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Chapter 32 - Tears of an Angel (part two)

Alessio’s POV


The heavens pour as if the angels themselves are shedding tears for the forsaken.

Lightning strikes with a thunderous roar, a sound that threatens to shatter the night sky with its screams of fury.

However, despite the uproar that Mother Nature is unleashing upon her domain, I stand against the violence, unaffected by it all.

The detonating explosions sounding off against my eardrums mean nothing, the water droplets that stream down my cold skin can’t be felt.

I’m almost numb, but it’s Cherry who’s by my side that keeps me sane and grounded.

My hand spreads over the base of her spine pressing her further into me. Her small arms find their way around my waist, tightening as I tuck her further into the crook of my arm.

It’s all instinctual, a protective manner.

The shipyard’s containers conceal the severity of the situation. The salt of the ocean and the smell iron fills my nostrils.

It’s his blood that contaminates the air.

The assassin lays semi-unconscious a few feet away from where I stand. Batter with bruises down the length of his face. His lips bleed and the skin of cheekbones are torn. He’s trying to move, the raggedness of his breath is low and harsh as he attempts to lift his head.

The fight for life is strong for a killer like him.

I wonder how many times he’s been on my end.

Romanos’ don’t kill because we want to, that’s the last resort. And though a criminal, I’ve never killed an innocent… the way he would have killed the only innocence I’ve known in my life —

My Cherry.

To the world she may be my betrothed, but to me she’s my love, my wife.

Footsteps near, they echo loudly over the sound of the blazing storm.


In a flash, one of Gio’s feet raises high in the air and stomp onto the fingers of the man whose face is unrecognizably swollen.

Painful screams emit. Agony from the tortuous weight of the foot that is crushing his bones forces him to plea even louder.

He’s begging.

Just like I Cherry did when she told him to stop.

“Resisti,” I shout.

It’s clear Cherry can’t stomach this any longer.

“Bring him.”

Rossi and Vince grab the assassin by his arms and pull him up to his feet, dragging his limp body and throwing him before us.

The man stumbles before his knees hit the ground.

Composure and Anger are fighting within me.

Reaching into my pocket I pull out something sleek that catches the reflection of the storm.

My heart is calm.

A pristine black handgun is held securely between my fingers.

Cherry’s gasp brings me back to reality as she parts slightly away.

I can’t make her watch this all, but I will leave my damage.

The handgun raises and the barrel presses dead center against the kneeling assassins forehead. His shoulders tremble as he begins to shake.

“I’m s-sorry, p-p-please. Please d-don’t do this. I-I’m w-won’t ever”, his words are cut short when I uses the grip of the gun and run it repeatedly against the temple of the man’s head.

When Cherry tried to tell him the same thing he only thrashed her around, pulling out a gun on her.

My hits don’t kill him, but it robs him of his speech.

“Sta ’zitto,” pressing the gun back to his face, “today you live, that is promised... but tomorrow holds no certainty. Everyday you will fear for your life just like you made my fidanzata fear for hers.”

It’s all for show, I’m only saying this to ease Cherry, so she doesn’t have to witness his death. Instead I’ll have my cousins take care of him swiftly, he’ll be dead as soon as I take her away from here.

Hitting him one more time is all that’s needed to knock him out.

“Gio! Get this shit out of my sight before I do much worse than ruin his face.” My arms return to her, bringing her closer to my chest and she accepts me by placing her cheek against my wet coat.

The soaking hair that sticks to her face is brushed aside as I place my thumb underneath her chin and raise her face to meet mine.

Her brown eyes are beautiful.

I say nothing but she’s caught off guard as the hand on the base of her lower back leaves and trails upwards until it’s tangled in her hair, lightly gripping and pulling her head back so I can see her face in its entirety.

Our foreheads come together.

She is the calm to my storm.

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