The Nerd Diaries: Arnold

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Fifteen: The Nerd's Mistake

Dear Diary,

These past couple of months have been.... Fucking perfect.

I never would have thought that senior year could be like this. I have the girl that I lusted after for so long at my side, and now I’m in love with her. Despite her not voicing that, I know she feels the same way.

And fuck, I have a friend too, he might be annoying as fuck sometimes but he’s actually a decent person deep down.

Classes have been a breeze and I’m right on track to graduate as valedictorian. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Harvard is a possibility... But I’m thinking of going to college somewhere local. Law wasn’t ever my dream career path, in fact I think I’d actually prefer teaching.

I’ve got seven months to decide and maybe even longer. College will always be there, and I might take a year off, do a little sightseeing... Drag Pre along with me if her plans are the same.

Anyways, everything is amazing, and I have to go!

Tommy and Prescilla insisted that I go to the last football game of the season, there’s supposed to be some big thing for the senior class.

It’s going to be a good night.

I hope,


Quickly, I strip out of my pajamas and don new clothes that I had prepared for tonight.

It’s late Saturday, I spent most of my downtime finishing homework and reading a book for the first time in a while. Usually I’d be too wrapped up in Pre to do anything else, but she had to go earlier to warm up for the final cheer routine of the season.

I am still not a fan of football, or really anything sports related, but it’s important to Prescilla and Tommy. And I really fucking enjoy seeing Pre in her cheer uniform.

I drive to the high school and as soon as Tommy spots me, I’m ushered to the senior section of the bleachers. From the looks of it, our entire class must be here right now.

When Tommy drops on the bench next to me, I give him a look as I take in all of his football gear. “Don’t you have to play?” I ask.

He grins. “Yes, but we got a show to enjoy first. Courtesy of the Oakwood cheer team. You ever been to a senior night game?”

I shake my head and focus my attention on the field as the cheerleaders take their positions. My eyes stick to Pre though, her outfit is different today, and she looks like she’s going to freeze on the spot.

Instead of their usual inform, the cheerleaders are in an even scantier one which consists of shorter skirts that I know will show their shorts underneath a whole lot more than usual, and they’ve opted for cropped versions of their tops. I swear Prescilla is shaking from the cold.

“This is gonna be epic,” Tommy says, excitement in his voice.

The routine starts out as it always does, and I take in every fluid movement Prescilla makes--The way her body contorts and sways, every flash of her ass when she does a kick or spin. Watching her always gets me hard, but tonight my cock feels like fucking stone.

The music suddenly starts to cut out and Tommy’s giant grin tells me it’s all a part of the show. The cheerleaders raise their pom-poms in the air and start shouting the school’s pep rally chant.

Everyone in the bleachers stands and joins in. I follow suit and almost lose my balance when Prescilla’s uniform is abruptly ripped away.

Every cheerleader does the same and Tommy hollers next to me. When Prescilla turns around, she’s sporting Tommy’s jersey number on her shorts, but that’s not what drives me insane. What does, is the fact that half of her ass is on display and she looks like she’s about to drop from hypothermia.

The cheering goes on for another minute or two and once it stops I’m hopping over the railing of the bleachers and pushing my jacket onto Prescilla’s shivering form.

I pull her into me as she thanks me through chattering teeth. “You look fucking amazing, Pre, but if you don’t tell me you have other clothes with you, then I’m taking you home right now.”

Peering up at me with trembling lip stretched into a smile, she says, “I brought extra clothes, Arnie.”

“Thank goodness,” I chuckle as I wrap my arms around her tighter.

She slips her hands into my back pockets and sighs against my chest. When she’s no longer shivering and the other girls start to walk toward their coach, Pre steps back. “Jenna wants to talk to the team. I’ll see you after.”

Standing on her toes, she kisses me goodbye, gives a flirty wink and then joins the other cheerleaders. Tommy steps into my line of vision to her precisely after.

“Arnie, you’re my friend right?” he asks in a light tone. The kind of tone Pre has used on me before, in order to get what she wants. She always does. But Tommy doesn’t quite have the same effect or feminine cut that she does.

“I am your friend--”

Tommy stumbles into me. I side step quickly and he falls against the wall below the bleachers rise. “Jesus fucking christ,” I curse. “What’s wrong with you?”

He stands upright and loops an arm around my shoulders, rancid breath hitting me instantly. “Sorry man, I may have had a good luck shot... Or four. That’s kind of why I’m over here.”

Tommy shakes a water bottle in my face-- I wrench it out of his grip and untwist the top. As soon as my nose hovers over the opening, the burning scent of vodka hits me.

“What the fuck, Tommy?” I chastise and dump the contents immediately. I’m not trying to be ‘lame’ as he would put it, but participating in a contact sport like football while intoxicated has to be a disaster waiting to fucking happen.

I’m all for a little fun with his crap ideas, but I’m not stupid.

Tommy gasps as soon as what I’ve done sinks in. “Arnie, bro? That’s not cool!”

You’re the quarterback, Tommy.” I push him down on a bench nearby and look around for actual water bottles. Apparently, no one fucking thought to bring any to the last game, and the damn concession stands aren’t open yet. “Look, you need to just chill out. I’ll be back with some water.”

Tommy bows his head and nods. “Okay, I’ll wait up.” I’m not even ten steps away when I hear the sound of him vomiting all over the field.

“Fucking, Jock,” I mutter as I jog toward the school doors.

Since it’s after hours, I find that they are in fact locked. Luckily, someone already inside hears the clang of the handle and runs down the halls to open it for me.

“Thank you--” my voice falls short when I see Winnie’s smile.

“You’re so welcome, Arnie,” she beams.

I nod awkwardly and reluctantly brush past her, heading straight toward the drinking fountain. It’s eerily quiet and I can feel the burn of Winnie’s stare as I rinse Tommy’s water bottle out and start to fill it.

Ever since that day in class, she’s started me down every moment Prescilla wasn’t looking. I wasn’t as unnerved then as I am now that I’m alone. It’s uncomfortable and so I count the seconds until the water bottle is full enough for Tommy’s drunk ass to just deal.

“Thank you,” I say to Winnie just before I start walking back down the hall.

“Wait!” She stops me, her hands pushing on my chest.

I step back and open my mouth to ask what she’s doing--she comes onto me faster than I have time to move.

Her lips push against mine and it feels so wrong, almost nauseatingly so. I cringe against her but she doesn’t notice.

I hear a gasp and assume it was her, and even more so when she suddenly jerks away from me, a look of disgust on her features. “Did I just touch what I think I did?”

I’m confused, but so damn happy that she stopped.

Winnie scowls at me. “I touched lace in your pocket. Are those underwear?”

My eyes widen and heat rushes up my neck. I reach into a back pocket and grin, there are lace underwear in my back pocket. Prescilla must have slipped them in earlier.

My grin broadens as I realize that’s what got Winnie to stop. I’ll have to pocket Pre’s panties more often.

“Ugh! You’re disgusting!” Winnie yells, and storms off.

I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and run out of the school, back toward the field.

I see Prescilla and head over, still laughing to myself and ready to tell her what just happened--that her little parting gift just saved me from one hell of a bad time.

“Pre, you--”

Prescilla turns around and faces me with red-rimmed eyes and a wobbly expression. “Stop. Just stop.” Her hands are raised between us and just that has my heart skipping a beat.

“Pre... What--”

“I saw you, Arnie!” She shouts, ducking her head in embarrassment when heads start turning our direction.

Saw me? Oh fuck me.

I grab her hand and pull her after me toward the back of the bleachers so we can have at least an iota of privacy.

“Prescilla, that wasn’t what you think it was,” I start to explain, but she tugs her hand from mine and takes a step away. “Arnie, I cant--I can’t do this with you.”

There’s that skipping beat again.

I go to speak again but she take another distancing step and looks away from me. “Arnie... I watched my father cheat and cheat on my mom and every time, this is exactly what happened.” She shakes her head dejectedly. “I can’t be that person.”

The beating in my chest seems to cease all at once and morph into pain. As Prescilla turns and walks away from me, it becomes all-consuming.

I clutch at my chest and when the pain gets so bad that my head spins and my vision blurs, I try to reach out and grasp the bars of the bleachers, but miss entirely and fall forward.

The ground rushes at me too fast to evade and pain burst in my head right before I blackout.

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