Princess - *Book One*

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The next few days, I feel like a teenager. Ben and I use every opportunity during work to steal a kiss from each other without being caught. Even though there is no special no-dating-policy, a relationship between colleagues is frowned upon.

Unfortunately, it’s a busy week for Ben as he spends his afternoons with his dad, who is still in the hospital, and at night he is giving classes. So by Thursday, I’m a little frustrated because Ben and I were so close on the weekend, and now, all that’s happening between us are suggestive looks.

Today, Luke asked me to accompany him to one of his meetings. I’m not too sure why he wants me here, but I keep myself occupied with taking notes and watching everyone in the room.

Mr. Wilson is there too. Again, I’m impressed with his appearance. Hearing him talk impresses me even more. He has a way with words, and it doesn’t surprise me that his business is blooming.

While Luke shares his ideas about how to win over another client, my thoughts suddenly wander off. I try hard not to blush when last weekend’s events come back to my mind. I bite my lip and press my thighs together, hoping it will ease the sudden longing I feel. I look around and realize no one is paying attention to me.

So I carefully get my phone out and send Ben a text.
“Hey, handsome. You busy?”

A minute later, my phone vibrates with an incoming text.
"Making important phone calls so I can do my job. Unlike other employees who prefer to play with their phones. Aren’t you at a meeting?”

Once I’m sure that still no one is looking at me, I respond.
“Wow, you can multitask; I didn’t know that.”

“I have lots of hidden talents you don’t know about yet.”

I bite my lips to keep from giggling. Oh, the pictures!

"Can’t wait to find out! This meeting is so boring that my mind is going other places. Do any of those talents of yours include your desk?”

"My desk?”

I discreetly look over to Luke, who made some suggestions about something that everyone is discussing. Seeing how everyone is currently distracted, I take the opportunity to send another text.
"You know, I’ve been having fantasies about that desk. Something about you sweeping your mess off and throwing me down on it.”

"And then what?”

“Whatever comes next involves a lot less clothing.”

"Ms. Franklin, are you sexting me?”

"During working hours? I wouldn’t dare!”

"Too bad. I wouldn’t mind hearing more about your fantasies about you on my desk. Naked.”

"You’d be naked too, you know. I’d run my hands all over your hot body.”

"And my lips would be all over yours before finally lingering on my favorite body part.”

Wow, is it hot in here? My cheeks flush, and I’m pretty sure I need a dry pair of panties. Are we really doing this? I can’t stop now. So I respond.
"That sounds like an interesting plan. Wouldn’t that be some smokin’ hot sex?”

“Oh, it would. If only there weren’t that many people around. Unfortunately, my dick isn’t aware of them. I guess I’ll need a bathroom break.”

"You wanna do it in the bathroom?”

“Well, I do, yes. But you wouldn’t be involved, at least not physically. Those bathrooms don’t give you much privacy.”

"Excuse me? You are not going to jerk off in that bathroom!”

"What is your alternate solution?”

"The other day I was a little lost, and I found this cozy little storeroom just down the hall.”

"Interesting. I know that room.”

“I have needs that desperately need to be taken care of, too.”

“I could help you with that.”


“If you ask nicely.”

While texting, I try to pay at least some attention to the meeting. Suddenly, everybody gets up, and I guess we’re done. I hope my face isn’t showing any signs of what I have been doing when Luke comes up to me.

“Thanks for coming along, Amy. I hope it wasn’t too boring.” He winks at me, and I smile. Good; he isn’t aware of the state I’m in.

“No Luke; not at all. So are we going back to our floor now?”

“You can go ahead. I still need to talk to Mr. Wilson. I’ll see you later then.”

I nod and grab my things. Once I’m inside the elevator, I let out a sigh of relief. I grab my phone again and send Ben one last text.
"Please, Mr. Taylor, would you be so kind as to fuck me in the storeroom?”

When I come back to my desk, Ben is talking to a colleague. I guess he hasn’t read my text yet. I sit down and avoid looking at him, so I can’t tell what state he’s in.

When the colleague is gone, I suddenly hear Ben suppress a grunt. I guess he read the text. I get up and finally look at him. Man, the look on his face almost makes me climax right there. I clear my throat. “I take that as a yes.” I smile at him seductively and turn around. Without looking back, I go to that storeroom, turn on the light, and close the door behind me.

This room is some kind of archive with lots of shelves that are filled with folders and files. While I look around, the door opens and closes again, and I turn around slowly. Ben is standing at the door, still gripping the handle.

He tilts his head. “Ms. Franklin.”

I nod. “Mr. Taylor.”

And without further ado, he locks the door and almost jumps on me, pressing me against the wall. He puts his hand around my face and devours my mouth, his tongue forcing entrance. I moan and hear his deep sexy hum as a response. While my hands grab his shirt, he unbuttons my blouse and releases my breasts from my bra.

No one speaks a word. The only sound is our erratic breathing and moaning. Ben caresses my breasts, nibbling not so tenderly this time. I flinch as a slight pain passes through me, turning me on at the same time. Again, I press my thighs together, tightening my inner muscles; I can’t wait to feel him. I hastily unbutton his pants to speed things up.

But he stops me. “Not yet, babe.”

And finally, he pays more attention to my lower abdomen. He lifts up my skirt and kneels in front of me, pulling down my already soaking wet panties. When I feel his tongue on me, I cover my mouth with my hand to muffle my moans.

Even with all the foreplay, I am still a little shocked at how fast he can make me come. I almost scream his name when his gifted fingers take me to that blissful high again. I grab his shoulders as the waves of my orgasm wash through me.

Still panting, I close my eyes and lean against the wall. Ben gets up and puts his hands on my waist. “There you go. All taken care of.” He kisses me passionately, and I moan as I taste myself on him.

I smile and open my eyes. “Yes, thank you. You can go back to your desk now.”

He wraps his arm around me and pulls me against his chest. I can feel his bulge that he presses against my hip. “Not quite yet. I agreed to fuck you in the storeroom, and that I wanna do thoroughly.”

My smile widens as I open the zipper of his pants and finally free him. I slide down the wall and kneel in front of him. He braces himself against the wall and looks down on me as I stroke him and put him in my mouth, using my tongue and lips and hands to try to drive him as crazy as he is driving me.

But after a few strokes, he grabs my wrists with a groan and pulls me up again. He presses me hard against the wall and lifts up my leg. “I need to be inside you.”

I take his length and guide him to my entrance, and with a single thrust, he slides in. I gasp as he presses himself hard against me. He lingers for a moment, and I enjoy the sensation of him being buried deep inside me, tightening my inner muscles around him.

Ben groans. “You’re killing me, Princess.”

As he begins moving back and forth, I grab his shoulders, digging my nails into his skin. Ben takes in a sharp breath and picks up the pace. I can hardly believe how fast I am on the verge of another orgasm, and I completely lose control as I once again feel his thumb rub my clit. And then I climax yet again, just as he finishes with one last push inside me.

It takes some time before we gather ourselves and Ben steps away from me, giving me one last gentle kiss.

He shakes his head and laughs. “Damn, what are you doing to me? I’ve worked here for five fucking years and never have I been this close to getting fired.”

“No, it must be something you do to me because I’ve never behaved this recklessly during work either.”

I straighten my clothes and button my blouse while Ben zips up his pants. He comes closer to whisper in my ear, “It must be something we’re doing to each other then.”

I chuckle. “Well, let’s hope that no one heard. We should get out of here. I’ll go first.”

Ben nods. I recheck my appearance, but I’m sure I have this ‘just-been-fucked-face’, so I keep my fingers crossed that no one is going to take a closer look at me.

Slowly, I open the door and look outside. The coast seems to be clear. I step out of the room and close the door behind me. I sigh with relief as I enter the bathroom to freshen up. I shake my head in disbelief as I look at myself in the mirror. Yep, there’s definitely a happy glow on my face. Let’s hope no one picks up on it.

I’m almost back at my desk when someone calls my name, and I freeze.

“Ms. Franklin, I’ve been looking for you!” The hatred in her voice makes me shiver.

I turn around and give Jenna a forced smile. “Well, Ms. Miller, you’ve found me.”

She looks at me from top to bottom while I try to keep my composure. “Are you all right? You seem a little – shaken.”

Dammit! She suspects something. Fortunately, Ben isn’t back yet, so she may assume that something happened, but at least she doesn’t know who with.

“No, I’m fine. What can I do for you?” I say with a forced smile.

She hands me some files. “These are for Luke. You need to get the missing contact details before handing them to him.”

I nod and take the files. “I’ll get to it right away.”

She gives me another suspicious glance. “Yes, good. I need to speak with Ben. Do you know where he is?”

“Uh, Ben? No, I don’t know where he went.” Fuck, fuck, fuck! My cheeks blush, and I avert my eyes. I clear my throat. “But I’ll tell him you’re looking for him.”

She stares at me for what seems like an eternity before turning on her heel and finally disappearing without another word.

I sigh, close my eyes, and put my head on my desk. What was I thinking?

“Hey, Princess. Are you all right?” Ben’s voice almost makes me jump. He sits down at his desk and looks at me as if nothing had happened. And unlike me, he doesn’t look like he just got some in the storeroom.

I lower my voice. “Please tell me I don’t look like I’ve just done something totally inappropriate at work.”

Ben grins. “Sorry, love; you do have that glow.”

I hide my face in my hands and grunt. “Damn! Jenna was here.”

“I know; I ran into her on her way to the elevator.”

“Did she say anything?”

“Not about you, or us for that matter.”

I take a deep breath. “Well, she probably can’t hate me any more than she already does. So let’s just forget about it and never do this again.”

Ben laughs. “May I remind you who initiated this?”

“No, you may not. And now go back to work.”

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