Princess - *Book One*

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My first thought when I tear open the door is that I desperately hope I’m not dreaming. No, this can’t be a dream. Even though tears blur my vision, I still recognize who stands in front of me: It’s Ben. Finally.

I stare at him, blinking rapidly, unable to move any other part of my body when all I want is to throw myself at him – to see and feel if he’s real. I grip the door handle for support when my legs are threatening to give in, but just as I’m about to sink to the floor, Ben takes a step forward and pulls my body close to his. Before I know what’s happening, his mouth is on mine in a passionate kiss. His tongue forces my lips apart, seeking mine. My skin tingles where his hand is cupping my face and his arm is firmly wrapped around my lower back – this is how I know it’s really him. I grab his shoulders and press myself even closer to him.

Ben pushes me into my apartment and closes the door with a kick. Without saying a single word, he picks me up and wraps my legs around his waist, and without breaking our kiss, he carries me over to my bed and gently lays me down.

“Ben–” I pant as he showers my neck with kisses. “What – Why–” I can’t form a coherent sentence even though I have so many questions, but right now all that matters is that Ben kisses and touches me.

He pulls back a little and looks at me with a frown. “I’ll explain everything, but first I need to feel you.”

I put my hand on his cheek and stroke his lips with my thumb. He smiles, and I can’t help but smile too – he’s back. I raise my head to reach his lips, and as our tongues meet, there’s only one thing I want. My whole body is electrified, and my back arches hungrily towards him; I want to feel him too.

Ben takes off his shirt and pushes mine up. He covers my belly with kisses and wanders up my chest, where he finds my naked breasts and already hard nipples. I bury my fingers in his hair and moan when he runs his lips all over my burning skin, his touch igniting that fire in me that I missed so much.

With passionate impatience, the rest of our clothes hits the floor, and he fixes his gaze on my lips as he lies down on top of me. His body slips between my thighs, and I wrap my legs around his waist to pull him closer to me. I desperately need him to finally kiss me, so I lift my head to close the last distance between us. A familiar hum escapes from deep within his throat and makes me shiver with anticipation before he devours my lips as if his life depends on it. And while he does, he runs his hands under my back and lifts me up slightly so he can finally slide in with one quick push.

Our moans of relief and desire grow louder as we move together faster and faster. Ben thrusts into me hard and deep, and we’re both panting and moaning each other’s names – completely out of control.

Soon, I feel an orgasm approaching, and I dig my nails into Ben’s shoulders, and as the hot waves rush through my body, Ben climaxes too. One last push and we are breathing heavily in each other’s arms.

It takes us both a few moments to come back to our senses and be able to move again. We each tighten the grip we have on the other, and Ben buries his face in the nape of my neck. I deeply inhale his scent as if to refuel and fill in the emptiness his absence left. He gently kisses my neck and breathes on my skin, “I love you, Princess.”

I shudder at the soft touch of his lips. “I love you too,” I whisper.

Ben lifts his head to give me one last kiss before he breaks our connection and lies down next to me. He pulls me into his arms and covers us with a blanket. I rest my head on his chest, where I hear his steady and soothing heartbeat, and for a few minutes, we enjoy the closeness we both missed so much.

I suddenly realize how utterly exhausted I am. I know there are many things we need to talk about, but right now I want to enjoy being at ease again, so I close my eyes and take in a slow, deep breath. But a moment later, Ben sighs deeply and hugs me a little tighter, and my eyes fly open. “Princess, I’m so sorry about what happened,” he tells me. “When I heard what this asshole did, I had to see you right away; I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning.”

I sit up and look at him. The fatigue from a minute ago is gone; now I need answers. “Where have you been these past days?”

Ben takes a deep breath, sits up as well, and leans against the headboard. I watch him intently when he speaks. “Last Thursday, I got a message from Aaron. I had to get him out of trouble.” He rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

I frown. “Trouble? What kind of trouble?” I glare at him when he shakes his head again. “Come on,” I say. “Tell me. Don’t you think I deserve to know after what happened?”

Ben closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose, and he even grinds his teeth. I can sense his unwillingness to tell me what happened, but just when I want to urge him to speak, he says, “All right.” He takes a deep breath and takes my hand. “I was in Arizona, some place close to the Mexican border where Aaron was involved in some deal with some drug gang to get more info on a bigger deal – the info he owed Jackson. And in the process, my idiot brother got himself arrested, but the police didn’t have enough evidence to keep him locked up too long. It still took longer to get him out than I expected. I thought I would be back by Monday to pick you up from the airport. That’s why I didn’t tell you anything; I didn’t want you to worry.”

I sigh. “That plan didn’t quite work out. I was back here on Saturday and have been freaking out since.”

“Shit, Amy, I’m sorry,” he says with a pained expression. “This really isn’t how this was supposed to happen. I wanted to call and let you know I was okay, but I lost my fucking phone, or those damn morons stole it, or whatever,” he growls. “But since we first had to get out of trouble, I had no chance to get in touch. An hour ago, we finally arrived in New York. Aaron met with Eddy, who told us about your encounter.” He draws his eyebrows together, pulls me into him, and hugs me tight. “I don’t even want to think about what could have happened. I never thought Jackson would act on his threats.”

“Stop worrying, Ben,” I tell him as I pull back from our hug to look at him. “It’s all good. Besides, Isaac came to my rescue as well.”

Ben sighs. “Yeah, Eddy mentioned. Not that he could have done much.” He rolls his eyes.

I grimace. “Come on, stop. It’s over. But I wonder – what happens next? Is everyone safe?”

Ben nods. “Aaron has the information he was supposed to get, so the problem should be solved. And he’s probably going to talk to Jackson’s father.”

I narrow my eyes at him. “Why? Who is this guy’s father?”

Ben sighs. “Well, he’s a cop. He knows about his son’s sideline activities – or what he thinks used to be his way of earning his money. He sure won’t be happy.”

I look at him wide-eyed. “So Aaron wants to rat him out? And that’s supposed to help?”

“In that world, many things happen that others don’t understand. But all that matters is that I’m finally back with you. I will protect you.”

Ben’s words that are supposed to reassure me make me nervous instead. Not because I’m scared, but because I’m worried that Ben will eventually realize he can’t always protect me. And what happens then?

Ben interrupts my thoughts. “And how was your visit home? Did everything go well?”

“Yes, I am officially a divorced woman now.”

Ben smiles. “Congratulations! And how do you feel?”

“Good. Noah and I talked a lot. We parted in peace, and I came to terms with my past.”

Ben pulls me back into him and wraps his strong arms around me – the one place where I feel safe and secure. I cuddle up to him as we hide under the blanket, and I enjoy the calmness of the moment. My last thought before falling into a peaceful sleep is that I never want to miss that feeling ever again.

When the alarm goes off the next morning, it takes me a while to realize what’s going on. Even though it was the best night’s sleep I had in almost two weeks, it was hardly more than three or four hours.

Ben’s firm, bare chest is pressed up against my naked back, one arm possessively resting on my just as naked butt. The alarm still sounds, but I have no motivation at all to move. But then Ben slides his hand up my side up to my chest, cupping my breast while he pushes his crotch closer to my butt. I chuckle. “Good morning, mister. I see – or rather feel – you are awake.”

Ben breathes a “Yes” in my ear before he leaves tender kisses along my shoulder. I sigh and close my eyes again. “Hey, I have to go to work.”

“Me too,” he groans. “But we still have some time.”

My eyes widen in surprise, and I turn around in his arms to face him. “You want to go back to work today?”

“Will you be there?” he asks with raised eyebrows.


“Then I don’t want to be anywhere else,” he tells me and lowers his mouth to mine. And after a short and sweet kiss, Ben reaches over me to turn off the alarm. He gets up, pulls me after him despite my protests, and leads me to the bathroom.

I look at him with a frown. “What are you up to?”

He grins and turns on the shower before he turns to me, puts his hands on my waist, and pulls me closer for a passionate kiss. Luckily, he has a firm grip on me or else I would have melted away, and within seconds, tired is the last thing I feel. Instead, intense sexual energy rushes through my veins, causing that fluttering in my belly, and my whole body is restlessly craving Ben’s touch. I want him – I need him.

I rest my hands on his chest, where his heart is beating just as fast as mine. Ben interrupts our kiss to push me into the shower, where he grabs my body wash and lathers my tingling skin in the most arousing and sensual way.

Once I did the same to his hard body, his mouth finds mine in a heated and wet and rough kiss that leaves us moaning breathlessly. The water pours down on us, surrounding us with steam and more heat, making our body temperature rise even higher. My hand wanders over Ben’s chest down to his impressive erection. “Oh, Ben,” I groan. “Take me, now!”

With a low growl, he squeezes my butt and pushes me against the wall. I gasp when my back hits the cold tiles that are a stark contrast to my hot skin. Ben lifts up my leg, and I grab hold of his shoulder and lead him inside me with my other hand.

As usual, he loses no time and thrusts into me with passionate intensity, and with each thrust, we pant, and I roll my hips towards him so I feel him even deeper inside me.

Ben hums in my ear, “Fuck, you are so sexy, and you feel so good.”

“Hmmm, yesss – Oh, Ben–” I moan his name when he moves his hand between our bodies to find my clit and his rough fingers caress me. I’ve never felt him so intensely – or any other man, for that matter. We both let ourselves go, and I probably don’t have a single working brain cell left. His mouth explores every inch of my hot skin within reach while his fingers dig into my ass. Damn, this feels amazing!

After a few more moments, Ben climaxes, and I follow him directly with one of the best orgasms of my life.

Ben turns off the water and looks at me. He puts a hand on my cheek and kisses me tenderly. I’m still panting. “Wow – that was – I mean – I’ll tell you what I mean, once I can think straight again.”

Ben laughs and kisses my neck. “I know what you mean.”

Despite our hot performance, we manage to get to Ben’s apartment so he can change for work and be at work on time.

As we enter the building, an agitated Lauren comes rushing up to us and falls around Ben’s neck. “You stupid idiot! Do you know how worried we were?” She lets go of him and then hugs me tight. “And you! Isaac told me what happened last night.”

Ben frowns. “Seriously? He told you? He’s such a gossip. These kinds of stories shouldn’t be spread.”

Lauren glares at Ben. “Amy would have told me anyway, right, Amy?” She looks at me expectantly.

“Uh – yes – probably, ” I stutter.

Ben sighs. “Please, this sort of thing shouldn’t be taken lightly. I don’t want you to talk about it anymore, okay?”

Lauren hits him on the shoulder. “Don’t get your panties in a twist!”

Ben grimaces. He’s really not happy that Lauren knows about the little incident from last night. He takes my hand. “Whatever. Come on, Princess. We have work to do.”

He pulls me after him, and I just shrug apologetically before we step into the elevator. I guess we won’t discuss this further then.

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