To Trap A kiss

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Chapter 2

Wolf chuckled as he entered the clubhouse the next morning, Emily was nowhere in sight! He caught sight of Major eating his breakfast, the old biker gave him a look that read ’better you than me’ as his eyes flew to the stairs where Emily’s room was along with the other bikers and prospects who lived at the club.

Wolf lived with his father in an apartment near the club although he spent most of his time at the club and considered his home. When he graduated he would move into the clubhouse until finally one day he would move into a house with Emily.

Wolf knew that he wanted to be with Emily since the first day he met her, at first he took a step back as he comforted her through all her PTSD. He had been there for her when she would wake up from her nightmares dreaming that she was back at the Blackhawks MC. It was then that Wolf swore that he would never let any more harm come to his Angel.

He had wanted to give her space, to wait until she was ready to understand the true depths of his feelings for her but he could wait for her. He would wait for a million for if she needed him to.

On his way up the stairs, he passed Fox coming down the stairs. the redhead was Majors nephew who had moved into the clubhouse after his father, John had uprooted and moved to Florida with his little sister Rosie for his job. Fox chose to stay here and prospected for the club, he had soon become fast friends with Wolf.

Climbing the stairs, he walked the hallway to Emily’s room. At first he had been angry at Major for giving her a room in the middle of all the bikers but he trusted his brothers, and besides, often Wolf would crash in Emily’s room when he stayed the light.

He opened the door grinning as he burst inside. His smile grew as he eyed as a small bundle under a mountain of covers and pillows.

‘Angel!’ he called softly advancing to the bed quietly. Emily didn’t answer, not surprising Wolf. He dropped onto the bed next to the small bundle.

‘Come on Angel! I promise today will be fun,’ he told her, trying to put in as much enthusiasm as he could muster into his voice. Emily groaned.

‘Go away’ she whined, ‘I don’t want to go to school,’

Wolf chuckled at her antics and reached down pulling the covers of her. He stared down at the fair-haired angel that lay on the bed. She pouted up at him her puppy eyes reaching down into his soul and grasping his heart. He had to look away, he knew he couldn’t resist that face so look away quickly refusing to look down at her.

‘Come on.’ He coaxed standing up and reaching down pulling her up and off the bed. Emily squeaked as he lifted her to her feet, wiggling about in his arms she sighed she sighed and quietened in his arms.

To his surprise, she was already dressed in white, high waisted cut off shorts and a tight pink knit ribbed crop top. He raked his eyes down her body appreciatively. She was perfect, her long hair cascaded down her back like a golden waterfall, her bottle green eyes glimmered as she looked up at him biting her lip.

‘Do I look ok?’ she asked nervously, peering up at him from under her lashes. Wolf snapped out of his ogling realising he had been staring at her.

‘Stunning,’ he told her honestly loving how her cheeks tinged red as she blushed from his comment.

‘Shut up,’ she retorted quietly, playful punching him on the arm.

‘You ready Angel?’ he asked grinning as the smile faded from her face overcome with a look of dread

‘I guess’ she replied solemnly’ grabbing her bag from under her bed and slipping it onto her shoulder. Wolf’s arm rubbed her back tugging a strand of hair playfully and ogled her hands as she tried to fend off his attempts to bring a smile to her lips.

The two walked down the steps to the common room laughing. The sound was music to his ears and he knew that tilly his dying breath he would spend his life trying to make her laugh.

As they reached the bottom of steps Emily was tackled by Mace, the son of Romeo, one of the bikers in the club and Olivia. Olivia was like the club’s version of your crazy aunt and it seems her son had taken after her flair for the dramatic.

Mace swept Emily up, spinning her around before promptly caring her over the bar where Hunter stood behind, a box of cereal in his hand as he poured himself a bowl. Mace dropped her down on the stool and stared expectantly at Hunter who reached down behind the counter and produced another bowl.

‘Oh no its ok Hunter,’ Emily began solemnly ‘I couldn’t eat anything in such sad times like these,’ she told him melodramatically producing a snot for nearby bikers mulling about eating their own breakfast.

Mace gasped causing all the bikers to turn to him as he began to ramble on about the importance of breakfast and how it was necessary that a small thing like her ate.

Wolf chuckled as she walked behind the bar and reached into a cupboard where he knew there were some breakfast bars. He slipped to into his pocket of his leather jacket, knowing that he would coax her to eat one later.

He returned back to Emily, taking a seat next to her as he turned his attention to Mace who was now munching on a brimming bowl of cheerios, his argument forgotten, and fidgeted with her fingers as she waited for her friends to finish there breakfast.

Wolf captured her hands linking his pinkie with hers and kissing his thumb as she echoed his movement.

They had done this for so long, if one of them felt nervous, anxious or say they would link pinkies and press their foreheads together and simply bask in each other’s presence. He sensed her relax as the tension left her body and he smiled.

No less then 10 minutes later, Hunter, Fox, Mace, Wolf and Emily stood outside the clubhouse with their bikes ready to drive to school. They always drove together, deeming it safer as the school they attended was also attend by other clubs and Major didn’t want to take any chances.

Wolf pulled Emily’s helmet down over her head and adjusted the chin strap despite hearing her quiet protest of how ‘she could do it herself’ Wolf smiled and with no warning picked her up and placed her gently on the back of his bike, loving the look of surprise on her face as he climbed on in front of her and unzipped his pockets so that she could slide her hands into them to protect her from the cold.

Wolf sighed in bliss as he felt her arms encircle his waist and his angel press her small body against him as he revved up his engine and drove out the gates.

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