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Three: The Cop's Call

My face would be as red as the devil’s dick right now, except all of the blood in my body is currently pumping straight down to the tip of my cock.

Prescilla pushes me onto my back and then straddles me. Her lips part in surprise as she settles her pussy right against my thickening erection. “If your cock is as big as it feels, this is going to be damn fun,” she whispers to me.

I want to say something snarky, like, ‘it’s not even done growing,’ but I exhale sharply instead when she grinds her pussy into my cock.

I know for a fact, if I don’t think of something disgusting right fucking now, I’m going to cum in my pants before she can fuck me. That would take the cake on the most embarrassing moments of my life.

Prescilla leans forward, grinding into my cock harder and moans softly. It nearly pushes me over the edge. Unable to hold myself back, I thrust against her and shudder at the pleasure it gives.

“Try not to cum too soon, Arnie. I’m enjoying myself,” She whispers in my ear and that seductive, smooth, sexy as fuck voice almost coaxes out my release.

I need to think of something else and fast. Grandma. Grandma in the kitchen making soup. The thought brings an image that has my orgasm recoiling like a hand trying to avoid a snake bite.

Hands start fumbling with the belt buckle on my jeans and I groan in disbelief. “You’re really going through with this.” She smirks down at me with eyes dark and heavy lidded with an intensity I can only recognize as pure lust.

The zipper of my jeans is jerked down and I bite on my lower lip as her fingertips skim against the front of my boxers. “Arnie, if I didn’t want to fuck you, I would have just stripped,” she confesses. “It wouldn’t have been the first time.”

The responding words out of my mouth come in a flurry of curses because just then, her hand is reaching into my boxers and pulling my cock out into her hand. When her tongue flicks at the crown, my head falls back into the grass and all thought processes shut down.

The feeling of her hot, wet mouth enveloping my cock has the orgasm I stalled comes roaring back.

I look down as her pink lips cover the entire head of my shaft and almost burst right there. I immediately avert my gaze and it’s then that I catch sight of Tommy staring between Prescilla’s legs.

I want to carry her off so he can’t look at her any longer, but then her mouth pops off of my cock and she begins crawling up my body. Tommy’s gaze doesn’t follow.

Oh hell. I can’t think about it because Prescilla suddenly rests her soaked, pantie covered pussy on my bare cock and I’m lost all over again.

I groan and grab her hips to slide her up my cock. Her wetness combined with my own makes the movement easy, fluid and so fucking good. Another throaty groan leaves my lips.

“Relax,” Prescilla whispers against my neck. “I’ll let you cum soon.” Her pussy grinds into my cock hard and pleasure shoots through my spine and straight to my aching shaft. If she does it again, I’m going to cum. In no world could a man survive that torture.

Thankfully, she doesn’t do it again. Instead, she sits up, and slides a hand between her legs and moves her soaked panties to the side.

My heartbeat seems to slow in my chest.

She wraps her fingers around my cock and aligns the tip with the entrance of her hot, dripping pussy,

I feel my eyes roll back as my head drops against the ground again. I’ve never felt something so fucking glorious, and it’s only the beginning.

Lights flash behind my eyelids and for a second I think I might be about to pass out.

Until Tommy’s shout breaks through my lust filled daze. ”Fuck! Cops! Everybody RUN!”

My eyes snap open in time to see everyone already on their feet and racing toward the forest in the back. And just like that, all the people I forgot were watching, are gone.

Warmth on my cock as Prescilla slides the head between her folds and back to her entrance has my body thrumming with adrenaline and fear.

She’s still preparing to impale herself on my cock.

One look into her eyes and I know she isn’t going to stop.

The notion that she is about to fuck me even with the chance of getting caught is enough to have my cock swelling even larger.

“Police!” Comes a muffled shout from inside the mansion.

Prescilla doesn’t move. Not away.

Thrusting her hips downward, she takes in my cock and virginity in one fluid motion. Her cry of pleasure fills the air and my eyes roll into the back of my head once again. Pure fucking ecstasy, that’s what her pussy feels like.

After a small moment of sitting on my cock, she starts moving. Too fucking fast. Her pussy slides up and down my cock at a mind blowing pace. My hands grip her hips on instinct, though harder than intended. I help her move on top of me in a breathtaking rhythm before moving my hands hands under and up her dress to palm the firm breasts that bounce beneath.

Somewhere at some point, I read that women like nipple play so I slide a thumb across one of her hard nipples and tug on the other. Her pussy immediately clenches around my cock and she cries out again.

I moan and repeat the motion. Her pelvis grinds into mine roughly and my cock sinks deeper into her tight heat at the same time.

“Fuck,” I groan as my orgasm nears. My grip returns to her hips, and I’m driven by mad need as I grab onto them and thrust upward over and over.

My balls tighten and tension builds at the base of my spine, but Prescilla, she’s still writhing against me, her pussy tight and straining as she works desperately toward her release.

I’m so fucking glad I did my research and paid attention in anatomy 101, because if I hadn’t of, I wouldn’t have known that a single tap to her clit could mean fireworks in an instant.

As soon as my thumb slides between the folds of her pussy and rubs her clit, she screams in bliss on top of me. Her lips part as her orgasm works through her and the walls of her pussy clamp on my cock tight enough to have my cum shooting out at a force and intensity I have never felt in all my years of jerking off.

My head crashes against the ground as my orgasm cracks through me. All I can think as Prescilla moans my name and my cum spurts inside her pussy is fuck. This is the best fucking thing that has ever happened to me.

Prescilla falls against my chest a moment later, limp from her orgasm I assume.

Panting, I can’t help but chuckle, euphoria and fatigue clouding my mind.

She lifts her head off of my chest and glares at me. My cock twitches. Her pussy clenches.

I groan harshly. “Fuck.”

Prescilla giggles, then pulls my head down and presses her lips to mine with hard force. When she pulls back, I’m in a daze as she licks her lips and then hops off of me. “Thanks for the ride, my little nerd.”

She runs for the woods and disappears a second later.

I finish catching my breath and stuff my cock back into my pants, wondering if it’s normal to still be so hard after cumming like that.

I’m on my feet when a shout rings through the air. “Freeze!”

I do. My hands instantly fly up and my heart skips a beat. Fuck.

“Turn around,” the voice orders.

I turn slowly and sag in relief at who I come to face. It’s Jeff, my father’s best friend and—fuck, it’s also Prescilla’s stepfather.

Just the thought of being caught while fucking his daughter, and by him, has my heart racing all over again. He would have shot me without blinking.

“Arnold?” He says in disbelief, holstering the gun he had aimed at me.

I clear my throat, awkwardly. “Yeah, it’s me.”

“What the hell,” he whispers, bewilderment on his features.

I chuckle quietly. This isn’t my scene, and even the cops know it.

“Well, shit. Come on then,” he nods toward his patrol car.

“Not gonna cuff me?”

Jeff snorts. “And face the mayor’s wrath? Ha! You’re a good kid. There’s no need.”

I cringe. He wouldn’t be thinking that if he knew what I was doing with his daughter.

Standing by the car, the blue lights flash against his face and I take in his strained expression for the first time.

For some reason I’m filled with dread and even more when he meets my gaze with sad eyes. “I’m going to have to escort you home. There’s some bad news kid.”

My heart plummets. Bad news... The last time I heard that I’d been told that my grandmother had passed away.

Knowingly, Jeff brings me in for a hug and then pats my back as I get into the car.

I stay silent on the way home. Stuck in my own warring thoughts of what could have happened, or who I could’ve lost.

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