The Nerd Diaries: Arnold

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Two: The Bitch's Dare

There’s a story I know too well about the Wicker mansion.

It used to be a vacation house for the old mayor before it was abandoned, or at least before the maintenance of it was. When the old mayor’s wife died, he just forgot about the vacation home and stayed locked away in his cottage, too wrapped up in his grief to visit this place or the family he left behind.

Since then, it’s become a known party location for Oakwood High students.

I walk in the large double doors, a swiped bottle of scotch from my dad’s man cave in hand. There are hundreds of students crowding the first floor, and from the base of the music thumping above me I assume there are even more people on the second floor.

Making his way through the crowd is Tommy, Prescilla on his arm looking as breathtaking as ever. I feel the sting of jealousy that seeing him touch her brings.

His days of touching her like that are limited, I can feel it in my bones.

Tommy spots me and grins. “Arnie!”

I thrust the bottle of scotch his way, it’s sort of my peace offering of the night. Because really all I want tonight is something wet and tight around my dick, sucking me in like a black hole. To be frank, I hope said hole belongs to the girl at Tommy’s side.

“I knew you’d make the right choice.” He winks and throws an arm around me. I don’t miss the icy glare Prescilla shoots my way, or the rank as fuck scent of too much liquor on Tommy’s breath.

We weave through the crowd to the front of the living space. Tommy pushes Prescilla and I onto a couch and then turns to a microphone set up a few feet away.

“You shouldn’t be here,” Prescilla whisper shouts next to me, just as Tommy starts babbling into the microphone.

Whatever he’s saying can’t be good, but I’m too swept up in Prescilla’s attention to care. “Why’s that?” I manage to utter.

She glares at me and my cock stiffens in response. “Because you don’t belong here, Arnold!” I can feel the heat of her breath centimeters away from my ear. That and the sound of my name on her lips doesn’t make my cock any softer.

“A good ol round of Truth or Dare!” Tommy’s voice bellows through the speakers placed around the house. Footsteps rein against the steps of the staircase and within the next minute, the living room has gained a few dozen more bodies.

Grabbing me from the couch, Tommy throws his arm around me again and addresses the crowd. “If y’all aren’t ready to suck dick, get fucked, drunk off your ass, nude as fuck, or make out with someone like my boy Arnie here, then the party has ended for you.”

There’s a chorus of boo’s as a chunk of students file out of the house. But I’m grateful because half looked too young to be here anyways.

My face grows hot as the remaining dozens of gazes pass over me. I just hope they can’t see the bulge of the semi I’m sporting in my pants. I thank god for my decision to throw on jeans before I came here, and curse him for giving Prescilla those fuck me eyes and whatever hold she has over me.

“Those of you who are more than happy to do what I just said, get your asses outback and make a circle!”

A door is opened and people immediately begin spilling out. Eventually, Tommy, Prescilla and I make it out to the huge circle that’s been formed in the backyard.

A few people are standing, some drunkenly laying around. I have a feeling that some of them were already out here to begin with and I can’t imagine how the hard turf is going to treat their backsides in the morning.

“Anyone got a bottle?” Tommy asks, patting at his shirt.

As if there would be a bottle there.

Huffing, Prescilla grabs an empty one off of the ground and pushes it into Tommy’s chest. I barely contain a chuckle that wants out because of her attitude towards him.

Tommy just smiles back at Prescilla and then kisses her hard.

A wave of jealousy washes over me just as longing does. The things I would do if I were in Tommy’s shoes. My cock stirs to life at the thought.

For the sake of my dignity, what little is left, I join the others in sitting around the circle. The empty spots on either side of me are filled by Tommy and Prescilla a moment later.

“You’re going to love this, Arnold,” Tommy says next to me. His use of my full name informs me however, that I probably won’t love this.

“Okay, some of you know how this works, some of you don’t.” Tommy walks to the center of the circle and holds out a hand to a short blonde. “You.” She grabs his hand and the bottle and walks over to a random person in the circle.

“Stace is going to show us how it’s done,” Tommy says. He sits back down next to me with a grin on his face and sets a hand on my shoulder.

“Truth or dare?” Stace asks the person.

“Dare,” the masculine voice responds.

Beside me, Tommy is still grinning like a Cheshire cat. Prescilla, however, has a scowl on her face that I get the impression won’t be leaving anytime soon.

“I dare you to make out with me.”

“If I don’t?” The guy asks. I can tell it’s purely for the sake of showing everyone how to play, the look he’s giving her says he wants nothing more than to follow through with her dare.

Stace grins, matching Tommy. “Then you get to strip.”

So, that’s the punishment in this game.

Of course.

Considering that everyone in the circle has seen me naked once before—a product of Tommy’s pranks—I’m not worried. I have a big cock and pretty eyes that, despite my nerd status, still get a lot of ladies looking twice.

But, they’d rather save face than be caught with a nerd and that’s fine. I only want one girl in this town.

Instead of stripping, the guy grabs Stace by the waist and they start making out. She pulls away a minute later, breathing heavy and smiling. The bottle is then passed to him and so begins the game.

“You seem relieved,” Prescilla whispers next to me. “Don’t be. The dares get much more heated as the game goes, the beginning is always vanilla.” She smirks and then looks back toward the circle.

After nearly everyone else in the circle has gone, the bottle is handed to Tommy. I tense up.

I had just witnessed an innumerable amount of blow jobs given and received by males and females. I heard well over a dozen people fucking, some being very loud, very lewd three sums. Not to mention seeing Prescilla grind on some guy until he came in his pants.

Whoever dared her to do that had thought she would fail, had wanted to see her naked but unsurprisingly, she’d ended up succeeding. What straight man wouldn’t cum with someone that hot grinding on their cock?

There were some awful truth pickers in the bunch. Either choice between truth or dare wasn’t remotely safe, to say the least. Or vanilla.

As Prescilla said, everything got intense as the game progressed. This is a kinky ass game that definitely benefits voyeurists and exhibitionists alike.

Tommy lingers in front of me and then side steps in front of Prescilla. “Pre, truth or dare?”

She rolls her eyes and jumps to her feet, pressing herself against Tommy right after. “Dare.” She kisses at his jaw, but he just grins.

I’m starting to believe his face might actually be fucking stuck like that.

I expect him to dare her to give him a blowjob or to ride him in front of everyone like someone else had dared another, but that isn’t what happens.

“I dare you...” Tommy does a full, drunken circle and then his attention peels off of the guy at my side, and sticks on to me.


His eyes light up like a goddamn Christmas tree and I clench my jaw in anticipation. “I dare you to fuck him.”

Goddamn, fucking shit.

Just the very thought of fucking Prescilla has my dick throbbing. This is practically what I’ve dreamed of, aside from the exhibitionism part, but fuck if it isn’t satisfying to know Tommy is watching as I sink inside her hot pussy. If she agrees.

Prescilla’s gaze transfers to me and she gives me a once over before she smirks. “Okay.”

She grabs me by the hand and begins leading me toward the mansion, until Tommy interrupts. “In front of the circle. No room.”

Prescilla stops. For a flat second, I think she’s actually going to back down. And then her frozen features change, starting with the corners of her lips that turn up into a wicked smile as she looks at me, and then a glint in her eyes that represents none other than mischief.

Fuck. She’s going to do it.

Changing course, she leads me to the center of the circle.

Standing on her tiptoes, she whispers in my ear, “Get ready for the ride of your life, my little nerd.”


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