To Trap A kiss

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Chapter 1


Emily giggled as she ran through the Iron Angel’s garage. Some of the bikers looked up from where they were working on their bikes and car engines and smiled at the girl. Emily figured it wouldn’t be long before Wolf caught up with her.

Being a smaller build than Wolf had its advantages sometimes. While he had more strength than her she was faster and more agile proving effective for agility. She kept looking behind her, checking to see if Wolf was following her. They were playing tag, or more like she had run up to him tagged him and ran away!

Not looking where she was going Emily tripped and she flung her hands out in front of herself trying to break of fall but she shut her eyes and waited for the impact of the floor but arms hooked around her waist and snagged her body up preventing her fall.

‘Careful Emily!’ Ranger said as he set her back on his feet again! Emily smiled up at the man who she considers as a father figure. She giggled and ran to hide behind him just as the door to the garage burst open.

‘Emily!’ Wolf called his eyes scanning around the room for the small girl hiding behind his father. Emily peaked her eyes out of Ranger’s vest and peered around the man to watch the biker’s working in the garage snicker at the two’s silly antics.

‘Why is my son searching through the garage for you?’ Ranger questioned, keeping his body in front of her shielding her from Wolf’s view who was pacing around the workshop looking under biker’s tool tables.

‘W-Where playing tag!’ she giggled out trying to keep her voice quiet but couldn’t help the rush of excitement flowing through her veins.

‘Well then, we must not have you losing this game!’ he told her calmly and Emily could imagine the smile on his face and the mischievous glint in the greying biker’s eyes. It was clear that Wolf had got his mischievous streak from his father.

‘In a minute get ready to run to the clubhouse’ he told her and she nodded forgetting that he couldn’t see her. ‘I believe she went over there son,’ he told Wolf pointing in the opposite direction and slipping his other hand round his back and squeezed her own.

The signal was clear this was her moment to escape.

Emily tried to contain her giggling as she ran from behind Ranger to the door and then sprinted to the clubhouse.

‘Shit! Dad.’ Wolf cursed and she heard a commotion as someone followed her. This time she didn’t try to suppress he laugh as she threw her head back. She had almost made it to the clubhouse when arms encircled her behind, and she tripped over Wolf’s feet and they both went down.

Wolf twisted at the last minute landing on the ground first and cushioning her fall. She landed on his chest lightly and Wolf quickly rolled them so she was under him, his arms propped on either side of her trapping her in.

‘Tag!’ he whispered smiling down at her devastatingly. His chestnut hair fell down over his chocolate eyes and he grinned down at her like a child on Christmas day.

‘W-W-Wolfy!’ she giggled whilst trying to catch her breath trying to wriggle out from where he had her pinned down gently with his body, not putting any weight on her. Eventually, she stopped struggling and blue a raspberry up at him.

He chuckled leaning down and blowing one right a back in her neck, she squealed and fought to get out of his hold. Begrudgingly he let go and rolled off her and onto his feet, stretching out his hand for her to take and pulled her up.

He didn’t let go of her hand her tugged her in the direction of the clubhouse to start walking.

‘Where are we going?’ She asked smiling up at his not so subtle attempts to walk slower so she didn’t have to jog next to his long stride.

‘Well Angel, I was just talking to Ace about what time we were all going to meet for school tomorrow when a crazy little blonde girl came up to me and started a game she knew she could not win!’ he told her smirking. Emily just rolled her eyes thinking about how it was exactly possible to win a game of tag and already planning her next move on him.

‘I don’t want to go back tomorrow.’ She admitted quietly, scowling at his chuckle he let go of her hand and wrapped his arm around her shoulders pulling Emily to him.

‘You’ll be fine’ he told her ‘You’ve got me, and if that’s not enough you have Mace, Hunter and Fox.’ He told her squeezing her shoulder.

‘I know, but it still sucks that the holidays are over, it’s not going to be as fun anymore.’ she pouted slipping inside the clubhouse.

‘Hey!’ Wolf exclaimed, stopping forcing Emily to stop with him turning to look back at him with a quizzical expression. ‘You don’t think we are going to have fun?’ he asked, painting a hurt expression on his face. Emily gasped.

‘No! of course, I do! That’s not what I meant.’ she consoled him ‘Of course we are still going to have fun it just dims your mood a lot when you got homework to think about,’ she told him, trailing off at the end and suddenly finding her hair very interesting.

Wolf chuckled and pulled her close pressing a kiss on her forehead, ‘I know Angel, I know’ he told her tugging her to keep moving again as they walked into the clubhouse.

Emily smiled up at him. Wolf had been her best friend since their club had rescued her from the Blackhawks. She had been scared, frightened and untrusting but she had trusted Wolf straight away. There was about him that made her feel safe with him even when she was a frightened twelve-year-old, weary of bikers.

She shivered thinking of her past and smiled when Wolf subconsciously rubbed her back as they walked through the clubhouse.

Spotting Old Major, Emily squealed and ran to him to be enveloped in a warm hug by the old man.

‘Emily!’ he exclaimed stroking her hair. ‘How did your 5:30 go?’ he inquired after her job at the club’s tattoo shop.

When she had been brought back to the Iron Angels by Ranger she was finally able to express her passion for art. Ink, one of the bikers in the club had set up a tattoo shop nearby in town and after months of pleading Major had finally let her work there and she was able to put her artistic visions into her designs. Of course, Wolf was not pleased and insisted he always dropped her off and pick her up.

For her first couple of months, he had insisted he stayed for the whole time she was away from the clubhouse until Major called him back for work. he was her first tattoo, which was two angel wings on his back.

In today’s appointment, she had finally finished a big project that she had been working on for weeks. Duncan, a bouncer had been coming for many appointments to get a tattoo he was planning to surprise his soon to be wife with. He was a frequent customer and Emily had seen the two together and couldn’t wait for them to tie the knot.

Duncan had got his fences name, Jorden, tattooed across his chest with roses and flowers embroidered into his design.

‘It was great, I finally finished on Duncan!’ she told him happily and he congratulated her on her work causing her to blush and Wolf who was leaning on the bar that Major was sitting at. All the bikers loved to compliment on her art skills as it would make her blush redder than a tomato.

‘And are you ready for school tomorrow?’ he asked, a knowing smile on his face.

‘I guess,’ she mumbled looking down dreading the events of the next day.

Arms circled around her waist and pulled her into a warm, hard, safe chest. ‘She’ll be fine’ Wolf said huskily ‘She has me to protect her from all the scary piles of paper and math problems!’ he ribbed tickling her sending her into fits of giggles.

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