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|Six months later|

It seems like yesterday I was missing one of the most vital parts of life.


Then, Prescilla Richards waltzed in and snagged me with her beauty and heavenly pussy. And then she fucking ripped my heart out of my chest.

I look out the window and inhale sharply before looking away. If I do that again I’m probably going to die.

I think it goes without saying that I’m missing something vital today as well.


I’m missing the sack to get my ass onto the football field and give the longest, influential, piece of utter bullshit speech to my class and everyone else who showed up to our graduation ceremony.

“Arnie, you’re really pale.”

I laugh at her concerned tone. “That’s because you ripped out the sole organ that keeps blood flowing through these pretty cheeks.”

Prescilla scrunches her nose. “You stole my heart would have sufficed, Arnie.”

Would it have? Hell no. This girl, this stunning, angelic...creature ripped my heart out.

That’s the only way I’ve figured out how to sum up our love. Because Prescilla didn’t just steal my heart, she claimed it.

Stealing implies that there is a possibility of getting that item back. In no fucking universe am I ever getting my heart back from her. It’s hers now.

So yes. She fucking ripped my heart out of my chest.

“Kiss me,” I reply.

Giggling, Prescilla embraces me and presses her lips to mine. The kiss immediately has my thoughts taking a dive into the filthiest gutter in existence.

My cock hardens and I groan as Prescilla reaches past my gown and right down the front of my straining slacks. “You are perfect,” I mumble against her lips.

“You mean I am the perfect distraction,” she winks. Her hand strokes my shaft, grip tight and jerking fast.

I feel pre-cum ooze out and coat her hand, surely making a sticky mess. “You are perfection. Your pussy is the perfect distraction, ” I correct, pulling her hand away from my cock before I burst.

Her eyes light with excitement and she sits back on one of the desks, unzips her gown and hikes up the dress underneath.

“Fuck me,” I curse. “No underwear? Christ, Pre, you’re going to make me cum in my pants.”

“Well, that wouldn’t be a first,” she teases, Sliding a finger between her folds and stroking her clit. I groan at the sight and memory.

It was during the long bus ride of our senior class trip. Prescilla had worked me up that morning and we had to go before I could release the load of tension in my balls. It took one teasing touch on my thigh from her and I finally found relief. Only to have another problem being the cum drenching the front of my slacks—not an easily hidden mess.

“That happened once, Pre,” I scowl. “From here on out, the only place I’m cumming is inside you.” I pull out my heavy erection and place the head against her entrance.

“Mmm,” she hums. “But I like it when you fill my mouth with your sa—” she cries out when I thrust my length balls deep inside her in one fast plunge.

“Fucking heaven,” I groan, as her silky sheath trembles around my cock.

Prescilla moans out loudly, the sound echoing in the classroom as I start filling her again and again with my shaft. I put a hand over her mouth and look into her eyes and warn, “If someone hears those moans they’re going to come looking, and if that happens right now they’re going to get one hell of a show.”

The tight warmth of her slick pussy around my cock is too fucking good to resist. It wouldn’t be the first time someone walked in while I was balls deep inside her anyways.

“Fuck,” I hiss through clenched teeth as her pussy starts milking my cock. I lift one of her legs and thrust hard until she’s screaming against my hand and cumming all over my dick.

As soon as her screams decease, I rip my hand away and grab her hips to drive my cock in and out of her in fierce thrusts. God, she feels so fucking good.

I cum with a harsh shudder and gasp. My sticky spend splashes inside her and makes the last thrusts slick and satisfying.

When I pull out some of my cum drips onto the desk and I groan. One day her fertile womb is going to drink up every last drop. For now, the sight of my mark is fucking sexy as hell.

I drop to my knees and watch as her pussy continues to cream with it. “You’re going to have me coating your thighs for the rest of the day, Pre,” I mutter, dipping my head forward to tongue her swollen clit.

She moves her hips, whining as I suck it into my mouth. Because I can’t resist, I thrust two fingers back inside her pussy, pushing my cum back inside and making her quake once more.

I release her clit from my mouth but leave my fingers where they are, still moving in and out of her creamy center.

I stand up and kiss her, swallowing her sweet moans and piercing her mouth with my tongue.

“One more, Pre,” I rasp. “One more and I think I might be hard enough to have only one thing on my mind throughout that speech. ”

Fuck if it’s not already on my mind. I’m still between her thighs, my cock out, solid and lubricated with our juices. Fuck, leaving now is going to hurt bad.

“Come on beautiful, strangle my fingers like you would my cock,” I coax her until she does exactly that while whimpering against my lips.

Her breathing comes out as gasps, turning into a moan when I pull my soaked fingers out and bring them to my mouth.

“Goodness, there’s no way I won’t be hard for you up on that stage, Pre, ” I groan.

A knock at the classroom door brings us out of our daze.

“Hey love birds, you have like less than five to get to the field,” Tommy notifies us.

Prescilla hops off the table and I get to cleaning our mess. When I’m done, in my delirious, dopamine flushed mind, I walk toward the door.

“Arnie!” Pre steps in front of me before I can open it. “Your pants are still undone, everyone is going to see your cock.”

I grin as she tucks me back into my boxers and zips my slacks. “What would I do without you?”

“Flash everyone and their grandmother,” she grumbles.

I laugh and we walk out of the classroom hand in hand, I even grab Tommy’s on our way over to the large crowd of people.

I kiss Pre hard enough to jumble my mind and then a few summed up lines of my rehearsed speech later, I’m leaving the stage and joining the rest of our class to throw our caps in the air and try to avoid the assault of the pointed edges reining down as they fall back to us.

Prescilla squeaks next to me as my cap falls on her and I laugh, putting it back on my head. “Let’s get out of here before we’re trapped.”

We move quickly but still manage to be caught in the throng of families grouping together, and stop for a moment to chat with Jeff and Pre’s mom, exchange hugs and go on our way once more.

We’re just about out the doors when I run into someone and almost tumble to the ground. I look up, the first thing I catch sight of is a wicked-looking scar below his eye, and then a familiar pair of thick glasses similar to ones I wore before that I’m thankful to have ditched years ago.

Prescilla tugs on my hand and I say a quick apology to the guy before we’re out of the school and driving away in my car.

“You’re so in for it when we get there, Pre,” I smirk. I’m holding onto the steering wheel tightly as the trees go by, If I even look her way I will lose my sense.

I jump out of my car and carry Pre inside the moment it’s in park. The car is still on but I can’t bring myself to be separated from her for even those minuscule seconds it would take to turn the key.

“Arnold, the car!” Prescilla squeals.

“Prescilla, my cock,” I groan, pressing my painful erection against her pussy as I climb the stairs.

She laughs and I toss her on the bed, covering her body with mine immediately. “It’s barely been an hour, Arnie,” she giggles.

I pull off her clothes, each shed layer like unwrapping a gift I’ve been waiting my entire life for—even after just having her less than an hour ago. I will never get enough of this woman. And I voice that as I jerk down the zipper of my pants and enter her pussy the moment my cock is out.

“I love you,” Prescilla moans against my lips... I make sure she knows I feel the same, all night long.

|1 year later|

Dear diary,

I’m done.

This entire week has been garbage. First, I found a rat infestation in the basement of the Mansion, then, I found a bunch of kids partying in my back yard. Like really? People live here.

Prescilla was not happy.

We called the cops.

She also jumped me. It was something about being back in the spot we’d first fucked at a year ago. She’s wild. I love it—I love her.

I’m going to propose, but I think the little wench already knows that. She likes to sneak a peek at my entries still, which she’s improved at.

Nice work Pre, but I can still smell you.

Dealing with my peeping soon to be wife,


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