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Chapter 25 - Answers

“Then… then why are you here?” I hesitantly ask while keeping my attention on the doorway.

I’m not sure which one is more concerning considering the circumstances but at least my guard is up.

“Fionn?” Reece intriguingly asks. “Weren’t you the one who got shot that night? You were with my husband-”

“Wait,” I stop her from trailing off our current situation. “There’s an intruder in that room!” Raising my hand, I point to the entrance in hopes that he understands what I’m asking of him. Fionn may be a stranger to me and the shooting incident that Reece brought up is definitely shocking news but there’s no way I’m letting whatever happened in that room slip my mind that easily.

My options are limited and my hands are tied at this point.

Without hesitation Fionn takes a step forward whilst reaching his free hand into the inside of his jacket.

As he steps further into the room, the outline of his body disappears and silence falls over us. Taking Reece’s hand in mine we wait for him to come out.

The anticipation that he’ll find who I saw has me feeling lightheaded.

At first I had high hopes that it was just my mind playing tricks on me but now that I know it’s not just me seeing or hearing these things, I feel as if I’m not alone anymore.

But it’s far from relief. Someone is stalking me in my very home. First the garden, now this.

The sound of a click has me flinching but it’s only the lights flickering on from the room. Why is it working now? “There’s no one in here,” Fionn yells from inside, soon he walks back out with a face full of confusion.

“The lights are working?” Reece whispers to me with disbelief.

A chill runs down my spine, how did they manage to manipulating the system while we were in there?

“Wait a minute, you’re married to that asshole who got shot?” Fionn suddenly interrupts with a comedic yet baffled look on his face.

“Excuse me?” Reece stiffens and I feel her hand tighten around mine. “He’s n-not an asshole.”

Fionn shrugs and carelessly says, “right well, same difference.” Swiftly he turns around and makes his way down the hall towards the staircase.

The suddenness takes me aback but I quickly find myself tugging Reece along as I trail after him. It’s not like I want to stay down here anyways. “Wait! Um, I appreciate that you helped us out... but why are you here, in my home? I mean, I’ve never met you before and you just suddenly showed up.” Granted, I’ve never been good at questioning someone aloud but his timing was perfect.

“Your father and I have an understanding, I’ve been invited over. Plus, we’re going to be family through marriage, so you’ll be seeing me a lot more often.”

Family through marriage?

Puzzled at his words it takes me a moment to realize who he’s referring to. His Irish accent betrays him that he’s related to my fiancé but that’s my only conclusion given no other marriages are happening soon.

“You’re Alessio’s cousin.” II answer myself aloud as we make our way up the staircase.

Clearing his throat he lets a small laugh out. “Unfortunately.”

When we reach the main level of the house he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone. “Despite it being a false alarm I think my cousin will want to know what just happened to you and little friend. You should probably tell your father about it as well, better safe than sorry.”

Better safe than sorry? But I’m not sure of who I saw. Nonetheless, how they even got in. What am I supposed to tell my dad? That I’m seeing ghosts and that they’re a potential threat? My father is dealing with so many serious matters that a shadow will be the least of his worries. “I can’t be sure of what I saw though. I don’t want to cause trouble,” I tell him.

The stress of how I should word it hits me hard.

Reece pulls my hand and I give her my attention. “I didn’t see anything but I’m sure of what I heard. Cherry, we weren’t alone in that room. I’m going to talk to my father about it, just in case.”

Entering the foyer I let go of her hand and the three of us come to a halt. “I guess I’ll let you two go first.” Fionn slouches a bit, preoccupied with his phone. “Mr. Riccardo is also in there,” he points to the office door that’s between the double staircase.

Folding my arms over one another I face Reece and lowly say, “you go ahead of me.” I make a face of urgency, silently telling her that I need to talk to Fionn alone.

She doesn’t hesitate.

Seeing her off, she walks to my father’s office to knock on the door and I take this moment to ask Fionn the question that’s been on my mind for the last few days.

Unintentionally my fingers twitch. It’s not that I’m scared to talk to him, I suppose I’m just nervous about the topic. “Fionn, before I go, can you... can you tell me where Alessio went?”

Fionn takes his eyes off his phone to look me straight in the eyes before nonchalantly saying, “Italy.”

Well that was easy. I thought it’d take more convincing to get an answer.


“An island off the coast of Italy to be exact.” Fionn twiddles with the phone in his hand, his eyes leave mine for a second then reconnect. A smile plays on his lips.

“I can let you talk to him if you want, though I think you already know he’s not the best at conversing.” He’s playfully teasing. A trait so many men around me that I know lack. Fionn is carefree, acting his age instead of putting on a façade.

It’s nice to see that once in a while. A natural emotion. It’s small moments like these that I wish I had a sibling that could be carefree with me.

“You know running your mouth could get you in a lot of trouble.” Gasping, I jump as a familiar voice cuts through the air.

It’s Levii.

Fionn smiles as he shakes his head and turns around to meet my cousin who is walking our way. “I don’t mind trouble,” Fionn responds coolly.

Levii tilts his head and stares blankly at him. “Don’t bring it around my family.”

His smile only widens as he lifts his only good hand up in the air as if he’s surrendering before dropping it. “Oi, that’s fine by me.” Looking back at me, he adds, “and once I tell my cousin about what happened downstairs-”

“What happened downstairs-” Levii cuts in but Fionn continues to speak over him.

“-he’ll come back to the states in no time....or maybe he’ll just bring you down to the islands instead.”

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