His Through Time

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Chapter 49 - Emmalyn

Emmalyn snuggled against Kell’s chest as he carried her into the cabin and headed straight for the bedroom. He took the stairs two at a time, proving he was just as impatient as her for some much needed privacy. Kiera had blown her away with her pregnancy admission. Emmalyn had no idea how she herself had not known. Her only excuse was she had so many other things distracting her, she simply didn’t recognize the signs. As Kell laid her on the bed and joined her, she voiced her thoughts.

“I can’t believe I didn’t know about the baby,” Emmalyn sighed. “There were so many indications. I have been tired the last couple days. I have been slightly nauseous. And I haven’t had a menstrual cycle in some time,” she admitted.

Kell pulled her close and stroked her hair. “I too should have been more observant. Kiera’s declaration took me by surprise, when it should not have. We have both had other things on our mind.”

“A baby,” Emmalyn whispered as her tears once more fell. “I am going to have your baby.”

Kell dropped his head and seemed to let her words wash over him. “It is a dream come true.” Then he paused and lifted his head to lock his dark eyes on her. “You are a dream come true.”

She smiled at him. “Do you wish for a girl or boy?” Emmalyn questioned, as she reached up to place her palm on his cheek.

“It does not matter which,” Kell softly claimed. “But a beautiful girl with hair like yours, and a sweetness about her would be heaven.”

Emmalyn grinned before adding her own ideas. “But a boy with intense eyes and a fiercely protective instinct would make my heart full,” Emmalyn whispered.

“Then we shall have one of each,” Kell declared, as if by saying the words he could will it to happen.

Emmalyn laughed as she moved her hand to his heart. “I do not think it works that way.”

“Then we will have to keep trying until we have at least one of each,” Kell smirked. “Think of all the fun we will have.”

“And all the babies,” she giggled. “We could end up with a house full before you get your wish.”

Kell didn’t seem at all concerned with that. “I never thought I’d have a family of my own. I assumed when the time came that I was forced to marry, I’d pick a bride simply to fulfill my destiny. I never imagined falling in love with her. Picturing a home with you and dozens of children in it pleases me. It pleases me very much.”

Then Kell slowly started to undo the ties that held the front of her dress together. Meticulously, he untied the bow and pulled each leather piece through the tiny eyelets. His warm hands brushed against her suddenly heated skin, sending tingles throughout her body. Dropping the ties, he leaned down to softly kiss her throat. She moaned as his kisses moved lower and whispered across the top of her breasts.

“Kell,” she breathed, as she pulled at his shirt. “Please.”

Lifting only as much as necessary, Kell grabbed his shirt by the back of the neck and pulled it over his head. Then he kicked his boots off, startling her when they hit the floor.

“Nervous my wee warrior?” Kell smirked as his eyes darkened even more. He moved down the bed and began unlacing her boots.

“Always,” Emmalyn admitted. “It always feels like the first time with you. And all I want to do is please you.”

Kell got the first boot off and moved to the second. “You always please me,” he declared, as the second boot was pulled free as well.

Then he was shucking his pants and joining her once more on the bed. He sat and lifted her so she was straddling his lap. In this position it was easy for him to push the dress off her shoulders, pooling it at her waist. Then he was twisting and dropping her back on the bed. When he moved to pull the dress down her body, she lifted slightly to help him.

With all her clothes gone, Emmalyn assumed he would move to cover her body with his. When he didn’t, it confused her. Then she noticed the look of reverence in his expression as he studied her stomach. It was easy to see it fascinated him. Kell moved slowly then and covered it with both his large palms. She could feel the warmth seep deep into her skin.

“Soon you will show,” Kell smiled. “And everyone will know you carry my babe. That will make me immensely happy.”

“Do you think I am far along?” Emmalyn questioned, desperate to try to think of when she might have conceived.

“It was when we made love for the first time,” Kell surprised her by saying. “The Glen was a magical place. It only makes sense it is where my seed took root.”

Emmalyn nodded, agreeing with him. It did seem like her entire world changed that day. “I think you are right,” she happily conceded.

Kell moved his hands away and placed a soft kiss on her belly. Then he thankfully adjusted to the position she needed him in. His body was covering hers and it felt like home.

“I love you Kell,” Emmalyn sighed. “And I am overjoyed you are here to experience all of this with me. I am thankful our combined powers were strong enough to save you. It proves we were destined to be together.”

“I love you too, my wee warrior,” Kell returned. “And I too am glad I am here to be there for you. Although death would not have stopped me. I would have found a way to return to you.”

Emmalyn said nothing, knowing the fierce warrior in him would have done just that. When his hand slipped down to test her readiness, all talk was forgotten. He smiled as he played with the folds of her sex, alighting her body with a fire she was sure would mean the end of her. Then he stopped, and she barely got a whimper out before he was gently sinking inside of her. She gasped as she adjusted to his immense size. Kell gave her a few minutes, and then he began to move.

Emmalyn wrapped her arms around his neck and held on as he took his time worshipping her body. In and out he sank, as he suckled on the column of her throat and massaged her breasts. He seemed in no hurry, and moved painfully slowly, drawing out her pleasure. When the need grew and became too much, he took pity on her and increased his speed.

Emmalyn moaned as her body tightened, warning her of her impending release. She dug her nails into his shoulders, spurring him on. He took the hint as she had hoped, and changed his angle, creating the friction she needed. She detonated as her climax hit and cried out his name. Her doing so sent him over the edge as well, and he groaned as his release bathed her insides.

When it was over Kell twisted to his side, bringing her with him. He held her for a moment. Then he kissed her passionately before slipping from the bed. She watched as he moved to the nightstand where a basin and cloth lay. Then he was dipping the cloth in the water and returning. Tenderly he cleaned her, once more kissing her belly as he did so. When he was done he tossed the rag, climbed into bed, and dragged her across his chest. She melted into his warmth as he pulled the blankets over them both and settled.

“I will need to leave my fiercest warriors with you tomorrow,” Kell quietly declared, as he brushed the hair from her face.

Confused, she raised her head to look down at him. “Why would you do that?” Emmalyn questioned with a small frown.

“Because I want you protected while I am gone. I can only hope none will betray me and lead the enemy here, but I cannot take the chance. I will not let anything happen to you,” Kell vowed.

Emmalyn narrowed her eyes and propped herself up by resting her arms on his chest. “Just what makes you think I will stay here while you go off into battle without me?”

“You are pregnant,” Kell declared, and she was surprised he couldn’t see the anger his words brought out in her.

“So you can fight and I can’t?” Emmalyn huffed.

Exactly,” Kell smiled, as he lightly stroked her back.

“I think not,” she snorted. “You want to end this marriage before it has even started, just try leaving me behind,” Emmalyn warned. Kell immediately lost his smile as her words sunk in.

“You will not go into battle while you carry my babe,” he declared as his eyes darkened. “If anything happens to you, the safety of all will be in peril. My power will be unleashed and I will not be able to control it.”

“Well if you do not take me, your safety will be in peril,” she shouted, throwing his words back at him. “And I have some exceptional powers of my own.”

Kell narrowed his eyes and glared at her, so she glared back. “You expect me to take you into battle?” he growled.

“When you left me alone the last time you died,” Emmalyn reminded him. “I will not go through that pain again.”

“Emmalyn,” he sighed as his voice softened. But she didn’t care. He was going to listen to her.

“You keep saying we are a powerful couple and that we were meant to be. Our eyes match. We both have powers. We are physically in pain when we are away from each other,” she paused then, and softened her voice as well. “I need to fight by your side. We need to defeat Connor and his men together. Everything has led us to this. We are one, you and me, and we can win, but only if we are side by side.”

“Emmalyn,” Kell pleaded again, and she saw her words were getting through to him.

“Surround me with men. Do your tornado move and hide me from view. I will do what you need me to do, to ease your mind. But I will remain by your side,” Emmalyn declared.

“A circle of fire,” Kell huffed. Then he frowned. “No, a thick wall of ice. Maybe one with a moat around it. I can then surround that with hundreds of tiny tornados.”

Emmalyn laughed as she laid her head back on his chest. She remained silent, letting him come up with more of his ridiculous ideas. She would let him do whatever he wanted, simply because he was giving in. She loved him, and she knew he needed to do this to settle his mind. It wasn’t a hardship for her to be loved by Kell.

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