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The East and West Side

So before writing this book I made the stupid decision of not giving you the down low about both sides of the cities our characters live in. I blame my not fully developed brain for this.

Anyways, the city used to be combined and was called the Upper East Side but there was so much violence and racism between the different ethnic groups the government decided to split the city in two.

The East Side consists of celebrities and Caucasians while the West Sides consists of all coloured people so blacks, Latinos, Indians you name it they’re there.

The whole city is run by the East Side government which means things aren’t as equal for both sides as they should be. The government feeds both sides lies about each other which causes tension to rise, this also makes sure that both sides stay as far away from each other as possible which is why in the book you will notice that the coloureds on the East Side are next to none and the Caucasians on the West Side are also next to none.

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