abducted by the russian mafia

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“Hello? Hello is anyone out there?” But there’s nothing but silence. Trying to break free, my chair went flying backwards, All Ivy wants is somewhere she can belong. all her life she's never been wanted, not in her family or as school, or anywhere. everything changes when a stranger walks into her life, Will Ivy get the new life she's been wanting, or will her life get ripped apart in the process? read on and see what happens.

Rachel Rodosky
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one Ivy

“Hey mom. I’m home!” No answer. Of course there’s no answer. Setting my book bag down, heading into the kitchen, no one is around anywhere, of course dad is at the office he’s a lawyer in town, a good one. Grabbing the note off the counter.

Had to work, food in the fridge.

“Typical.” I muttered throwing the note out. Didn’t say love you or anything, it’s been like for as long as I can remember, they don’t really call or text, to tell me where they are, or what they’re doing. Nothing. Do I think my parents love me? I think so, I guess since I’m seventeen I don’t need to know where they are at all.

Grabbing an apple from the blue fruit bowl I went up to my room; looking at the photos along the walls. There’s very few that the three of us are actually in together. At times when I was younger, I would overhear my parents talking, they would say that they never wanted children,

I would go up to my room hide in my closet and cry. I’ve never really had any friends; so I’ve always been alone. Throwing my bag on my bed, I don’t want to be here, but I’m still considered a minor, so I don’t really have much of a choice in the matter right now. Turing on some country music I went to my bathroom, bright blue walls, silver modern fixtures, step in shower; plus a cream claw foot tub. Stripping off my clothes, stepping into the shower.

Quickly dong my thing, stepping out, pulling on my dark red fluffy robe, going back to my room.

My dark red walls, my mother almost died when she saw the color of them. My old rout iron bed that was found at a yard sale, in fact looking around my room, most of my stuff is used, they hated that I had all this used stuff around there house.

Maybe my parents never really wanted me, like they didn’t want the used stuff in there house. Then if that’s the case why did they even keep me?

Why not give me up, and be done with it? Maybe I can run away, they probably wouldn’t even notice me being gone. But I can’t, I don’t have money saved up for that. Since I’m staying in for the rest of the night, I grabbed my purple fuzzy pajama pants and long sleeve top, drying my long curly brown hair, I have my mother’s hair unfortunately.

Turning off my stereo; and my phone started going off. Rolling my eyes. “Hey Bridget. What’s going on?” “Not much. Did you want to hang out or something?” “Sure. My parents aren’t home, want to come over and study?”

She sighed heavily. I can almost hear her eyes rolling back in her head. “Okay whatever. I’ll there soon. Bye.” “Bye.”

I know she’s going to complain about doing homework tonight, but I don’t want to do anything else tonight, taking my stuff back downstairs. Our old two and a half story house, four bedrooms, two full baths, and a half on the main floor. Going down the carved staircase, I do love this house, but I loved what my house used to be; two years ago they re-did the main floor.

I told them not to, but of course they didn’t listen to me, they never listen to me. The house used to be one of a kind, but now it’s just like the rest of them. Ugly.

Now all modern furniture, modern fixtures, everything. Dropping my stuff in the living room, I went to get some food for the two of us. I doubt she’s eaten, I’m quite handy in the kitchen, I prepare almost every meal in our house, and we almost never eat together anymore.

Living here in New Orleans since I was two, I’ve become quite the cook.

Setting the last of my chicken in the cast iron skillet, just starting on the fries and someone knocked on the door. “Come on in Bridget.” I yelled going over to the new stainless steel sink.

When we re-did the house, the kitchen was the first thing to go. They made it bigger, new grey and white marble counter tops, gas wall insert oven, gas countertop stove. “What are you making in here? It smells amazing!” She said coming into the kitchen.

Smiling I set the last of the fries into the hot oil. Setting the timer, I said. “My famous fried chicken, fries and a spicy salad. Have a seat.” Going to the cupboard, pulling down some bowls and plates. “I can’t believe that test today. I think I tanked it.” She said putting her head on the table. “I’m sure you did fine. Don’t sweat it.” The timer went off, scooping the fries out, setting them on some paper towel. And sprinkling my special seasoning over them. No one knows what’s in it, people try to get it out of me, but I don’t give in.

I love cooking, I want to have my own cookbook on day, come up with all my own recipes; have my photo on the cover. “Hey earth to Ivy.” Shaking my head. “Sorry I was lost in thought. What were you saying?”

“I was asking how you think you did on the math test.” Shrugging, I turned back to the stove, pulling the rest of the fries and chicken. “Okay I think. I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow and find out.” “I guess so.” Scooping food onto two plates.

“Ok that’s it; let’s go into the living room.” They don’t like us eating in the living room, but whatever, they won’t be home till who knows when, so they won’t even know. It’s my house too. Expensive black leather couches, and chairs, glass tables; weird photos on the walls. I hate what they did to this house, before they destroyed the place I took a bunch of photos to remind me of the way things used to be. Turning on a movie; we settled on the floor with our food, and homework. Noticing her bag, giving her a look. “What is that?” I asked pointing my pen at her bag. “Well I was thinking, my parents are out of town for the weekend, and I thought, it would be fun if I spent the night; make a sleepover of it.” “Sounds good.” Thinking about it more. “Actually that sounds great.” “Great. Thank you.” Going back to our food and homework, my night has significantly gotten better.

“Alright. I think that is it.” I said setting the last dish in the cupboard. It’s then thirty and should be heading to bed. Setting the plates for my parents in the fridge along with our lunches. Bags by the door, we made our way upstairs to my room.

“This place is so weird. How can you stand it?” “Honestly? I have no idea. Right now I’m just waiting till I graduate. Then I’m out of here.”

Walking into my room, it’s the one place I feel like I truly belong. My dark walls, dark curtains, masks hanging on the walls, floor to ceiling book case in the corner, photos of Bridget and I. Moving my computer, the only thing I got from my parents, and they don’t even know I got it. They have this credit card only for food, and of course I have it, I do all the cooking, cleaning, everything.

So for my birthday last year I got myself something nice for a change.

“I’ll be a minute then the bathroom is all yours.” I said closing the bathroom door. Doing my business I changed and went back out. “All yours.” Going to my window, there’s someone in my backyard, looking closer, there gone. What the hell was that?

“Hey, you okay?” Turning around, Bridget is standing there toothbrush in hand. “Sorry, you scared me.

I thought I saw something. But it was nothing. Let’s get some sleep.” Turning out the lights, usually when she stays over she sleeps on the little day bed in my room, old rout iron, purple sheets, black and red comforter and pillows. Yet another thing I found used. But tonight I want her next to me, I need her there, for comfort. “Night.” “Night.” Turning the bed side lamp out, I can’t help but worry about who was outside my window.

Just relax and get some sleep.

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