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Eight: The Genie's Fulfillment

“You were a virgin?” Prescilla asks me in shock.

I’m a little surprised by her reaction. Because surely, my inexperience has shown itself by now? Guess not.

I grin. “You didn’t notice?”

She takes in my expression and rolls her eyes. “No. I didn’t notice.” Her cheeks turn pink and she mumbles, “You’re actually very talented in that area.”

“As are you gorgeous,” I reply, smiling so hard that my cheeks hurt.

Her lips crush against mine after and I roll us over on the now clean, dust free bed and kiss her back long and hard.

It’s been a few days since I last had her under me and filled with my cock. I’m eager to feel that sense of wholeness being joined with her brings, especially because tomorrow is Sunday and unfortunately, it’s going to be the last time I see Pre outside of school.

I’m worried. I know that what’s between us has changed our relationship, or lack thereof, but I don’t think that I can just let her go now. Not after everything she has helped me through, and after getting used to having her at my side and in my bed every night.

Prescilla giggles when our lips part. “I uh, actually thought you were quite the opposite of a virgin.”

Brows raised, I ask, “Really? Did you think I was some nerdy Casanova?”

“Honestly... Yes,” she laughs. “I thought you were like that saying, ‘lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.’ But you know, nerdy in school but behind closed doors kinky as shit.”

I snort at the comparison.

Prescilla gives me a serious look after long. “If I would have known the truth, I wouldn’t have gone through with that dare. You deserved better than fake grass and a crowd of drunks for your first time.”

“I couldn’t have imagined it any better,” I joke. “After all, I didn’t cum on myself the second you touched my cock.”

As she shakes with laughter, her curves sway in all the right ways. My cock jumps at the sight of her moving cleavage and the flesh that’s revealed as her dress hikes up. Yesterday she was gone for the most part, checking in with her parents and whatever else girls do that takes for fucking ever.

I haven’t been inside her in the last twenty four hours and my cock is definitely feeling the neglect. I bite back a groan as it swells and thickens even after her chest stops moving.

I meet Prescilla’s gaze and lock onto the way she’s chewing on her lower lip. “What?” I ask, sliding her dress up with my hands as I lean forward and tug on her lip with my own teeth.

She moans lightly, and admits, “I used to fantasize about you so often.”

Fantasize? She fantasized about me? The revelation has my my pants tightening to their ripping point.

“Care to share those fantasies?“I grunt, pushing up her dress the rest of the way until I can throw it on the floor and feast upon her nakedness with my eyes.

Her nipples pucker in the air and she shivers when I glide my hands across her skin.

I’ll never get over this fucking hot sight.

Prescilla’s breathing turns shallow and I look up at her in time to see her cheeks start to turn pink as she says, “I used to touch myself and imagine it was you fucking me.”

Making a satisfied noise in the back of my throat, I run my hands back down her body and take in the sight of her dampening panties. It takes seconds to have them down her legs and joining her dress, I discard her bra there too.

With her bare in front of me, it’s almost impossible to think, but I do, because I damn well want to hear more.

“Carry on,” I order as I start running my fingers up between her breasts and back down to trace the wet, pink lips of her aroused pussy.

She squirms underneath me and I give her some relief by dipping a finger between her folds and rubbing her clit in up and down motions.

A breathy moan leaves her lips and she continues. “I would imagine you tying me up,” her hips buck and she groans when I sink a finger inside her heat. “You would fuck me, but not let me cum.” She gasps as I curl my finger experimentally.

“I know that’s not all,” I press, desperate to hear more of her words that are painting an erotic picture in my mind. Fuck. I could probably cum from this alone.

“I would imagine you making me beg to take your cock, and then you fucking me in every way you know how.” She cries out when I add another finger inside her and flick her clit with the tip of my tongue. “Arnie, please,” she gasps. I add a third finger, stretching and curling them inside her snug, trembling pussy.

I give her clit a small suck and mumble as I watch her pussy stretch and take in my fingers. “Keep talking, beautiful.”

Her legs shake under my other hand as she arches into my touch, desperate to cum. She’s ignoring my requests now. Maybe even oblivious at this point. I inch my fingers out of her and she whimpers.

"Fuck, Arnie. You would fuck me like an animal, now please, make me cum.” One of her hands shoots down to grab mine and she presses it down into her as she starts to grind against me. I rip my hand away, pushing hers above her head when she tries to finish herself off.

“Please, Arnie,” she begs against my lips as I kiss her. I pull back and press a lingering kiss on her neck before I say, “Consider me a genie, because i’m about to grant all of your wishes.”

Prescilla gasps as I lick and suck my way down her body. She squirms beneath my mouth, trying to get my tongue to come into contact with her tits. It takes everything in me to not give in to her needs. Her pleasure is mine, just as mine is hers.

When i’m face to pussy, I look up at her and watch her needy expression as I part the petals of her flower and blow cool air on her swollen clit. Her legs shake and her lips part as her eyes fill with desire.

I inhale her sweet scent and then trace the rim of her soaked hole, before I dive into her tongue first.

Immediately, Prescilla gasps and arches off of the bed, grinding her pussy on my face. I pull my tongue out of her warmth and suck in her clit, filling her with my fingers once more.

She cries out. ”Please Arnie, just fuck me!”

I curl my fingers and graze the hood of her clit with my teeth, eliciting another keening cry from her lips. I pump my fingers into her harder, adding another and reaching up to tweak her erect nipple.

She cries out desperately, clenching her pussy, writhing wantonly as she tries to coax her orgasm. My hand comes down on her ass, and then... she cums.

Her release coats my fingers all the way down to my knuckles, and drenches the streets. She didn’t just cum she fucking squirted.

A barbaric groan releases from my throat as I pull out my fingers and stick them into my mouth, sucking off her sweet juices. “That was fucking sexy,” I growl, crawling up her body.

I thrust my cock into her soaked core and don’t pull out until after her cries crescendo with another hard, wet climax from her.

I pull out before her walls can drain me of my release, the withdraw pushes back my orgasm and my cock bobs angrily. It’s red, the head almost purple with need and throbbing painfully. I can’t cum yet. I intend to fulfill every one of Prescilla’s filthy fantasies. If that doesn’t have her wanting me even after Monday comes around then... I guess it will be a fucking memory for the books.

“Arnie, why did you stop?” She asks me in a daze. Her chest is heaving, and her body is still shuddering.

I smile down at her and claim her mouth in a lust crazed kiss. “I’m not finished granting wishes, yet.”

Her eyes darken and she graces me with a satisfied smile. “Genies only grant three wishes. You made me squirt, spanked me and had me begging.”

I flip her over, pull her hips into mine and lean over her back. Gently, I press her face into the white fluffy pillows and grunt, “All thoroughly enjoyed grants, but consider me rogue.”

Prescilla cries out a second later as I thrust into her, burying my cock in her pussy to the hilt.

I inhale deeply, struggling not to cum when her pussy grips my cock tight enough to have my vision spotting. A look at her smirk against the pillows tells me she knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s playing with fire.

I place my hand on her lower back and pull out until just the head of my cock rests inside of her. Her smirk falls and her lips part, her eyes begging me to do what we both desperately need.

Her hands fist in the pillows, she’s bracing herself. And for once, I don’t fuck her hard. Instead, I slowly sink back inside her, taking in every texture and clench of her pussy as she takes me.

“Oh,” she gasps, tilting her hips to meet my slow descent.

Prescilla looks back at me with an emotion so strong it nearly has me shaking. I don’t know what it could be, but right then, it changed everything. Every emotion I tried to push back over the past few days suddenly rushes forth. It overtakes my rationality, my control and very being.

“Pre, you’re mine,” I grit and then pull out only to slam my cock back inside of her. I can’t form a coherent thought or breathe anything that doesn’t sound like her name. She’s finally pushed me over that edge I’ve been walking along with her.

She’s mine.




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