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Chapter 30 - Murderous love

My lower half raises high off the bed.

Alessio has both of his hands on either side of my hips. He holds me firmly in place, filling me up to the brim. I can feel how his thighs tremor, the way his fingers dig deep into my flesh. I’m overflowing.

My body is trying to relax but the muscles in my lower abdomen are still tense. The aftershocks cause me to clench and I flinch, accidentally tugging on his appendage. His closed eyes tighten even more and a small whimper slips out from his pulp lips.

Just hearing that sound stirs my insides again — but right now I’m too exhausted to try anything.

One of Alessio’s hands slip from my hip and trails up the side of my torso. He pauses underneath my breast, then pulls away. Carefully he lays back over me with his forearms carrying the weight of his upper body.

Our pelvis’s touch. The heat of his skin feels so good that I find myself running my fingertips along the spine of his back, softly gliding and until I reach the base of his neck.

When our foreheads meet, our eyes close as we focus on breathing calmly again.

Alessio kisses me after a quiet minute passes by. As he looks down between us he suddenly but gently pulls himself out of me.

My hands cover my face to hide my embarrassing expression.

As the warmth of his body moves leave mine, I peak through my fingers to see where he's going. In a split second he’s gone into the bathroom and when he comes back out a he’s unfolding a small towel.

Climbing onto the bed, he kneels between my open legs again and bring the towel closer. Realizing that he’s going to clean up our mess, I shield my eyes once more and wait for him to finish.

“Thank you,” whispering to him when finishes. A soft thud hits against the floor and I’ve figured that he’s thrown the towel to the side like he did our clothes.

Alessio’s hands grab at mine, removing them from my face.

Shyly I look elsewhere as the mattress sinks by my side when he lays down. Staring up at the ceiling he grabs my hand and just simply holds it.

The ambiance is tranquil, making it easy to start conversation. “What are you thinking about?”

“I’m... happy.” Those words sound light, but also cautious. The pause within the sentence makes me question his honesty, momentarily feeling insecure.

“Are you sure?” My brows pull inwards as I look down at our hands to see him smally rubbing his thumb along my index finger.

“I am, it’s just strange… this feeling.” His confession has me turning his way, looking up at his beautiful face and how the sun is making his skin glow.


Alessio releases an airy laughter as a boyish smile stretches across his face — my heart almost stops at the sight.

“It’s a good strange, Cherry. That I can promise.”

Mimicking his expression I smile wide, genuinely happy. “Are you tired?” he asks, and if on cue my stomach loudly grumbles.

I’m in need of a different satisfaction now.

“Hungry it is then” Alessio sits up and pulls me with me. My first instinct is to grab the throw blanket at the edge of the bed to cover myself up. I’m not sure why, he’s seen everything, I suppose it’s instinctual.

“But I think we’re in need of a shower first,” telling me as I grab the fuzzy blanket and cover my chest.

As for him, he doesn’t seem to mind the nudity.

In fact there’s a knowing gleam in his eyes as he looks up and down.


“I think we should’ve just order delivery,” Alessio says with small regret.

He kept asking me if I felt fine enough to go out, and it wasn’t until I started to really started to move around did I feel the aftereffects of what we did in the shower.

A price to pay for immense pleasure.

“I’m alright.” Adjusting my dress, I hear the car door shut behind me and feel an arm securely wrap around my waist.

I think he’s afraid he’s broken me or something and I’ll fall apart.

Distracting myself, my eyes travel to the colors of the sky that are a clashing red and blue. The hue is creating a soft purple that calms the evening and reflects off the body of water that can be seen swaying off the coast.

Visually it’s all pleasing.

There are so many lamp posts that twinkle along down the strip of the plaza. Restaurants and cafés of all sorts are filled with laughter and casual talk. Greenery and flowers from different species seem to be a common theme of decoration. Everywhere you look there’s some type of fresh and thriving vibe that emits life.

“This is a good place.” Alessio points to a small deli with a few seating areas out front. “I used to come here with my cousins when I was a teenager.” Recalling the memory brings a grin to his face.

He’s been smiling a lot today — I like that.

Alessio appears lost in thought as we walk along the sidewalk. And to my suprise, he continues with his recollection. “Whenever Fionn visited he would always tag along, preferring to hang out with the older kids despite how hard it was for him to keep up.”

I wonder if his youth here was as carefree, similar to how Fionn acts. I can’t imagine that, Alessio being without worry and slick with remarks the way his cousin is. Though now that I think of it, they do have small similarities when it comes to small gestures.

I secretly think it’s sweet.

“I think he looks up to you.” His smile hasn’t faltered with my words.

Fond memories will do that to you.

“Maybe, though I’ve never caused as much trouble as he has.”

That bit of information reminds me of Levii. When Levii was younger, he would always find himself in situations that would label him as a troublemaker as well.

I wonder if the two could ever get along.

As we enter the deli, I find myself deeply inhaling. The fresh produce smells promising as another rumble stirs inside my stomach. Though the structure is small, the atmosphere feels inviting. Warm beige walls surround us, and against these walls are high wooden shelves that are filled with various ingredients. It’s not bright, more dimly lit, keeping a serene mood.

There’s a small line to get to the cashier and a few workers behind the counter going back and forth. As we take our place at the back I suddenly have a pressing need to pee.

“Where’s the bathroom?” lowly asking.

Alessio grabs my hand to show me the way but I stop him mid track with a red face. “I can manage.”

Sighing, he reluctantly nods and says, “it’s just down the hall to your left.” Letting go of his hand, I swiftly make my way down the narrow hall, slowing down when I turn the corner and see a woman’s sign on the door.

Finishing my business fast, I run my soapy hands underneath the cold water. Looking up at the mirror I notice that the straps of my dress need to be fixed. Reaching to tug on the fabric I notice a small hint of purple hiding beneath the v-line.

Where did these come from?

When I pull the dress down lower my eyes go wide, noticing that there’s so many scattered all over my chest. My mouth drops open, shocked how dark they look.


Did he know?

Covering back up, I grab a few paper towels and dry off. Seeing that there wasn’t that many people in line, Alessio is probably ordering for the both of us right now. When I open the bathroom door I accidentally bump into someone.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” apologizing while rubbing my sore nose. My eyes are watering from the sensitivity. As I open them fully I find no one in front of me but instead something uncomfortable and cold pressing deep into my lower back.

“If you make a sound, I’ll make this worse for you,” an unfamiliar raspy voice mutters into my ear as a gloved hand moves to harshly cover my mouth.

Not dwelling on his threat I do the exact opposite and scream into his hand that muffles it. Roughly he grabs my arm and yanks me deeper into the hallway, pushing me through the back door of the deli. As he does this I try to twist around, purposely dropping my body to pull away from him, but his strength is ridiculous.

The way he shoves me forward causes me to stumble over my own two feet to the point of where he’s just dragging me along.

Breathing hard into his hand, I look around at my surroundings, it’s so dark out though. There’s no lighting in this alleyway. I continue to thrash around, letting him know that I won’t cooperate with whatever he’s trying to go through with. I know that what I’m doing is reckless but it’s just how I’m reacting, I just can’t control this adrenaline.

“I‘m sorry to do this,” his volume rises, he’s not from around here. His accent is something that sounds so familiar. “But I have a debt to pay, and I have to pay it with your life.”

Letting out a loud cry I try to kick my legs into his and bite into his gloved hand, but nothing gives. Hot tears stream down my cheeks as the object behind my back releases a loud click, moving up to the temple of my head.

Knowing that his gun will go off any second brings out violent screams.

My trembling arms tugs at his arm, throwing myself around, hitting whatever I can.

Something loud cracks harshly, followed by a gasp and a hard thud.

The hold around me is gone and with nothing to stabilize me I fall back. Yet instead of hitting the concrete I’m safely caught. Sharply, I intake a deep breath, my sealed eyes loosen as a few more tears spill.

I know this warmth.

Tilting my head back, I see Alessio’s cold stoic face.

He snakes an arm around my waist and my eyes suddenly drop to see the man who tried to kill me, he’s lying face down a few feet away with his silhouette barely noticeable.

My eyes then shift down to Alessio’s arm that’s not wrapped around me — a large knife in his hand that’s smeared with blood so vibrant that it reflects brightly against the rising moonlight.

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