Princess - *Book One*

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Sometime later, I break away from the hug, give Ben a quick kiss, grab my sleeping shirt, which is next to the bed, and put it on. Ben raises his eyebrows. “Is the party over?”

I chuckle, “Uhm, no. I have to go to the bathroom.”

“And you have to get dressed for that?”

I cough nervously and avert my gaze. “Well, I’m not used to walking around my apartment naked.”

Ben grins at me and pushes himself up on one elbow. I tilt my head to the side and look at him with a dreamy smile as he lies on my bed completely naked. Ben throws his head back and laughs. “Stop looking at me like that or I’ll drag you back to bed.”

With a silly giggle, I turn around and go to my bathroom, where I look into the mirror and expect the worst, but surprisingly, I don’t look as terrible as I thought. My makeup is a little smeared, and my hair is a mess, but there is this huge grin on my face, and my cheeks are rosy. I haven’t looked that happy in a long time, all thanks to Ben. I quickly wash off the makeup and comb my hair when there’s a knock on the door. Without waiting for an answer, Ben comes in. “Hey, have you ever heard of privacy?” I gasp and glare at him, which makes him smile.

He comes up to me from behind, takes the brush from my hand, and puts his arms around my waist. He looks at me in the mirror. “You’ve been gone way too long.” He moves my hair to the side and leaves a trail of tender kisses along my neck.

I automatically close my eyes and let out a soft moan. “But I’m not done here yet.”

I can feel his smile on the skin of my shoulder. “Neither am I.”

At his words, a pleasant shiver runs down my spine, and my body temperature rises. How is this possible? How does he turn me on yet again?

He pushes my shirt up and strokes my butt. I can feel his growing erection on my back, and he pushes the shirt up farther and finally pulls it over my head. I turn to him, and our gazes lock. In his eyes, I read pure lust; the same lust that I can feel in every fiber of my body. Ben puts his hands around my face and pulls me toward him to devour my mouth. I moan as his tongue finds mine and his hands wander to my breasts. I gently stroke the muscles on his chest, and farther down, and when I put my hand on his hard length, he suddenly grabs me, turns us around, and pushes me against the wall.

A small cry escapes me when he lifts me up, takes my legs and leads them around his waist. I put my arms around his shoulders and pull him closer to me if that’s even possible. He leaves tender kisses along my neck, on to my ear. My arousal reaches new heights, and again, I can’t wait to feel him. “Ben–” I moan.

“I know–” he pants as he moves away from me only a few inches to position himself properly before he finally slides in with one quick thrust. Ah yes, that feels good! With every thrust, I lose more and more control, and I can no longer think clearly. I throw my head back and moan Ben’s name again and again.

“Is there anything you want to tell me?” he breathes on the skin of my breasts where his mouth lingers on one nipple that he circles with his tongue.

“Yeah – oh yes – do – not – stop!” I moan and dig my fingers into his shoulders.

“I don’t plan to,” he groans as his thrusts get faster and deeper. The tension inside me builds up rapidly again, and my next climax is approaching quickly. I tighten around him, and a moment later, I feel him come deep inside me which sends off the waves of yet another incredible orgasm, leaving me breathless and tingly all over.

I barely manage to speak. “Fuck, Ben. How? Third time tonight.”

He smiles against my neck. “Whoever tried before must have been an idiot. I already love making you come. I will do that again. And then again, and–”

“Ben! Are you trying to kill me?” I laugh as he loosens his grip on me and sets me back on the floor. The only answer I get is an impish grin before he takes my hand and pulls me after him back to my bed where we spend the next hours exploring more of each other’s bodies until we’re both so exhausted that we drift off into a peaceful sleep.

When I wake up the next day, the sun is already high up in the sky. It must be around noon already. I turn to Ben, who is still sound asleep. I think back to last night and can’t believe what happened. Even though it all seems like a dream, I know it really happened because Ben is lying next to me naked, just like me.

I get up quietly so that I don’t wake him up. I grab his shirt, put it on, and go to the bathroom before starting the coffee machine in the kitchen. When I pour myself a cup, I hear footsteps behind me. I smile but don’t turn around, and suddenly, I feel his strong arms around my waist. He shoves my hair to the side to kiss my bare neck.

He breathes on my skin, “Good morning, Princess. Did you sleep as well as I did?”

I chuckle. “It’s noon already – but to answer your question, yes, I slept great. Would you like some coffee?” I pour him a cup and turn around. I’m probably grinning like a madman because I’m so happy to see him.

Ben takes the mugs out of my hand and puts them aside. “First, I want something else.” He puts his hands around my face and kisses me with the same passion from the night before. My hands wander down his back, and a slightly surprised groan escapes me when I realize that he’s still completely naked. Ben pulls back a little and smiles.

I shake my head in disbelief. “Who are you and what have you done to the Ben who didn’t want me last night?”

Ben’s smile falters, and he looks at me with a serious expression. “I never said I didn’t want you. I wanted you bad, believe me. When you stood in front of me in your underwear yesterday, I needed all my willpower not to drag you to your bedroom.”

“What exactly made you change your mind?”

Ben sighs and seems to be searching for the right words. “I knew from the start that my plan to take things slow was bound to fail. But I really wanted to build a friendship with you first so that what we have is not based on pure sexual desire. I didn’t want us to realize after two weeks that it was just about the sex after all.”

Slowly but surely, guilt creeps up on me for dragging Ben to bed. I avert my eyes and look to the ground. Ben takes my chin and turns my face so that I look at him. “Hey, don’t be upset.”

I grimace. “I had no such thoughts. All I wanted was you, all of you – your hands on my skin, your lips on mine. But also your strong, protective arms around me and your eyes that I could stare into for hours. It’s not all about sex for me either; this attraction goes far beyond that.” I put my hand on his strong chest when he gives me a subtle smile and a tender kiss on my lips. “But you haven’t answered my question,” I go on.

“Why did I change my mind?”

I nod, and Ben sighs. “It was Aaron – I couldn’t bear to see you two. His flirting was bad enough, but when he kissed you – and you kissed him back – I knew I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Ben looks at me questioningly when I grin. “So you were jealous?” I ask.

“Is that why you invited him?”

“I was hoping he would trigger something in you, yes.”

“Quite manipulative.”

For a brief moment, I’m afraid he’s mad at me, but then he smiles and kisses me. The butterflies in my stomach are on the move again, and a soft moan escapes me. “Honestly, I already know that I won’t have enough of what happened last night in two weeks’ time.”

Ben grins. “Oh, Princess is insatiable? That suits me fine because I can’t get enough of you either.” Suddenly, he grabs me by the waist and puts me down on the kitchen table. I wrap my legs around him, and he runs his hands under his shirt which I’m wearing. “By the way, I think it’s fucking hot that you’re just wearing my shirt.”

I smile at him mischievously. “Care to show me how hot?”

Ben’s smile widens, and he strokes up my thigh with one hand. “I think we should start a new list now.” His words and his touch make me shiver all over, and my breathing quickens when I feel Ben’s breath on my lips, which are only a few inches away from his. His other hand gently strokes my back. The tension that builds up within me becomes almost unbearable, and I grab the edge of the table. The desire to feel him grows ever stronger. “I swear to you, if you continue to tease me like that, I’ll have to hurt you.” I grab the back of his neck and pull him close for a passionate kiss.

I get rid of the shirt, and Ben’s hands stroke every inch of my body. Apparently, he can’t hold back any longer. One hand wanders between my legs, and I moan as his fingers begin to stroke me. I claw him and groan louder when I feel his fingers inside me.

Ben breathes into my ear, “It seems you’re ready for me.”

“Go on; take me already.”

Without hesitation, he pulls me closer to the edge of the table, and with one skillful thrust, I finally feel him deep inside me. I arch my back toward him to take him in even deeper. And unsurprisingly, we’re both close to the edge in no time.

“Come for me, babe,” Ben groans and moves even faster. I tighten the grip I have on his waist with my legs when the waves of my orgasm rush through me which finishes him off as well.

We are still breathing hastily as I look at him. “No, I won’t get enough of that.”

Ben smiles and gives me a tender kiss, and I’m ready for more of his intoxicating caresses, but my ringing phone interrupts our intimate moment. I’m tempted not to answer it, but Ben steps aside and lifts me off the table. With a deep sigh, I follow the sound and finally find my phone in the bedroom. It’s Lauren. “Hello?”

Lauren’s excited voice greets me. “Amy, finally! Are you okay? You didn’t answer any of my messages.”

I have to grin. If I’m okay? Oh yes, never been better. “Yes, everything is okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t have a chance to answer.”

Lauren chuckles. “You were gone so suddenly last night after you played tonsil tennis with Aaron.”

I shake my head and cover my eyes with my hand. “Uh, yes – that – oh man, what an idiot.”

“Well, I had the impression that you enjoyed it,” Lauren laughs.

A cold shiver runs down my spine at the thought of the kiss with Aaron. But then, inevitably, I have to think about Ben, his lips, his hands, his – uhm–

I flinch as these exact hands suddenly touch me from behind, and those lips kiss my shoulder. I let out a satisfied sigh and lean back.

I hear Lauren’s voice somewhat distant. “Amy? Are you there? What is going on?”

“What – er – going on? Wha – what?”

“Amy! You have exactly five seconds to explain to me what’s happening. Has it got anything to do with the fact that Ben suddenly was gone too?”

Lauren almost yells into the phone. I think Ben can hear her too because I can feel him smiling. I can’t concentrate on anything at all, because Ben’s hand slowly moves up my thigh. “Uh – with – what? Ben? Ben!” I almost scream his name, because without warning I feel his fingers between my legs and then inside me.

Ben takes the phone from my hand. “Hey, Lauren! Amy will call you back later, okay?” Without waiting for an answer, he hangs up and puts my phone aside. “I thought she would never stop talking.”

I withdraw, though reluctantly, from Ben’s embrace and turn around. “You’re unbelievable! Did you take anything? Pills?”

Ben laughs and kisses my neck again. “Amy, I don’t need pills when I’m with you.”

I shake my head and gently push Ben away from me. “Ben! I think you’re great too, but honestly, I would prefer a shower and breakfast.” Who would have thought that I’d have to restrain Ben all of a sudden?

He gives me a gentle kiss on the lips. “Agreed. But only if you take me with you.”

“To have breakfast?”

He grins at me before he takes my hand and pulls me after him.

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