His Through Time

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Chapter 20 - Kell

Kell left Zephyr with his warriors and walked with Emmalyn to the hot springs. She was quiet, and it worried him she may have changed her mind. He could only pray that wasn’t the case. It felt like he’d been waiting years for a taste of her, and his control was slipping. But if she indicated she didn’t want this, or wasn’t ready, he’d wait. He’d never forced himself on a woman, and he would not start now.

His large hand engulfed her tiny one, and he could feel her slight tremble. When he took a minute to glance down at her, he saw her brow was furrowed. She was deep in thought, and that wasn’t good. He needed her with him, not stuck in her head.

Kell spun and picked her up off her feet. She squealed as she hurried to wrap her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. That was much better he thought, now she’d be concentrating on him, just as she should be.

“Hold tight wee warrior,” he breathed into her ear, causing her to shiver even more. “We’re almost there.”

She nodded, then buried her face in the crook of his neck, hiding her pretty blush from sight. He allowed it and quickened his pace. But as he walked her hands slid higher and buried themselves in his unruly hair. He needed it cut, but there was never time. As she massaged his scalp and played with the locks, he was pleased he hadn’t. Her attention felt nice, so he vowed to keep it slightly longer just for this reason.

When Kell broke out of the trees and entered the glen she didn’t even lift her head. He knew she was too busy playing with his hair to notice.

“Sweetheart look up,” he grinned, as he gave her a quick squeeze.

Finally she pulled back and took it all in, her head spinning crazily in every direction. Her gasp made it clear she liked what she was seeing.

“This is unbelievable,” Emmalyn whispered. “The colours are so bright, the water is so blue, and it has such a magical feel.”

Kell looked around and tried to see it from her eyes. The vines and moss were a vibrant green, but no more so than normal. Although he recalled her explaining her world was dull compared to his. Large rocks surrounded the pool of water, and steam wafted up from its surface. A hill rose from the far side giving way to a small waterfall. And the entire area was encased in wildflowers of every colour imaginable.

“Do you have many hidden gems such as this?” Emmalyn question while still whispering.

“We do,” Kell confirmed. “I have a cottage set far back from my main keep that has a glen such as this. I will take you there when all this is over,” he promised.

“I would love that,” she whispered as she beamed up at him in excitement.

“May I ask why you’re whispering?” Kell asked with a small chuckle.

“I don’t want to disturb the fairies,” she admitted as her eyes darted around. “It reminds me of a fairytale, so there must be fairies hidden somewhere.”

Kell frowned. “They only come out if you ask them to,” he enlightened her. “Until you do, they’ll stay hidden.”

Her mouth dropped open in what he assumed was shock, and she pushed at his shoulders. He had to adjust his grip and move his hand up her back so she wouldn’t fall.

“You have fairies,” Emmalyn cried in delight, and he grinned at her enthusiasm.

“You don’t,” Kell declared, guessing from her reaction that was the case.

“Do you have unicorns too?” she pushed, eagerly awaiting his answer.

“I have no idea what they are, so I will say no sweetheart,” he declared.

“Pity,” she frowned, then she smiled huge at him again. “But having fairies is awesome.”

Emmalyn was always surprising him, and he loved that about her, but they were getting off track. He pulled her close again so they were chest to chest, and looked down into her beautiful eyes.

“How about if we forget the fairies, and other creatures of the forest for a minute, and use this time together for other things?” Kell questioned as his voice turned husky.

Emmalyn blushed again, then tilted her head up and stretched, to brush her lips against his. That was the only invitation he needed. He reached up to wrap his hand around the back of her neck and deepened the kiss. When she gasped, he pushed his tongue inside and wrapped it around hers. Her sweet taste had him groaning. His girl proved she loved his kisses and didn’t hold back at all.

When Kell broke away to pull in a much needed breath, the passion on Emmalyn’s face was his undoing. He dropped her to her feet and held her arms until she was steady. Then he reached for the tie at the front of her dress and slowly pulled on the end. The knot slipped, and the front fell apart, exposing the tops of her creamy breasts.

When her small hands slid under the bottom of his shirt and pushed upwards, his muscles clenched. Her hands were warm and the softness of them seared his skin. He raised his arms, grabbed the back of his shirt, and pulled it off himself. As he did she stepped back, pushed the dress off her shoulders, and it floated softly down to pool at her feet.

Her soft skin mesmerized Kell. She stood there in only her tiny cream coloured shift and she was breathtaking.

“I’ve seen never seen anything as pretty,” he admitted as he drank in the sight of her.

Emmalyn’s hair tumbled down her back in soft waves, and he was shaking with his need to touch it. His desire had never been as strong, and he was desperate to contain it. He had no desire to frighten her. But his minx pushed the straps of the shift down, and it joined the dress on the soft moss covered ground. Before he got a good look at her, she turned, and was sliding into the heated water.

Kell chuckled, knowing her shyness was winning out. He didn’t mind at all and hurried to shuck his boots and trousers. It was only a few short seconds before he was sliding in to join her. The warm water soothed his tired muscles, and he moaned in contentment. It was pure heaven, and knowing her tiny naked body was close only made it that much better.

The pool was deep enough he could touch the bottom, and all was under water, but his head and shoulders. Poor Emmalyn though, was bouncing on her tiptoes and desperately attempting to keep her head out. He frowned at the sight and moved immediately to her side. When he lifted her, she wrapped her arms around his neck in relief. The feel of her naked skin against his caused goosebumps to pepper his chest.

Kell took careful steps on the slippery bottom and moved to the other side of the pool. He knew from experience it was shallower and remembered there was a large outcropping of rocks that made the perfect makeshift seat. As he sat Emmalyn curled herself around him in contentment. He braced his back against the bank and closed his eyes, giving himself a moment to commit this feeling to memory.

They sat that way for about twenty minutes. Emmalyn rested her head on his shoulder, and he cradled her against him. Kell rarely got moments where he could relax and forget his duties, so he was in no hurry to end it. His girl however was, and he knew that by the way she began to squirm on his lap. Ever so slowly he moved his hand to her thighs and pushed them apart to give him room. Then he slid the pad of his thumb across her pussy lips. She moaned and arched her back, spreading her legs even further for him in encouragement.

“You feel so soft sweetheart,” he coaxed gently. “Do you want more?”

She nodded immediately, eliciting a chuckle from him. He rubbed a bit more forcefully, then slipped a single digit inside. Her walls pulled at his finger and sucked it in greedily. She was thrashing now, and he felt she was close, so he dropped his head and swirled a pretty pebbled nibble with his tongue. As soon as he did, she detonated like a rocket and he had to move quickly and cover her mouth so his warriors didn’t hear her. He was selfish and wanted to keep her cries for himself.

Kell watched as she blinked up at him, surprise written on her flushed face as she calmed. He moved his hand to the back of her head, then took her mouth once more, needing to keep her connected. As he continued the kiss, he lifted them from the pool and laid her out on the soft moss beside it. Her wet locks billowed out, and it made her look like an Angel. Gently Kell lowered his massive body over her small one and rested his weight on his elbows.

“Do you want me?” Kell coaxed as she ran her hand across his cheek.

“I want you my prince,” Emmalyn purred. She’d never called him that before, and he felt it in his chest.

“I love you Emmalyn, and will love you forever,” he vowed, as he pushed the head of his throbbing cock against her opening.

“I love you Kell, and will love you forever,” she promised back, as she lifted her hips causing him to slip in a bit further.

He hissed as his cock slid in and hit the thin barrier that confirmed what he had already suspected. Once he breached it, she would be his. The alpha male in him celebrated, while the rest was terrified of the pain he was about to bring her.

“Please,” she pleaded, as she clung to his shoulders desperately. “I need to be yours.”

Kell closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then opened them and stared into hers.

“Then you shall,” he groaned, as he pushed forward and broke the barrier, causing a startled cry to come from her.

Without thought, he slammed his mouth against hers to smother it as he froze. He refused to move until he was sure the pain was gone. When he lifted his head, it broke his heart to see tears falling from her eyes. He wiped them away, then framed her face with his palms.

“I’m so sorry,” Kell apologized, hating himself at the moment, but she simply blinked up at him and smiled huge.

“I’m yours,” his wee warrior whispered in awe, quelling his fear.

“Damn right you are,” he growled possessively, before he pulled back and drove into her once more.

When she lifted her legs and locked them around Kell’s back, he knew she was ready. He let go of his control then and gave her all of him, and his precious girl responded like she was made for him. She matched him thrust for thrust, ran her nails down his back, and when she came, he gave in and came with her.

“Is it always like that?” Emmalyn questioned a few minutes later, as he remained buried to the hilt.

“No,” Kell honestly admitted. “But with you I have a feeling it will always be.”

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