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Chapter 13 - His touch

Cherry’s POV

2:15 AM

Vibrancy...total bliss.

Twirling around in my room I fall onto my bed a cover my mouth with the back of my hand, suppressing my squeals.

Though my mother is the only one home and fast asleep, I’d rather not risk waking her up for the sake of my own sanity.

I can’t sleep.

I can’t stop thinking about him.

Alessio Romano, a man full of secrets and mystery, had kissed me today. “Oh God,” groaning aloud as I cover my eyes, trying not to relive the pleasurable yet embarrassing moment.

However, my mind has other plans.

Memories begin to resurface, conjuring up and rippling outwards for me to experience all over again.

Warm lips press against mine, that’s how it starts off...

...until my body unlocks, dropping the stiffness of shock, finally registering what he’s doing to me.

It feels strangely nice at first, and when I kiss him back he starts to move his lips against mine.

Inexperienced as ever I feel like a fool, not knowing what to do or how to move the way he his.

His fluidity is natural and I wonder if he’s done this before.

As for me, nothing comes with ease, it’s all awkward and I feel my face flush from mortification that I might look like a wild lemur.

Wide eyed like a doe in headlights.

Self conscious I think it’s best if I pull back, but when I slightly stir away I feel his fingers on the back of my neck anchoring my in place.

Our lips remain together, his actions becoming bolder as he caresses my lower lip. Sucking, tasting me as if I’m sweet candy.

Slowly mimicking his actions I reciprocate his movements, exploring the unknown that’s brings butterflies to my stomach. However, our leisurely pace doesn’t last long.

I think the imitation I’m giving him leaves the impression that I know what I’m doing, but god knows that I truly don’t understand an ounce of real life intimacy.

Could this get an more awkward on my end?

Going with the flow, I follow his lead and flutter my eyelids close as he deepens the kiss.

Savoring and building up the pace, Alessio trails the hand on my neck down my spine, stopping mid back and sliding his hand to rest on the curve of my waist.

It’s intoxicating.

Moments pass by and I realize this is better than what I could have imagine.

His teeth gently tug on my lower lip, and when he edges away he leans forward to capture it again, roughly sucking on it.

There’s no relent, only more to except when I hear the sound of two seatbelt buckles release from their chamber and the feeling of the strap across my body leave.

When I placed a hand to his cheek I feel him smile against my mouth. Now it’s my turn to smile, feeling bashful yet giddy.

It’s just us in this moment and that’s all I care about, not the repercussions.

Gliding my hand from across his cheek, pass the shell of his ear, my fingers run through the softness of his straight sleek black hair and curl around his locks.

It’s becoming harder to even consider separating from him now. His kiss is consuming, passionately seductive.

Feeling valiant I return the pressure he’s using on me, our lips joining together in a faster motion that makes it hard for me to catch my breath.

There’s a replication of this process, our rate becoming quicker.

An arm snakes around his neck, holding him to me while he continues to ravish me.

I don’t know if it was my arm placement or maybe that I’m heavily pushing against him, but something sets Alessio off and I suddenly find myself being lifted off my seat and sat right onto his lap with his arms swiftly and sneakily wrapping around my waist.

How did he do that?

My eyes remain close. I feel as if I’m burning with heat, embarrassed that I’m more than fine with this position. My thighs are on either side of his thighs, knees bent and feet hanging off the seat. The edge of my dress scrunches up a bit, barely covering my most private area that’s clenching on its own. The need to fill an empty space throws me off guard, not understanding what it means, but I still can’t seem to part from Alessio.

It’s natural to be this close, as if it’s a second nature.

I’m losing myself to this passion, it fuzz’s my brain. Unable to think clearly because of how we are devouring each other’s desires.

A primal hunger flourishing.

Yearning for these cravings to be satisfied, our infatuation intensifies by the second.

Strong hands on the lower base of my spine slip to lower... very much lower.

Cupping my backside, Alessio presses my parted legs into something that’s poking roughly against the cotton of my underwear.

When I let out a squeak he lets out a deep groan and with that I flinch away, hitting the steering wheel of the car and accidentally honking the horn.

Shamefully covering my mouth I stare uneasily at him. “I’m sorry,” mumbling in humiliation.

Why did I just do that?

Alessio shakes his head, hands going back to my waist as his erratic breathing tries to slow down. “No, I’m — mi displace... I shouldn’t have done that.” His eyebrows furrow, seeming as if he has more to say but stops himself and breaks eyes contact.

My chest is fighting for air.

Lungs expand, inhaling all that I can.

I feel lightheaded, on the verge of fainting perhaps.

His presence corrupts my space yet I still find the strength to reign control, regulating my breaths. My eyes sneak a peek at him, wanting to read his facial expression. “It’s okay,” meekly saying. “I um... liked it.”

Alessio says nothing, he just stares at me — silent and impassive. His eyes are utterly void,

Was the honesty too much?

My top teeth roll my bottom lip inwards, worriedly biting on the flesh but as I did that his attention suddenly flew to my mouth.

The curve of his lip slightly tugging upwards.

Alessio nods once. “Good,” his small smile grows a bit more and the pads of his fingertips play with the edge of my dress, teasing at the skin of my thighs.

My frame shutters.

He’s gentle with his touch.

Always gentle.

“Good?” I ask, wondering is that’s all he has to say about this.

“Good,” Alessio repeats confidently, his arms wrap back around my waist, holding me loosely. “Let’s get you home before your Uncle tries to put a bullet between my eyes,” scoffing as if it’s comical.

My face contorts with worry.

What will my family say when they find out that Alessio purposeful pulled away from the security that’s supposed to be watching me?

I don’t want there to be consequences.

“What will you tell the others?” A pout sits on my lips and Alessio rolls his eyes. His hands come back up to cup my left cheek that still flushed with warmth.

He doesn’t seem as apprehensive as I do.

“As far as they’re concerned, traffic was the only reason we were split up. Non ti metteresti nei guai.”

And with that the memories fade away. The recollection interrupted by the sound of men yelling from somewhere outside I think.

Inhaling sharply I quickly sit up and stumble off my bed when running to the door. Turning off the main light, I crack open the door and look to see if anyone is inside the house.

The hallways is empty, so I quietly make my way down the hall and hide behind the wall of where the banister begins.

Eyes widen, shocked at the sight of a few of my father’s men filing into the house. My cousins, uncles, a couple friends of the family who hold a look of bewilderment and exhaustion on their faces shuffle around the foyer.

However, it’s not them who hold my sight anymore. No, instead it’s the one who bleeds.

His blood...

it’s everywhere...

puddling onto the marble floor.

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