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Chapter 29 - Tender Love

Alessio’s fingers strokes the walls of my innocence, gently rubbing while his thumb swirls around the pearl of my flower.

My back arches off the bed uncomfortably. A whimper slips pass my lips when he starts to curl and twist his digit, circling his thick finger while exploring my body.

A sweat breaks out around my face and neck. He’s been doing this for minutes now but I still can’t whatever it is I'm looking for. The build up of this foreign pleasure is so intense that all I want is release from it.

I need more from him — my patience is wearing thin.

Without control my lower half spasms as the tip of his finger grazes over that sensitive again from within me. He’s so far in that I fear how deep his finger can really go. The hand that’s still resting on my forehead lifts and I feel slightly embarrassed that a bit of my sweat has gotten onto him.

To my surprise he doesn’t acknowledge it and instead leans his head down to softly press his lips against mine.

His gentleness with me makes my heart flutter.

The tenderness of his lips separates from mine and I put on a pout. My head lifts off the bed to follow him but Alessio places his hand back on my forehead and pushes me back down. Immaturely I let out a groan when I’m not able to receive another kiss from his soft lips — and at this he laughs at me.

A blush settles over my already warm face. His stare is so intense that I can’t hold back my words of frustration. “Stop doing that,” I whine with obvious desperation. I’m unable to hide the tone in my voice with my body already begging for more, craving his touch.

Alessio pays no mind to my words as he trails his lips over my skin. They smooth over my jaw and down my neck, simply skimming, almost hovering as he goes back and forth. A small blow of air blows over my cheek as he chuckles before he suddenly pushes his finger all the way in.

Crying aloud I shoot a hand for his wrist that’s in between my legs and grip onto it for dear life. He's all the way inside and the stimulation he’s caused is beyond what I can handle. “Alessio, no!” Shocked by his action I smally smack his shoulder and he stops his hand movements. “Did you just hit me?” He asks with an appalled expression before narrowing his eyes.

Uh oh.

Did I really make him mad?

Nervously I turn my head to escape his gaze. However, despite letting me go he still comes back into my line of vision. Alessio connect our lips briefly again. Pulling back, he exasperatedly says, “how can you be so impatient yet so adorable.”

Withdrawing his hand from between my thighs. His hand brushes over my hip bone and rests on my waist, right underneath my scrunched up dress. “I don’t want to rush into this...and hurt you.” He says the last part so subtly that it’s just above a whisper.

Alessio’s eyebrows pull inwards, his eyes break away from mine and it’s clear that he’s stressing about it more than I am. I have some idea of what’s to come, I was informed about it from a few of my married cousins. They had explained how it was for them when they got married to their husbands, but when it came to the physicality of it, some said that it was painful and others said it was painless. However, I understand that all women are different, that each of us have our own unique bodies and our own personal experiences, so dismissing any of his concerns isn’t something I want to do. In fact, I think it’s thoughtful that he’s worried about it, he cares about my well being and for that I’m grateful.

The corners of my lips turn up as one of my hands smooth over his face, resting it on his cheek. “It’ll be okay,” reciprocating his tone. “I know you’ll take care of me.”

I trust him.

Alessio hesitates, then comes to a decision.

With the perfectly warm sun beating down on our skin, his hand on my waist moves to the thin straps on my shoulders, tugging both of them down. Carefully, he pulls the material slowly from around my waist to where dress slides away my chest, revealing my bra. When the dress is completely off, Alessio leans back so that his eyes can thoroughly roam over my exposed body.

I’m so flustered that I can’t help but squirm.

As I move my hands to shield the place between my legs, he stops me, quickly grabbing them. Securely he holds my wrists and places them by my side. When he does this I comly and stop resisting immediately. Letting go of my hands he grabs both my legs, wrapping his hands around my knees and pulling them far apart from each other.

I’m open to him, he can see everything and that’s just what he’s doing. Just staring. He doesn’t even have to touch me for my body to start shaking again. It’s his eyes that are doing all the work. I’m getting even more wetter from all of this. I can feel how it drips out of me and down my backside.

It hurts so good, to feel the anticipation, the wanting.

With a bit of a nerves I sit up, my legs on each side of his waist. Meekly I place my arms around his neck and scoot closer. Alessio, who still hasn’t moved, watches as I muster up the courage to initiate another kiss. The hands that were once underneath my knees slide up to my hips where he pulls me up to sit on his lap. My legs sneak around his waist and his fingers trail up my back. Undoing the clasps of my bra he steadily takes it off and drops it somewhere behind him.

Placing me down on the bed, he hovers over until I break our kiss. Alessio kneels and his hands goes to the ends of his shirt, dragging it up and over his head. Curiously I watch as he undoes the button of his jeans, discarding them carelessly. My eyes widen at the bulge hiding behind his boxers. It feels intrusive, like seeing something forbidden. My intuition is to look away to give him privacy but then I remember how ridiculous that would be given my current state. I feel so naive about how to act. With his eyes on mine he pulls his boxers down his hips and pass his muscular thighs revealing what he’s been hiding.

Oh god.

It’s thicker than I imagined, longer. He looks so smooth, even the veins that stick out against the skin seem to be velvety. A clear bead of liquid drips out of the tip of him that’s becoming redder. It’s almost as if its swelling, waiting to be emptied out.

Alessio drops down over me, almost collapsing but catches himself when his arms shoot out to land on either side of my head. His head dips to brush his nose against mine. “I’ll try to be gentle,” he lowly says. Again I nudge our noses and wrap my arms around his neck, lifting my hips in response. I’m nervous but not quite scared.

Anticipation is killer.

One of his hands draw away from the bed and reaches down between us. Looking down, I see him grab himself, his hand fitting perfectly around his length. Lifting it he glides it between my folds and I flinch from the sensitivity.

My hold on his body tightens as I try to relax my lower half. Slowly he rubs himself up and down against me, teasing the tip of him just outside my entrance. When it feels like he’s just wet as me, covered in my fluids, he places himself where it’s aching the most.

Words don’t need to be exchanged.

Hips sway as he starts to push forward. It doesn’t hurt, at least not yet, not until his rhythm becomes more focused. My knees pull back a little as my face burrows into his neck. It stings as he pushes the head pass my opening. As he timely moves his way in, I begin to clench around him, feeling tensed up from the unfamiliar pressure. “Wait,” I whimper. He stops and my fingernails dig into the flesh of his back.

I need to adjust.

There’s a lot to take in — and I don’t know how much there’s left.

“We can stop.” Alessio’s voice is hoarse and I can feel how his thighs are trembling against me.

“No,” I immediately say. “Just go slow, please.” I really do want this, I just have to understand what my limits are.

It takes a moment but Alessio acknowledges my answer, placing a kiss to my collarbone as he continues with previous motion, slowing down just like I asked. He’s shaking badly, his arms hold a wobble and I start to feel how his legs are beginning to waver as if he’s in pain himself. Eventually his breath falls short as his movements come to a stop.

He’s all the way inside now — why did that feel like eternity?

I’m full, stretched wide. Smally crying, I hug him tighter. I feel safe. “You can move,” I encourage, feeling my body accommodating to his size.

Alessio pulls out a little and I gasp. The way he glides out has me clenching down on him, not wanting him to leave. When he pushes back in my head drops onto the bed, lifting my hips higher to meet his. There’s a slight burning sensation, but it’s not unbearable. Easing the tension I place the heels of my feet on his lower back, greedily needing him to stay deep inside.

Subtly grunting, Alessio finds a suitable pace for the both of us, driving forward and pulling out as his speed begins to pick up. The force he’s using pushes my lower half deeper into the mattress and I wrap my legs around his waist to keep myself from sliding up the bed.

When he moves I can hear how saturated we’ve become. Our skin slapping against each other and the echo it’s causing to bounce off the walls. It’s easier for him to drive into me but at the same time the slipperiness is causing a sloppy mess between us. I feel uncomfortably drenched as he stretches me to a new width.

My back arches off the bed and I let out a squeal as he continues to shove himself in with an intensity I didn’t know he was capable of. One of his hands finds its way to my breasts that feel sore from how they’ve been moving because of his forceful thrusts.

Flickering my eyes down, I watch as he squeezes my breast. His grip is borderline painful but for some reason it doesn’t bother me, I like the way he makes me feel. His fingers pinches at my sensitive nipple and my body shudders, the way he’s working me is clouding my head.

My legs violently quiver then drop when his strokes start to slow down. Purposely, he presses deep to where I feel his pubic hair on my inner thighs. His hips rotate and my walls squeeze down to the point where I start let out uncontrollably harsh moans.

Fingers flex into the flesh of my chest for a few seconds until he rips away his hold. Shifting into a kneeling position, Alessio reaches underneath my knees and pushes them back, almost folding me in half. I let out a squeal as he does this, I can’t even concentrate on what he does next because my waterline is starting to fill with tears as he reaches new depths from this angle.

Becoming more vocal, Alessio holds our position for minutes on end, realizing that this way is causing the most pleasure for me. My eyes tightly shut and mouth drops open as something blissful blooms from between my thighs, sending a tremble down my legs as I loudly groan.

Alessio’s forehead rests on mine. Letting loose a string a curse words, his legs mimic mine as they begins to intensely shake. I feel something warm overfill and leak out of me, dripping down my skin and puddling onto the sheets. Our slick bodies come closer into contact and he falls on top of me, his heavy frame weighing me down. My chest heaves from what I just felt. Uncomfortable tremors rile every part of me, my body in shock from the immense fulfillment I just received.

Alessio’s lips grazes my right ear and breathlessly he whispers, “we’re aren’t done just yet.” His voice has dropped octaves, sounding huskier, almost wicked.

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