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Fourteen: The Ties' Strength

Weeks come and go and I never hear the answer to the question that had been simmering in my mind of why Prescilla was at Jonny’s in the first place.

I find myself uncaring of that answer. I know that when Pre is ready to talk about whatever had her so wound up, she will. I can wait. I think I could wait forever for anything she needs me to.

“Arnie.” Tommy squeezes my shoulder as he sits down next to me.

It’s lunchtime, I’m indulging in some extracurricular activities—studying. Lately, I’ve been otherwise distracted. I didn’t have friends in school pretty much... ever. Having one now, I guess means being bothered every fucking five seconds of the day.

“Tommy,” I reply, closing my notes and giving him my undivided attention. Doing anything else in his presence is nothing short of pointless. Especially, when he’s got some wild hair up his ass which means a party invite or a fun idea.

“You’re coming to the game tonight, Arnie boy,” he grins.

I eye the football that’s spinning in his hand. Every time I see one I don’t think of the jocks scoring touchdowns. I think of Pre in her sexy little cheer uniform, bouncing around on the sidelines of the football field. Right now? I’m thinking of the time she let me fuck her in it inside that storage closet.

Prescilla is currently getting in some extra practice, and now that I think about it, I bet it’s for tonight. “Home game?” I ask. I wouldn’t pass up the sight of her in that uniform any day of the week.

Tommy grins and punches my shoulder as if knowing my thoughts. “You fucking bet. It’s the first game of the year!”

Resounding hollers come from the table of jocks on the other side of the room. Prescilla’s ‘pom-poms’ flashing in my mind are what influence my decision, however. “I guess I’ll be there.”

Another jarring shoulder punch and grunted, “Hell yeah,” and Tommy stalks off toward the rest of the jocks’ table.

Now to study. I have my notes halfway open when a hand with pink fingernails pushes it closed again. “Arnie,” Prescilla smiles when I meet her gaze.

“Done?” I ask her as she sits in my lap. She’s changed out of her uniform, back in a dress that makes the curves of her body feel bare beneath my hands. It’s so fucking tantalizing that it has my thoughts wandering to dirtier depths immediately.

Prescilla’s lips fall against my neck and she mutters against a sensitive spot, “Just getting started.” I have to close my eyes and breathe deeply to control my rousing cock. When her ass wiggles on it, I’m torn between having her straddle me for a quick ‘rendezvous’ right here in the middle of the cafeteria, or skipping the rest of the day altogether and taking her home.

The little murmurs in the room about us have me deciding to put on a little show instead. I grip the nape of Prescilla’s neck and pull her head back far enough so I can kiss the hell out of her with everyone’s eyes on us. Her tongue lashes against mine fiercely but is easily subdued. She moans lightly once I take the lead, and we fall into a familiar rhythm.

I move my hand up her body until I’m cupping a full breast in my hand, her taut nipple is hard and felt even through her bra. It’s the ultimate restraint tester. And I fail because I have to roll that bud between my fingers and hear her sweet moans.

As soon as I do, I’m hit with another battle of wills. Do I stop now, or do I lay her on the table in front of me, spread her thighs and eat my lunch in front of everyone while basking in her delicious cries of pleasure.

Another soft moan shoves me toward the latter decision. Except, I have other plans for us already. “Later,” I promise Prescilla after I pull her mouth away from mine and set her on the bench next to me. My cock protests against the zipper of my slacks, but the bell rings a moment later and Pre and I are sent on our way to our last class.

The rest of the day is a snooze compared to what happens once I have her in my room.

We have a good two hours to kill before Pre has to leave and warm up for the game. I’d rather have all day for what my intentions are, but I’ll just have to work to make these next few hours plenty of fucking time for me to have her seeing stars. Or hearts—preferably those.

“So,” Prescilla slips off her shoes and looks at me coyly—like I’m not thinking the same damn thing she is. My dick is already hard as steel. She’ll find out soon enough. “It’s later, Arnie,” she finishes.

I pull her into me so she knows without a doubt that I remembered my promise. “Two hours, Pre,” I rasp. “I have that long to prove myself and you still have your fucking clothes on.”

Prescilla laughs as I grab the hem of her dress and pull it off her. “You have nothing to prove to me, Arnie.”

I temporarily ignore her statement, pick her up and drop her back onto the bed. When I remove the ties from my back pocket, her blue eyes darken and she hastily slips out of the rest of her clothes.

Once I see the pile, I have the fiercest urge to grab her pink lace panties and draw in her sweet scent, but I stave it off, reminding myself of the task at hand.

A single order from my lips and Prescilla immediately puts her right wrist against the headboard, eager for me to get started. I tie her wrist down, just slack enough for me to move her later, and then straddle her body to tie the other. Her hand moves before I can grab it. She handles my cock with a tight grip, wrenching a throaty groan from me.

“Prescilla,” I warn, looking down at her heated gaze. Her fingers graze my skin as she slips them in the waistband of my slacks. I pull her hand and tie it down before she can get further. Her pretty lips downturn in a pout that reaches her eyes.

“You want my cock in your face, Pre?” I undo the button of my pants and hold the cloth together so my erection doesn’t immediately jut out.

My statement was only meant to be a tease, but when Prescilla’s full lips part and her eyes glaze over, I realize that’s exactly what she fucking wants.

I let go of my slacks and my thick cock instantly springs out. Prescilla gasps when the crown falls against her lips and smears pre-cum across their plumpness. Her tongue licks it away shortly after. It’s an erotic sight that has my cock twitching in anticipation, and precisely then that she opens up and sucks me into her warm, wet mouth.

My breathing hitches and I grip her hair to keep her still as delicious sensations sweep through me. “Easy, Pre.” I warn her for the second time, then release her hair and allow her to take in more of my cock.

She hollows her cheeks and sucks harder the closer I inch to her throat. I have to still her once more to prevent myself from choking her by thrusting my aching cock deeper into those depths.

Prescilla moans around my shaft the moment I’m seated as far as possible, and massages the underside of my dick with her tongue. I grip her hair tighter, pull back and—because I have thin, waning self control—give a rough, shallow thrust back in.

I last through that torture for three pumps before I’m forced to pull my cock out of her mouth and grit my teeth as the need to cum rides me hard.

I move down Prescilla’s body until my hips are nestled between her thighs. She digs a heel into my ass, trying to urge me forward. I grab onto her hips and lift her to collide with my cock, sliding her wet pussy along it and grazing the clit between her folds in a way that has her gasping.

When she starts to respond and roll her hips against me on her own, I stay her movement with a firm hold and then lift her lower half onto my lap.

“Arnie!” She cries, gripping the ties with her hands when I enter her pussy in a fluid thrust. I pull out just enough because I hate every minute we’re apart and then push back inside her, leaning over her body to grind into her clit.

Prescilla’s eyes meet mine and I press my lips against hers with bruising force, before I admit, “I do have something to prove to you, Prescilla. Maybe after this, you’ll know what that is.”

I sit back once again and lift her hips as I pull my cock out until just the crown rests inside her. She watches me with a new warmth in her eyes and it makes my slow glide back inside of her slick pussy even more intense. I repeat my movement once, twice, and even a third leisurely entry of her tight warmth before I’m driven by need to pick up the pace.

My cock slides into her over and over again in rhythm painstakingly slower than our usual fucking, but just fast enough to have Prescilla’s moans filling the air and me fighting back the compulsion to fill her with my cum.

It’s not long until Prescilla’s legs shake against me and her silky walls spasm around my cock. I slam into her roughly in response to her body’s signals and she cries out, jerking against her restraints.

“Arnie, please,” she begs a moment later, twisting her hands in the ties and giving me a pleading look.

I shake my head. I have her hands tied so her touch doesn’t drive me any crazier. Though, seeing her tied and utterly at my mercy tests my control about as much as her roaming hands would.

Her thighs give another tremor as I rub her clit with my thumb. She makes a needy whimper and tilts her hips into my cock in a motion that I know is her pleading for more. I keep my slow rhythm, even if it’s making me just as mad with need.

“Arnie...” She whimpers. “Faster, please.”

I shake my head again. “No, Pre. You can take me like this.” Leaning forward the slightest bit to change the angle of my thrusts, I hit deeper and harder inside her. She lets out a keening cry, tightening her thighs around me and begs me to go faster once more through ragged moans.

I suck the peak of her right breast into my mouth and release with a parting bite. She gasps needily, and clenches around my cock in response.

“Feel me, Prescilla,” I grit. My cock throbs and threatens to burst the rougher my thrusts get. I can’t help it, my control is slowly slipping away.

In a strained, gravelly tone, I continue. “Feel my cock inside you—every entry and withdrawal, every time I hit that special spot that drives you crazy.”

She sobs a moan and her pussy’s slick walls undulate around my shaft. I increase the force of my thrusts just barely and her legs begin to shake. “Feel me inside you, gorgeous,” I repeat. “Feel the need, that urgency to cum, that fucking frenzy for me to keep thrusting my cock into you until you fall apart.”

My cock is steadily delving inside her now, her body bouncing and swaying with each ragged thrust. The harsh noises of our bodies coming together and resounding cries of ecstasy are all I hear. All I see is her—trembling beneath me, sweaty and dazed as her orgasm draws nearer.

I cover her body with my own and wrap my hand around her throat to turn her pleasure struck gaze toward mine. “Every emotion you feel right now is how I feel every minute of every day that I’m by your side, Prescilla.” My throat tightens, making my next words come out raw and husky. “I’d tell you I love you because I do, but that’s not where my feelings for you end.”

Prescilla’s lips part but no sound comes out aside from her little whimpers, and I’m alright with that. If she needs days, hours, weeks or years, then I will wait that long.

Our bodies move together without pause until Pre’s final moans fill my ear as she comes undone underneath me. I find my own release shortly after, groaning deeply as she wrings out every last drop of cum from my cock through it.

I give her a small moment to catch her breath before I flip her onto her stomach, thrust back inside her snug warmth, and begin the process of driving my words and myself deep all over again.

I only stop when it’s time to get to the game. Prescilla may not repeat my truth, but I know I’ve made myself clear to the point that the words may as well be engraved in my chest.

The football game goes somewhat as usual as the one’s I’ve witnessed in the past: Players on the field vying for the win and their pride, cheerleaders cheering and most students shouting along with them.

The only real difference I see is in Prescilla— Her eyes are on me about as much as mine are on her. There’s heat in their depths, and another intensity she knows I see, because if I look long enough, her cheeks flush and she stumbles as she tries to catch up in the routine with the rest of the cheer squad.

It’s sort of a nostalgic moment in time for me. A year ago, I was in this same spot on the bleachers, watching the same girl cheer, with the same longing, and ache in my cock. Though I wouldn’t have guessed back then that those feelings would have had a chance to spread to an organ much higher.

The game flies by. I get a moment to talk with Pre during half time, Tommy joins in, bashing on the other team even though ours is the one losing. After, I continue to watch and unfortunately, our team continues to lose to the very end.

The winning team is from Shorewood. As such, their mascot is a great white shark. Right now, as Tommy sulks next to me, and Pre hugs my middle with my jacket draped over her because it’s cold as fuck and she’s wearing next to nothing, the Shark’s’ team are putting on a little show for the Oakwood Falcons, whom they just wiped the fucking filthy floor with.

“What is it? It’s a might falcon!” The large fluffy shark that looks a little more like a penguin has its jaws open wide and some of the Shorewood players are holding a cotton chicken over their heads in front of it. It’s obvious what’s going to happen, but Tommy still gets riled up when the last guy finishes with, “No wait! It’s a damn chicken!”

The chicken is ‘eaten’—meaning the jocks mangle the hell out of the stuffed animal, leaving cotton all over the football field, and then shove it down into the mascot’s mouth.

Tommy can’t help himself from snapping, after the other teams starts up with botched cock-a-doodle-doo noises. “Ya know, it’s a good thing your guys’ jaws open so fucking wide since you sure seem to like swallowing so much Oakwood cock!”

I kiss the back of Prescilla’s hand to stifle my laughter. As soon as the Sharks back off and begin to clear out, Tommy stalks off in a brooding manner, muttering his need for a drink.

“You ready to go?” I ask Prescilla. She smiles and nods at me before leaning up to kiss my cheek. I take her by the hand and we follow the rest of the flood of students out of the gates.

Thus began our routine for the next couple of months—Prescilla at my side, Tommy sulking after most games and beaming after a few, me watching both of them and making some of the best memories I’ve ever had. It’s only when the last game of the year comes around that everything goes wrong.

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