement.

A flash of a camera goes off, I look up and see a grinning Tommy with the camera. I don’t protest. That motherfucker will have the photo spread quicker than I can blink and that's fucking fantastic. Let everyone see Pre’s undeniable claim of me, let them see my burning desire for her.

I pull her against me and kiss her hard, my cock swelling bigger when another flash hits my closed eyelids.

“They’ll know the score soon enough,” I mumble, biting at her pink lower lip.

We walk together to our next class. The hour flies by quick with stolen kisses and less than publicly legal caresses.

I T.A for the remaining hour and meet a pouting Prescilla at the exit of the high school when the day is over.

My desire flares up at the sight of her. She’s changed into a form fitting dress that hugs every curve of her body and I itch to pull it off of her and leave it in a pile behind me along with the rest of our clothes. Or I could make real of my incessant fantasy of driving my dick into her in front of everyone here by hiking up her dress, pushing her little—her panties are in my back pocket.

That settles it then.

Before I can pin her to the door of the schools one exit, Prescilla holds a hand up. I glare at her perfect soft skin.

“I can’t,” she says. “I have to go to dinner with my parents. I really don’t have any time to spare.”

I adjust the aching phallus in my slacks and nod stiffly. “I’ll see you later then.”

Pre responds with a steamy kiss, her tongue sliding between my lips and stroking at mine like I know she would do to my cock. Fuck.

An image of her on her knees before me, pink lips parted and ready to wrap around my cock fills my vision.

The rough clasp on my shoulder sends it jerking away. “The two love birds. We still on for tonight, Arnold?”

Prescilla glances at Tommy and nods politely. She squeezes my hand in hers and gives me an awkward goodbye hug before walking away to her car.

I turn my attention to him once she’s backing out of the parking lot. “Yeah,” I answer. “Only for a little while. I’ve got plans with Pre.”

Maybe I said that last part with a little more emphasis than necessary. Perhaps just to throw it in his face, but it’s not a lie.

I intend to explore the hidden vixen in Pre that’s been flashing at me in glimpses since the day we first touched. The part of her that needs an edge of pain, likes to be gagged and to feel the sting of my palm against her ass to get off.

It’s satisfying as fuck thinking about the fact that moments after Tommy—her previous fuck buddy who I once envied—leaves, Prescilla will be tied to my bed and begging me to let her cum on my cock.

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