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Chapter 17 - Consequences

Pure Annoyance.

That’s all I can feel towards the people in this room.

Most of the men have dispersed and left the premises after receiving clearance from either my father or Enzo. The few who remained are all in the foyer waiting on those who they remain loyal to.

Taking into account that some of the Valentinos’ are eyeing me with suspicious, it’s fair to say that the tension from earlier hasn’t quite been forgotten.

But that’s understandable because the feeling is mutual.

However, my attention is drawn away from these men when the volume of my cousin’s voice increases and a familiar voice is quick to shut him down. “Jesus fucken christ, can you just shut the hell-”

“Oi, I’m the one who got fucken shot at!” Fionn yells from the chair he’s sitting on. Alexander, a doctor that Enzo called for assistance is holding onto my cousin’s shoulder still, securing a piece of gauze in place.

Levi pushes off the wall he’s leaning on and Fionn tightly grips the shirt that’s been cut off his body in his right hand.

Is he planning on using that piece of cloth as a weapon?

The thought is comical to me in a situation so pathetic.

Moving my gaze to my father I wait for him to say something because if he doesn’t I will.

In any other case I would have already stepped in, but after hearing his disappointment in me tonight I feel as if the axis of my world has shifted.

Though I couldn’t have controlled the Valentinos’, I believe my father thought I could do a better job at not fucking up the placement of our own men.

“Enough!” My father sternly orders at Fionn which stops Levi from coming at him.

“Doctor, is my nephew well enough to travel?” His patience is being tested, I know that look in his eye, there’s only so much my father can take in these type of intense situation before he snaps and loses his composure.

It’s what he’s know for, his good side and his bad, but our family tries not to evoke the bad.

Alexander looks to Enzo first. It’s evident that he’s uncomfortable with what’s going on and that’s understandable. He’s a regular man, a physician who has no business in business like ours.

Enzo nods to him. “Go ahead,” he encourages.

Alexander throat shifts, gulping while looking at my father. “In my professional opinion, he shouldn’t be-”

“Let me rephrase that,” coldly uttering, “will he die if he travels.” A hands rests on one of the decorative tables of the foyer, my father’s leans his weight on it and I know this to be one of his tactics to hide the twitch he has whenever he gets pissed.

The first glimpse of anger for him is when his fingers begin to spasm.

The first time I knew what that meant is when he used that same hand to take a life away by constricting it against an enemies throat.

“Yes.” Alexander immediately answers, he’s unable to meet my father’s eyes and I almost feel bad for the poor fool.

“Then get him out of here,” he quietly seethes his words.

Footsteps shuffle against the marble floor and we all turn to see Enzo making his way to the opposite side of the foyer where it opens up into a large living room. Harry lays on one of the couches, his eyes are closed and a sheen of sweat is starting to shine on his forehead. “Take Harry and the others back home.”

Specifically Enzo’s eyes shoot to the people that he’s brought with him as back up. There is a moment of hesitation before they all come forward to help move Harry and I already know why.

First, is because they are Giordonos’, meaning they only take orders from only their own... yet Harry’s marriage to Enzo’s daughter complicates things, especially when he’s unconscious. Second, is because Enzo Riccardo... doesn’t want anyone around to hear what he has to say next.

It’s a cluster of movement,

and I wait for it to die down.

When it all passes I see Fionn being helped up by Gio and Vincenzo. “Stupido ragazzo,” I mumble to Fionn as I make my way to them. Putting a hand on the back of his neck I carefully bring him in for a light hug then pull back to look at his covered wound. “You’re going to be alright.”

Fionn grunts when he tries to stand on his own but Gio is quick to grab onto him. “I didn’t let it happen on purpose,” he mutters under his breath, letting out a hiss while simultaneously scrunching his eyes.


“Let myself get shot.” His eyes open to implore mine. “I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Letting out a sigh I shake my head at him. The look on his face is a defeated one. “I know you didn’t-”

“I saw something,” he cuts me off, “or someone... it’s because they caught my attention.”

“What are talking about?” Vincenzo asks skeptically. “Who did you see?”

Fionn’s gaze lock onto his shoes, his brows knit when trying to recall whatever it is he saw. “Someone roaming around the entrance of the front of the building.It was like a shadow, someone creeping in.”

Gio leans in, “what else did you see?” Though I can see both of them are somewhat doubtful, they still take interest... as do I.

“Nothing else.” A groan leaves his lips, his face morphing with pain. “Maybe it was my imagination but I just thought I should let you know that I’ll do better next time.”

The three of us look at each other confusingly. Was it his tired state of mind or was Fionn being serious?

I’ll have to find out when he’s clear from all the medication he’s taken — but I can’t rule what he’s saying out.

If anything it remind me of what someone else has said a few nights ago...


“Take everyone else with you Gio, I’ll be back soon.” Stepping away I watch as they all leave from this place and as I do I catch a conversation that’s going on between Antonio and Cherry’s cousin. “Levi, tell everyone who’s not security to leave. Have my brother gather his men and do double rounds around the property. I don’t want anyone lingering.”

Upon hearing that I know it’ll only be a small group of us to discuss the failures of tonight and the possible war we might have all started.

There were complications on both ends...

but the Valentinos’ and Romanos’ were the main reasoning of tonight’s turn of events...

and with that came Antonio waving for me, my father and Enzo to follow him to his office.

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