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‘She’ll be fine’ Wolf said huskily ‘She has me to protect her from all the scary piles of paper and math problems! If Wolf knows one thing, he knows he loves Emily West. Ever since the president of his MC club placed her in his arms when he was fourteen he knew that she was his. Now he's grown up and Turf wars are breaking out between and uprising outlaw club and when the President's son of the outlaw club decides he wants Emily, Wolf will stop at nothing to protect her.

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Major, the president of the Iron Angels MC stood in the now empty clubhouse of the of the Blackhawk MC. The Iron Angels had been monitoring them after he got a tip from his brother who worked down at the station. They had a deal that Major and his club would deal with any club that turned illegal, any one-percenters in return to a blind eye when it came to the clubs personal matters.

Iron Angels MC was a legit club that Major had worked hard to build, they earnt their money through their garage and doing small cases for the police, making sure all the little prinks in town didn’t get an elated opinion of themselves and go round town with drugs in their bags trying to get some cash in their pockets.

His brother had told him two weeks ago that it was suspected that the club was selling weapons and drugs to outlaw clubs. He had sent his VP, Ranger into the club as a nomad searching for an MC. The plan was for him to gather intel but something had gone wrong and the Blackhawks got wind of the whole operation. One thing lead to another and now here Major stood in the middle of the clubs empty common room.

The fight hadn’t been easy but Major considered himself lucky that they hadn’t lost any brothers, the worst being bullet grazes which Cyrus was treating. His brother had come and gone with the one percenters they had got, a few got away, so Major would have to double his street patrols as pissed bikers running around town was not something he took lightly.

He had sent Axe his Sargent of Arms and Leon to go find Ranger and scout for anyone else while Major cheeked his brothers out. The president had been shot in the fight but the VP was still unaccounted for. It wasn’t rare for clubs to disband relocate and the VP take up the presidency of the club.

Shouting and crashes roused him from his surveillance as he swivelled on his feet and moved to the garage out back. The room was obviously used for the creation of weapons proving once again that Ranger’s information he was able to relay proved true. At the back of the room was a set of metal doors which had been thrown open.

As Major moved across the room he began to see a set of concrete steps leading down into a dark corridor. Spatters of blood smeared across the steps and a Major reached the doors he caught the glimpse of two bodies moving up the stairs towards him.

Axe towed the Blackhawk VP behind him, his face cold and hard as he jostled the man who was groggy and groaning.

‘Nice work,’ Major quipped as Axe entered the garage. The VP’s who’s patch read ‘Skinner’ was bloody and bruising, Major raised his eyebrows at Axe who as far as he could see held no scrape on him and yet his face cold and burning with fury.

‘Wasn’t me.’ he bit out honestly shooting Skinner a glare as the man slumped in his hold before nodding his head towards the metal doors.

Ranger emerged, looking a bit worse for wear with a black eye, split lip, a limp and couple bruises. Major breathed a breath of relief. He had missed his VP and was glad to see him back. He had a thirteen-year-old son back at the clubhouse who was waiting for him with Cyrus.

It had taken a lot for Ranger’s son, Wolf, to wait back at the clubhouse. While the boy was still young he was learning about the ways on the club and Major was training the boy the grow up to hold a position of responsibility within the club. While Major was getting on a bit on the age spectrum, he didn’t have a son of his own and as he watched Wolf grow up it became clear to him that the young boy was different to the other kids in the club.

Wolf had wanted to come with them to the Blackhawks but was sated with responsibilities if keeping the club in order until they got back. Of course, the response was more trusted to Cyrus and the other bikers left at the compound still monitoring the compound but the fierce look of loyalty and determination on Wolf’s face as he accepted the take made him smile.

‘Ranger!’ he grinned walking up to the brother and patting him on the back. ‘Glad to see you!’ he told him truthfully.

‘Likewise!’ he told him, his voice hoarse and gruff. He adjusted his stance and that’s when Major noted what his VP was holding in his arms.

A small girl clung to Ranger, even from a distance Major could see her small and frail form was battered and she shook silently in Rangers steady hold burying her head in his chest. She wore a large worn t-shirt that hung over her highlighting her small frame.

‘Who is this?’ Major asked stepping closer to get a better look lightly reaching out and touching the girl’s shoulder.

The girl flinched and whimpered squeezing Ranger more as she tucked herself into the biker who squeezed her back and cooed to her, coaxing her to be brave.

‘This is Emily’ he told them. ‘We’ve become friends these past few days and as I promised she’s getting out of here and coming back with us’ he told them.

Major watched as Emily raised her head and peaked at Major. If eyes were truly the image of the soul Major knew that he was staring into the purest soul he had ever seen. Slowly he took a step forward and smiled down at her. His smile widened when the corner of her lips twitched as she shyly smiled back at him.

10 minutes later Major was driving Ranger and Emily back in his truck. He had wanted to ride to the club but not knowing what state Ranger would be in he elected to take his truck. Both their bikes were in the back and Emily lay curled up asleep on Ranger lap and he was stroking her hair affectionally.

Major had gotten the full picture from Ranger telling him all about how he had found her beaten and bruised. She was the daughter of the old President before he got killed by his own club. They abused her and Ranger had described to he how she spent her time doing chores, getting beaten and left in a cell. The girl had already gone through so much and Major had learnt she was only twelve.

Ranger didn’t need to ask if Emily could stay. Major had taken a liking to her and already felt protective over her in a fatherly way. He felt as if it was his duty to make sure the rest of her life was filled with happiness.

When they reached the club he stopped the truck an turned off the ignition. As they climbed out of the truck, Major caught sight of Wolf running from the clubhouse out of the corner of his eye and gestured for Ranger to give him Emily.

Ranger bent down and embraced his son in a tight bear hug. Major chuckled as he watched the two reunite. Ranger leaned down to whisper something in Wolf’s ear as he pointed to where Major stood with Emily. He stood and made his way over to them with Wolf on his heels.

‘Wolf, this is Emily’ Ranger introduced, while Wolf stood gawking in awe with obvious curiosity.

‘Can you look after her for me?’ Major asked the kid looking him in the eyes.

‘Yeah!’ he answered straight away gesturing for the older biker to hand her to him. Major chucked as he gently passed Emily over to the awestruck thirteen-year-old.

‘Emily, this is Wolf!’ he told the sleeping girl as he handed her over.

‘W-Wolfy’ She murmured sleepily snuggling into Wolf’s chest.

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