Flaws Of Lust

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The Dirty Games of a BILLONOARE and The Flaws he commits in the hunt of Lust , will he ever know value of love and value of a girl on whom he lusted! The story deals with the turns in life due to an unusual entry of a devil in an innocent girls life. Will he win after satisfying his lust or it will throw him on the edges of guilt? Will the innocent girl survive under his domination? Will she fall for him or stand to oppose him? Will he ever find the value of love? Will he realize his flaws? Highly dominating and negative shaded, you cannot find love easily. Read at your risk

Romance / Erotica
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Manik malhotra

Only son of Malhotra, emotionally strong,earning money is his only motive. Being the worlds richest man is his dream. A businessman but looks like a hot model. Any girl would love to date him, but he never had any serious relationship but he was into few fantasies but no girl attracted him. One day he got attracted towards a girl whom he seen on road which made him crazy to get her so he turned as a professor to stake her. He is a possessive person who never likes to share his things but first time it got extended towards a person.

Nandini Murty

The only daughter and sole owner of millions and billions, but prefers to be simple. Princess of her dad. As she lost her mom since childhood, he pampers her alot but, he is very strict towards her studies. she is pursuing her 12th ,hates maths she is the school topper but weaker in maths. she gets lecture upon this but still she is unable to focus on maths. No boyfriends but has bestfrnds navya and aliya. she is so native,innocent childish and she is unaware of all things couple do, but she is aware of few things.


“What the hell your doing miss. Nandini ” Manik asked in a serious tone.

" mm... I am sorry sir ” she mumbled while biting her lip.

" Collect your phone from principal ” Manik informed while grabbing her phone.

" Sir please ” she pleaded

" Now stop wasting my class, stand until the bell rings ” he ordered while moving back to his desk

After the class,

" Please, don’t complaint to princy! ” she pleaded

“Why shouldn’t I ? ”

" Please my dad will drop me in boarding school if he gets any complaint upon me please ” she pleaded

" But you deserve a punishment ”

" I will write whole notes by tomorrow, I will never play in your class” she pleaded in almost tears.

" but punishment should be on my way, miss. Nandini, decide you want principal or you will end up with me ” he chuckled with an evil smirk.

Nandu took a step back by hearing him she can sense the danger hidden in his tone.

" I am really sorry sir ” she pleaded in tears.

" Manik got up from the desk and moved closer towards her
Now he is just an inch apart from her.

" don’t cry, I was not meant to give you pain but you should learn and have discipline, OK leave the class I will see you in the office tomorrow ” he whispered in her ear and moved apart

Manik collected his books and moved towards the door.

" I will learn everything you say, please don’t complaint ” she pleaded

Manik got an evil smirk.

He faced her back with a calm expression.

" that’s like a good girl, I will text night you may leave home now, ” Manik said in a calm tone

She collected her bag and moved towards the door.

" Miss Nandini your Mobile, ” he said
She turned back to collect her Mobile but before that, he pinned her on the door.

She gasped by his sudden act
" don’t waste those tears learn to listen me ” he whispered while wiping her tears with his thumb

In seconds he moved apart she ran away.


Scene 2

" I was not feeling good, let me go ” she pleaded in tears

" where you will go its all your home! ” he chuckled in an evil tone

“it’s not right, you’re my professor ” she pleaded

′ I was your tutor too, but everything is just for you baby ” he whispered in a husky tone while unbuttoning her shirt . She pushed him back with a force.

" what are you doing ?” she scowled in anger

" nothing started yet the real game begins now ”


" You are mine ” he whispered in a husky tone while biting her nape .

“I am not yours” she scowled while pushing him away .

“Shall we play a game, if you win I will let you go or else I will punish you so hard then you will never dare to talk back to me ” he warned in a dangerous tone.

“If I win you should leave me forever” she choked in tears.

“I promise I will but you can’t win”

"It’s my game I was the ruler and I will be the ultimate winner” he smirked with an evil smile.

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