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Seven: The Darkness's Shadow

I follow Prescilla down the winding halls, until she runs into a darkened room.

My entire life, I have never feared much. Except the dark.

Darkness... reminds me of loneliness. Of the nights that I spent alone at home while my parents were out doing god knows what, of the days where I came home from school to a dark, silent, empty house and looked after myself because I didn’t have anyone else.

I linger outside of the room, peering in and looking for any movement or sign of Prescilla. I’m rewarded with nothing. Complete solitude.

I fucking hate the dark.

A moment after I begin contemplating going back for a flashlight, a hand reaches out of the room and jerks me in by my sweater. My breath catches and a shout leaves me.

“Come on in and join me already, lover,” Prescilla giggles. Her lips press against mine and for a moment I’m stunned. With her, being surrounded by darkness isn’t half as devastating as it once was.

Forgetting about anything else, I kiss her back as forceful as she did me and lift her up so she can wrap her smooth legs around me. They’re soft beneath my palms, warm against my hips and tight enough around me to drive me crazy with need. Fuck how I love being between her legs.

As our lips crash together, her tongue swipes against my bottom lip and I let it in, tangling mine with hers. Fighting for dominance. Winning. She moans into my mouth.

I open my eyes for a second when she pulls away for air and catch a glimpse of light through a stained glass window, it illuminates a desk. And it’s practically begging me to fuck her on it.

I walk over, feeling my discomfort alleviate as the stream of light hits my face with warmth. I set Prescilla on the surface of the table and tear my lips from hers. At the same time she gasps, “I need you.”

Her hips press into mine and her pleading eyes seek out mine. I bury my face into the crook of her neck and mumble an agreement, then part her trembling thighs. I near tear off the button of my slacks in my haste to release my cock.

I fumble with her dress, eventually finding that it unzips at the side. I push it off of her until every last inch of her naked body is revealed.

I suck in a breath as a wave of pure lust crashes into me at the simple fact that she hasn’t been wearing panties since yesterday, she slept next to me completely bare and ready for the taking last night while I remained none the wiser.

I growl my pleasure at the knowledge and fist her hair in my hand. My mouth presses against hers and I kiss her like my life depends on it. Right now, with the way my cock aches and twitches against her thigh, I’m sure it really does.

Prescilla moans into my kiss and then whimpers desperately once I rub my cock against her wet folds, coating myself in her desire and giving her the slightest amount of relief with the head against her swollen clit. Her chest begins to heave faster and her grip on my arms turns tighter as she tilts and swivels her hips in a hurried pace.

“Arnie, please,” she whimpers.

The plea shoots shocks straight through my cock and it jerks against her, sliding against her wetness. I can’t take the teasing any longer. I lean back and place the tip of my cock at her entrance, stopping only to place a soft kiss on her lips before I thrust my length into her all at once—Just how she likes it.

“Oh fuck!” She cries out, gripping my shoulders as I thrust into her rapidly, in and out as fast and deep as I can.

Prescilla tilts her hips into mine, her clit dragging against the top side of my cock. I thrust harder, pulling her hips into mine to grind against her love button and careful to control myself even though I’m slowly losing myself in her.

She looks into my eyes, hers scrunched as her lips part on a moan. There’s something so fucking intense and satisfying about watching every reaction of each thrust and grind play out on her features.

It’s damn hot and I want desperately for her to enjoy this even more—I want her to feel how badly I want that for her. I want her to succumb to my passion driven touch and soak my cock as she does so.

Maybe it’s just me trying to compensate for the lack of relationship between us because we both barely know a damn thing about each other, yet I have never been so close to another person before. The thought is baffling.

I push Prescilla back onto the table gently, keeping her hips glued to mine and then increase the momentum of my thrusts inside her. The new angle allows me to go deep enough to have her screaming my name.

Her legs tighten around me and begin to shake as she nears her peak. I slip my hand between our colliding bodies and use my thumb to strum her clit and sync it with the rhythm of my thrusts.

Unable to resist the bouncing mounds before me, I lean forward and place my mouth over her right breast, sucking in her pink nub and flicking at it with my tongue. She whimpers and squeezes my cock when I nip her. It’s then that I’m hit with the wonder if she gets off on an edge of pain.

She likes it when I thrust in with no warning, no coaxing. Taking in eight plus inches like that all at once has to be at the least, discomforting, but I can tell that she craves it no matter what.

I give her left nipple an experimental pinch just as I drive my hips forward. Her legs and pussy clamp down on me to the point I can no longer move and she throws her head back and screams my name as she cums.

Hottest fucking thing ever.

Satisfied with my new found information, I pull one of her loosening, trembling thighs higher up on my waist and start thrusting even harder than before. This time when she soaks my cock, she won’t be able to pin me.

Her moans and whimpers fill the air again, crescendoing as I continue to fuck her into the table. My cock is swelling steadily, my release so damn close, but not quite close enough. I need more.

Once again I lean forward and cover her breast with my mouth, but this time, when I draw her nipple in I trap it between my teeth and bite down.

“Arnie! Fuck,” She cries out as her pussy flexes around my cock all over again as she cums for a second time. The rippling and clenching of her tight sheath sets off my own orgasm, I groan against her as my cum sprays the walls of her pussy, coating her with my essence.

The thought is satisfying enough to increase the force of my orgasm, more cum flows out of me and into her and her pussy greedily milks every drop out of my cock.

I pant against her and stay inside her as we catch our breath.

Eventually, I have enough energy to sit up and as I do I take in the wondrous sight before me. The minimal ray of light shining through the darkness of the room creates a shadow that dances across Prescilla’s body. I’ve never seen a more beautiful sight than a well fucked, half lucid, Prescilla Richards.

I trace the valley of her breasts lazily, summing up the control to not lean forward and attack her beautiful tits with my mouth again. I pull my cock out of her slowly, enjoying the sight of it shining and slick from being covered in our cum.

Prescilla sighs quietly once the crown slips out of her, leaving her empty, but full of my seed.

“Are you all right?” I ask, chuckling at the irony of my question since the last time I had asked her.

She bites her lip and rises slowly. “I’ve never cum so hard in my life.”

“Me either,” I admit, placing a kiss on her lips when she meets my gaze.

Prescilla eyes the floor with disdain. “I don’t think I can walk yet.”

It’s then that I notice the trembling still present in her thighs. The knowledge that I caused it is far too pleasing.

I rest my palms on her legs until the aftershock of her orgasm fades. “I’ll carry you wherever you want to go.”

The words are out before I can even process them. Prescilla’s expression remains the same, bleary eyed, sated and relaxed. I’m sure mine resembles the opposite. For one, I’ll never get enough of her to reach the point of sated. Two, stupid shit like that can not come out of my mouth if we’re nothing more than fuck buddies.

The dark hides most of my face in that moment though, so I’m thankful for it just this once.

Prescilla smiles up at me with heavy lidded eyes. “It’s alright, we’re supposed to be exploring the house right now, not each other.”

Laughing softly, she hops off of the table and I have to steady her when she wobbles. I take the chance to bring her body into mine and bury my face into her neck. Whatever perfume she uses smells even fucking more intoxicating after I’ve fucked her.

“My grandfather was an explorer, maybe that’s where I get the knack from,” I mumble against her skin.

She snorts.

I pull my face from her neck and look at her expression of haphazard disgust and confusion.

Heat creeps up my neck. “That was a joke. Sorry, it came out wrong.”

Slowly, her expression morphs into a grin. “I like fucking you, too, Arnie.”

My cock twitches against her stomach.

Prescilla laughs. “I felt that, does it happen often?”

I blush again. Fucking hell. “Apparently.”

Grabbing my thickening cock, I manage to wrestle it back into confinement. It’s opponents being my restrain and need.

I walk back into the darkness to search for a light. Behind the door, I find the switch but pause before flipping it on. Prescilla is slipping into her dress and I had no idea something so simple could be so fucking erotic.

Maybe it’s the way the shadows cast over her body, or the way the light caresses her skin. Whatever it is, all I know is that she’s truly magnificent.

Not even my most detested phobia could have me thinking differently—Even that looks damn pleasing as it casts over her body.

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