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Eighteen: The Senior's Resolution

(6 days later)

It’s New Years Eve.

I’m throwing a party.

Tommy suggested the idea and... took the liberty of inviting the entire senior class over.

As the music starts up, the student’s we’ve known since we were children start to pile in. I watch and wait for a familiar blonde angel to walk through the front doors.

Tommy had said she promised to come, but as the doors stop opening as often... I lose hope and the energy to stick around the lively crowd.

I greet a few people and chat curtly with some others on my way to the stairs. My intentions are to get as far away as possible, which means the left wing of the house and to a location where the walls are soundproof.

I come across Tommy talking to Stace on the steps and he gives me a sad smile. “She didn’t show?”

I shake my head. “I’ll be down in a little bit,” I tell him as I continue on.

The music downstairs is loud enough to vibrate the floor beneath my feet, and the laughter seems to taunt me the further away I get.

Eventually, I reach the library and close the door behind me, successfully shutting out all noise. I close my eyes and release a breath.

I walk toward the couch and freeze. There’s a brunette standing in front of one of the bookshelves, her back to me.

“Hello?” I say as I approach. I know there’s not exactly any rules with parties, ones that are obeyed anyways, but it’s strange to find someone in my haven. In fact, most people would get lost before finding this room.

The brunette turns my way and I suck in a breath. It’s not just some girl, It’s Prescilla. This would explain why I hadn’t seen her come inside--I wasn’t searching for a brunette goddess then.

“Hey, Arnie,” she smiles. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Your hair is different,” I blurt.

She chuckles softly. ” A lot is different.”

Cautiously, I step closer until I can breathe in her sweet scent. “You came.”

The moment I’m in reach, her arms wrap around me tightly, making my heartbeat stutter in my chest. I hold her instantly, unsure of how long she’ll let me.

After a few minutes, she still hasn’t let go and her grip hasn’t faltered once.

I run my hand up her back, through her dark hair and pull her head off of my chest so that I can look into her eyes to get an inkling of what she’s thinking--feeling.

What I see when her eyes make contact with mine would have me staggering to keep my balance if she weren’t already holding me.

“Pre,” I whisper, because I don’t want to take the chance of anything breaking this moment if that’s all it is, just a moment. “What are you...”

Her eyes drop to my lips and I’m overwhelmed with the sudden longing to kiss her. Her pink tongue pokes out and slides over her lower lip as she watches me with a familiar intensity, one that I had worried was gone.

With slow, cautious movement, I dip my head close until my lips are just grazing hers. When her eyelids flutter closed and her nails dig into my back, I know she wants this.

I kiss her softly because I’m still afraid if I come on too strong she’ll get scared and run away from me again. More than anything, I want to kiss her hard--hard enough to sear the impression of my lips into hers, to ruin them for any other but me.

I’m breathless and utterly awestruck when I pull back. “Are you-is this?” I have no idea how to ask what’s on my mind because my head is fucking spinning.

“I’m yours, Arnie.” She kisses me hard and for the first time in weeks, I feel whole.

A sob of relief leaves me and I don’t stop kissing her for a second. I fall to my knees with her in my arms, clutching her form against me.

“I love you, Pre,” I gasp. It’s the only time my lips are apart from hers and just as quickly as I have the words out, our lips are crashing against each other again.

As I slide my tongue into her mouth and taste her, I groan. It’s been too long, every nerve ending in my body feels like it’s this close to short-circuiting.

My cock is steadily hardening, preparing for the moment that it can enter it’s favorite wet place to be as well.

I gently lay Prescilla back and pull her hips forward so that they’re pressed to mine, bathing my cock in warmth since all that is between us is some of the thinnest material known to man--and I’m about to remove every layer.

The only way I’m able to remove my mouth from hers is by telling myself that I’ll get to be inside her again.

I slowly push the hem of her dress over her legging clad thighs and all the way up over her head. Her breasts are covered by silk cloth and I suck them into my mouth until the material is soaked and Pre is writhing beneath me.

“God, I’ve missed this,” I groan. I place a kiss on her stomach and hook my fingers in the waistband of her leggings. My breathing picks up as they inch down and only bare flesh is revealed to me.

My cock jerks and leaks cum inside my boxers once I set eyes on her uncovered pussy. When I scent her it, a growl of satisfaction bellows from my chest.

I tug down her pants the rest of the way and toss them aside before I spread open her thighs and take in her swollen center. She’s glistening with desire, the entrance to her pussy weeping it’s need for me to fill it.

First, I have to taste her. It’s been too long since I’ve had my fill of Prescilla and the wait is over, she’s completely mine now.

I lick her from the source of her wetness all the way up to her throbbing clit. She moans and presses her pussy against my face. I’m in no hurry, not after I’ve waited for what feels like fucking ever.

I hold her lower body down with my palms firmly against her hips. She whimpers as I give her pussy a second, long, teasing lick but this time from her ass all the way to the clit that I suck into my mouth like the last drop of my favorite shake. She is, after all, my favorite dessert by far.

I make sure to lap up every stray trickle of wetness on her folds before I give her the passion she’s desperately moaning for. Tongue first into her snug heat, I fuck her with my mouth until she’s crying out and cumming on my face. Even then, I continue to devour her until she’s sobbed through two more wet orgasms.

Her chest is still heaving when I sit up, undo my slacks and pull out my aching cock. I give it a long stroke and watch as her eyes darken further and her pussy visibly clenches in anticipation.

I smooth a creamy blob of cum down my length and then place the wide head at her entrance. It pushes it’s way inside her at a painfully slow pace because I don’t want this to ever end.

Prescilla whimper with need as I grasp her thighs and gradually pull her body closer while shallowly thrusting inside her, opening her tight pussy up for me after so long apart.

The moment half of my thick length is sheathed inside her, I crawl forward over her body and claim her mouth at the same time as I claim her pussy with a brutal thrust that buries my cock to the hilt.

Crying out, she tightens her thighs around my ass and clenches down on me. I bit back a groan because she feels so fucking amazing that it’s almost painful-- Maybe just too tight. “Pre, baby,” I grunt, tapping the outside of her thigh. “You have to relax. You’re strangling my cock right now.”

“Cant,” she moans, arching into me and growing impossible tighter. The walls of her pussy are trembling around my shaft at a constant rate that has me clenching my teeth. I’ll cum in seconds under this torrent of stimulation, no fucking doubt about that.

I bring my hand to her folds and seek out her clit, rubbing the hard by in hopes that it makes her pussy cater to my will. God, does it do the fucking opposite.

“Arnie!” Prescilla cries out as she cums. Her walls turn suffocating as they contract around my cock and I swear I see dark spots in my vision.

“Damn it, beautiful,” I curse, my hand coming down on her ass. I had wanted to take this slower, but her pussy needs to be broken in again. She leaves me no choice but to pull out and plow my way back into her with a harsh thrust.

The moment my cock slams home, her hands fly to my forearms and her nails dig into my skin.

I let out a shaky breath and pull out inch by inch, watching as my shaft comes out coated in her wetness. The erotic sight makes my heart skip a beat. I press my face into Prescilla’s chest and go to town, pounding into her as I’m drives by the sole need to fill her with my seed so that the next time I pull out it’ll be our combined cum that I see coating my cock.

I roughly pull my shirt over my head and tear away the flimsy material covering her breasts, needing to feel more of her soft skin against me. Just that extra contact has me splintering and embedding my cock deep inside of her as I cum.

Everything I am is intertwined with her in this moment. My heart beats for her, my body belongs to her, and my mind and soul are all wrapped around her fucking finger. All that’s left is for her to shatter into pieces like I just have. Because after this, when we put ourselves back together, we’re never going to part again.

“Cum for me, Prescilla,” I command softly. “Squeeze my cock and drench me with your sweet honey.”

My hand caresses her breast and the moment my fingers tug on her taut nipple, she comes undone. Her cries fill my ear and travels straight to my throbbing cock. It twitches and I let out a raspy shout as her pussy creams and milks me through another orgasm.

I fall into her, bracing myself on my forearms so I don’t crush her. It’s pointless because a second later--she pulls me down until our bodies are flush together. I chuckle through labored breaths.

I place a chaste kiss in the valley of her breasts and then haul her up against me. She moans quietly as my cock sinks deeper when I stand and sit on the lone sofa in the room.

Our cum drips out of her and leaks all the way down to my balls but I don’t care. I fucking love this feeling. I hug her to me, my chest tightening as I enjoy the feeling of being as close as humanly possible to her--no ounce of space separating us any longer.

My head is resting against the back of the couch and I’m slowly lolling to sleep when her light sniffles catch my attention.

The arms I have wrapped around her automatically tense, compacting her even closer against me.

“Pre?” I angle my head to look at her, but she’s conveniently hiding her face in my chest. My only smidgen of relief comes when her arms wind around me even tighter than mine are on her.

“I’m so sorry, Arnie,” Prescilla whispers.

I tilt her head back and frown when I see tears falling from her eyes. “What’s wrong?” I ask.

“I have so much to apologize for,” she cries. “I- I let so many people get in the way of us and that wasn’t fair to you.”

I kiss her and wipe away her tears with my thumbs. “You don’t have to apologize, Pre. I understand everything. You just needed time and that’s not something you have to be sorry for.”

“I love you,” she gasps. “So much.”

I pull her against me tightly. “I love you, Pre.”

She lays against my chest and we sit like that for a while before she starts speaking. “Do you remember that night at Jonny’s?” She asks me. My cock stirs to life inside her even though I know that part of the night isn’t what she’s getting at.

Her giggle fills my ear and makes my face heat. I clear my throat and utter, “Yes, I remember.”

“I was there because my mom and Jeff weren’t doing so well,” she explains. “Ever since my dad... She made a bad habit of going from one lousy guy to the next, but Jeff wasn’t like that and she was still going to move us again. I couldn’t handle knowing that, especially because you and I had just started this.” She kisses my cheek and takes a breath before continuing. “Seeing you and Winnie together at the football game was just my breaking point I guess.”

“She came onto me,” I correct. ”You and I are together. What happened there wasn’t anything more than her starting trouble.”

Prescilla presses her lips against me again. “I know, Arnie. I’m sorry that I didn’t listen to you that night.” Her hands brush away my hair from my forehead and she runs a finger over the healed scar there. “I’m also sorry you got this.”

I still and meet her gaze. “How did you know about that?”

She blushes, confessing, ” I asked Tommy how you were doing... And he told me.”

“That explains some things,” I chuckle.

“I meant what I said, Arnie,” Prescilla whispers as she relaxes against me. “I love you. So please don’t break my heart.”


I promise.

Sincerely, The End.

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