The Nerd Diaries: Arnold

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Thirteen: The Dream’s Allusion

“Arnie, yes!” Prescilla cries into the pillows.

My cock is beyond hard and ready to blow, but Pre doesn’t seem even close to reaching her peak yet. I reach beneath where we’re joined and rub her clit in a familiar rhythm that usually has her tightening around me and moaning through her climax, but not this time.

I spiral into a frenzied need to make her cum and she looks back at me with disappointment in her eyes, her lips no longer parted and drowning me in sweet cries but frowning at my inability to pleasure her. I don’t understand.

I thrust inside her, hard and demanding. It has no effect on Prescilla but has my balls drawing up tight and my release rushing out to coat the stiff walls of her pussy.

I watch through a post-orgasmic daze as Pre moves away from me, puts on her clothes, and leaves.

My chest feels so heavy and hollow all at once...

Rapidly, the dream begins to fade and a shrill ringing gradually brings me out of my groggy state. I fumble for my phone under my blankets and lift it to eye level when I find it.

Last night I had fallen asleep with it while waiting for some kind of contact from Pre—a message, a call... There was nothing.

Blinking as my eyes adjust to the new brightness, I catch glimpses of Tommy’s name and number flashing on the screen of my phone. I answer, partially pissed off that it’s him and not Pre.

“Yeah,” I say, clearing my throat after because I sound like a raspy thirty-year-old talking. It must be early as fuck, dawn light is barely beginning to break through the overcast of clouds outside of my window.

Tommy gets to the point, his voice sounding no better than mine. “So I just got a weird call from a buddy of mine. I’m going to give you his address, be ready.”

I pull out my end table drawer and gather a pen and sticky note. As soon as the address is written, I go to cuss the shit out of Tommy for waking me at this hour for that of all things, but he says, “I think Pre needs help.” And I’m in my car in seconds.

The address is to the farther side of town near the outskirts of Westwood, a very sketchy part of the actual city, Vinewood.

My mind blinks back to my thoughts of Prescilla’s whereabouts. That inkling that she was with Tommy is now long gone. He’s more than likely no more aware of where she has been than I. The fact should worry me, but it settles that churning pit in my stomach that’s been present ever since I figured out she was lying to me.

I don’t know what to expect when I get to the place my GPS is leading me to, but as Oakwood’s clean streets fade in my rear-view and Westwood’s smog-filled air creeps through my windows, the churning in my stomach returns.

I pull into the driveway belonging to the address about fifteen minutes later. It looks surprisingly good, starkly different from most of the houses that I passed on the way here.

Standing on the front steps of the porch, there’s a beefy guy blocking the door. He puts a pipe up to his mouth and then blows out a ring of smoke before his eyes narrow as he sees me approaching. “What do you want nerd?”

The urge to roll my eyes is great, but my concern for Pre is greater. “I’m here for someone, she’s inside. Her name is Prescilla.”

“Well,” he tilts his head. “You want in there, you’re going to have to go through a small initiation.”

I step forward, my impatience spiking, bordering anger. “Just let me in and I’ll leave as soon as I find her.”

“House rules, dude,” he shrugs. “Gotta take a puff before you can come in, we’re weeding out the snitches and underage shits that like to sneak in. You one of them?” He glowers.

Patience thin, I take the pipe into my hands and use it as he did earlier, as quickly as I can— It’s a mistake. My haste affects my breathing, which affected how much of the shit I inhaled.

Never in my life have I touched something like this. So I end up coughing and almost puking on the front steps of the porch before the guy pats me on the back and guides me into the house.

As soon as I step over the threshold smoke hits me. It smells of marijuana and looks like a smoke bomb went off. People are also strewn on the couches, passed out.

What in the fuck, I curse internally. Prescilla is here of all places?

The guy that let me in points to the staircase leading up, and as I climb them, my mind wanders. First and foremost, Prescilla is fucking asthmatic. Isn’t this shit dangerous for her to be around? Second, why in the hell would she come here alone, and more importantly why is she still here.

I come to a pause on the second floor. There’s a long hallway that stretches from left to right and a number of doors that could be the one standing between us. I start with the rooms closest and fling open doors to mostly empty rooms. As each opens and shuts with no sight of her, I grow more anxious.

I walk to the other end and repeat the process until I come to a room with a door partially ajar. It’s the last one. My pulse is racing and my heart is pounding in my chest.

Both seem to even out once I look in the room, and see Pre sleeping peacefully in bed.

There’s also some other motherfucker sleeping next to her. Jealousy rises inside me but I push it down because he’s laying on top of the blankets. Though I’m still pissed off that he’s in the room while she’s asleep and looking so damn vulnerable.

I’m at his side in a few strides— a board squeaks beneath my feet and the guy’s eyes snap open before I can shake him to consciousness and sense. He must be mad if he thinks sleeping next to her is alright.

“Whoa! Not whatever it looks like. You’re Arnie, right?” The blonde man stammers. His eyes are obviously red and glossy in the dark room. I realize he’s about as ripped as everyone else in the house. That’s the only reason that I back off.

He sighs in relief. “I called Tommy from her phone, guess he must have called you?” I nod absently as I go to Prescilla’s side. “Good. Boyfriend’s here. Girlfriend will stop talking in her sleep, and the trouble is sorted. Jonny is leaving to his own bed now.”

Talking in her sleep? The door snicks shut behind Jonny before I can ask about it. I nudge Prescilla lightly, and she moans and turns toward me on her side. Her pink lips are pouted and her golden hair is a mess around her head. They part after a moment of me watching, and she quietly murmurs my name.

The small whisper has something deep in my chest shifting. It’s as if everything is finally crashing down, the stress from worrying about her—about us—and relief that she’s okay and only a breath away from me.

I breathe in her scent and exhale all of the negative feelings of yesterday. “Pre, wake up,” I start, tempted to just carry her out of here and to my car. She mumbles in her sleep again, clutching onto my hand as I try and slip it underneath her. “Prescilla, it’s Arnie. I’m taking you home.”

Her eyes flutter open as soon as my name leaves my lips. She looks up at me, tired and shocked. “Arnie?”

I sigh when she makes no move to sit up and seems to be lolling off once more instead. “It’s me, Prescilla.” Her pout returns and I have to hold back a chuckle. Closing the distance between us, I take her sleepy offer and kiss her softly. Her lips move against mine immediately, almost sucking me into a daze that only her touches can.

I pull back, but she speaks before me, frowning. “You taste like weed.”

I laugh shortly and her frown deepens, so I explain, “I had to go through an initiation of sorts to get to you.” She chews on her lip and it’s the only thing that removes her frown.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

Prescilla closes her eyes. “Yeah, I am. Just tired.”

“Let’s go home.” I go to pick her up again, but she stops me.


My heart aches. “Why?”

She tugs on my shirt until I’m hovering over her again and then kisses me. “Stay,” she says. “We can leave in the morning. Jonny won’t mind.”

At the mention of Jonny I glare and Prescilla chuckles. “He’s a friend, Arnie. Get in here.” She pulls the blankets back and scoots over. I toe my shoes off and lay beside her, pulling her body into me until her curves are heating my skin.

I don’t close my eyes. I just lay and listen to her breathing, enjoying the calm that washes over me as her weight rests against me.

Prescilla’s hand slips under my shirt and she slides it up my chest until it rests in the middle of my pecs. It’s the littlest touch but it ignites lust in me instantly. It’s a small reminder that I haven’t had her against me in that way for too long.

My cock stirs in my pants and I inhale deeply to settle it down before it can turn painfully erect. I’m in the clothes that I had fallen asleep in. Slacks never were any good at hiding my arousal, especially when it comes to Pre.

The need slowly subsides with every breath I take and with the sound of Prescilla’s own even breathing. She’s fallen asleep already, now it’s my turn.

Except, she shifts in her sleep and her leg wraps around mine, her knee rubbing against my cock. A groan builds in my throat and I mumble a curse when my shaft starts to harden all over again. I’m beginning to think there isn’t a damn touch from her that my body will see as platonic.

“Arnie?” Prescilla mumbles against my chest.

“Go to sleep, Pre. I’m fine.” The hoarseness in my voice indicates otherwise.

She moves again, and once more, her knee rubs against my cock. I swallow down the groan that was this close to slipping out—And she does it once more, beckoning my hard-on to dig into her leg.

Seeming to understand what’s happening, her hand moves and palms my erection. I don’t catch the moan that her touch incites. My chest rumbles with the sounds coming from my throat and my dick thickens even more.

“Arnie... You’re hard,” Prescilla whispers, lifting her head so that her chin rests my chest as she looks at me—as she strokes me.

I can only nod as my face grows hot.

Prescilla leans in and as soon as her lush lips make contact with mine, the desire that makes my balls ache with need takes over. I pull her on top of me and fist her hair to bring her even closer so I can kiss her deeper, claim her beautiful mouth.

She moves against me, her panty clad pussy grinding against my erection. “Arnie,” she moans against my lips.

The desire inside me is too fierce to resist any longer. I jerk the front of my slacks down, the button popping off and letting my cock spring free. Prescilla isn’t far behind my thought train. When I position my cock, her panties are already moved aside, per pussy wet and ready for me to plunge inside

The moment the crown of my cock pierces her warmth I’m a goner. My head falls back into the pillows and I let out a low groan.

Prescilla rolls hips in a sensual motion, her chest pressed against mine and it’s not long before her lips join in on the friction with my own. I grasp her hips as I help her along, reveling in her moans and quiet gasps with every thrust and retreat of my cock inside her.

The need to cum gets closer and closer, Prescilla’s hips move against mine more erratic and desperate as she edges on her own climax. I can feel how close she is by the pulling tightness of her pussy walls around my cock. They stimulate my erection in the perfect, familiar pattern that occurs every time I’m inside her slick depths.

Her breathing grows ragged, and her gasps of pleasure begin to take on a whiny note. I know she’s on the cusp of drenching my cock with her release, but my mind still takes a sudden turn to the dream I had this morning. I tense beneath her as that heavy, hollow feeling rushes through me again.

“Arnie,” Prescilla gasps, need clear in her tone. It triggers that frenzy like in the dream and I reach down to her pussy, gliding my thumb over her clit in patterns that have her clenching my cock in a vise-like grip.

One look at her face as she cries out and cums a second later is all it takes for that frenzy to become satisfied. The sight of her parted lips and expression of pure ecstasy has me spilling inside her, moaning her name in relief as sheer euphoria washes over me. She falls limp against my chest, her pussy trembling around my cock with each heavy breath she takes in.

This is how the dream should have gone. I now see it for what it was—that same insecure spark that plagued me before today and long before Pre and I first spoke to each other.

It’s not worth giving in to. I know that well as Prescilla’s sighs of satisfaction and the wetness of her desire coat my skin.

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