To Trap A kiss

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Chapter 3

Emily laughed as she clung onto Wolf back as they walked with Mace, Hunter and Fox as they walked to the main school office to collect their year’s schedules. They were joined by the flow of the students around them and had to join a queue before they could collect their schedule.

Emily could not help glaring ay the walls of the school. It was not all the subjects the Emily hated and in fact, there were subject like art that she was actually very good at, so much so that she now had worked at Ink’s tattoo store.

When they reached the front of the line Emily tapped Wolf on the shoulder asking to be let down as they walked towards the lady on the front desk who was called Mrs Collingwood.

Mrs Collingwood was a sweet woman who worked at reception and although Emily wasn’t exactly pleased to be back, but she mustered up a big simple for the kind older woman.

‘Ah! Miss Taylor,’ she greeted Emily as she stepped up to the main desk. ‘Here for your schedule and locker number are you?’ she asked sweetly as she fumbled about things on her desk and in various file cabinets. Emily was quite shocked that she remembered who she was as she didn’t visit reception much other than the beginning of the term and other odd occasions.

‘Yes please!’ she responded sweetly as she waited patiently for her to gather up the needed documents. Wolf stood behind her his hand resting on his lower back as he scanned the room glaring at certain people.

Emily snorted. Whenever they were at school he was always glaring at people which meant lots of people gave them a wide birth and Emily spent her whole life explaining to people that in reality, he was actually sweet in person.

‘Here we are!’ Mrs Collinsworth exclaimed triumphantly as she passed Emily over two sheets of paper with her schedule and locker number and new combo. Emily slightly pitied the woman having to give and keep track of everyone their relevant documents. Her table as it was, was already a mess with paper everywhere.

Emily thanked the women and stepped back allowing Wolf to ask for his schedule she was greeted by Mace who had already received his schedule and now looped an arm around her shoulder and snatched her papers and examining them.

‘Ah sweet!’ he exclaimed with a mini fist pump I the air ‘You’re two lockers down from me and Fox is on the other side,’ he told her happily smiling at Hunter as he approached grabbing her papers of Mace, ignored her flailing hand that tried to get them back and compared them to his.

‘Are we close?’ Emily asked squirming out of Mace’s grip to peer over the paper to see the information written on it.

‘No...’ he harrumphed ‘but we do have Maths, English and gym together’ he said brightening up at this

Next, to him Wolf jogged over and like the other two took her papers and examined it.

‘It’s fine take my schedule, it’s not like I need it or want to see what classes I have today.’ she mumbled quietly rolling her eyes at the boys in front of her who smirked at her comment

Emily watched his face fall and his jaw clench, ‘My lockers on the other side of the school,’.

After hearing this she frowned already reminiscent of last year when they were locker buddies. ‘What about classes?’ she asked, standing on her tiptoes to peak over at the papers.

her schedule read:

9:00-9:25 - Homeroom

9:30 -10:10 - Geometry

10:15-12:55 -English

1:00-1:40 - Psychology

1:40 – 2:15 Lunch

2:20-3:00 - Art

3:10 – 4:05 - Gym

‘We have English and Art together and Gym in the same period,’ he admitted, still frowning moving so his arms encircled her waist and he rested his chin on her shoulder.

Emily grabbed her timetable off of wolf quickly scanning her first class and internally groaned, Geometry. It’s not like she didn’t try in math, she did but there was just so much to remember and all these special rules – it was all too much.

Surprisingly, it turned out that they were all in the same homeroom class so when the bell went Emily found herself doodling on her notepad possible tattoo designs, occasionally doodling on Wolf’s exposed arm as he slumped next to her, head on the desk eyes closed.

Emily thought he was asleep but he managed to groan out and incoherent ‘here’ when the teacher took attendance. She enjoyed the time with him, ignoring Mace’s loud voice behind her flirting with one of the girls in her class.

Mace was a dick, but she loved him like a brother, but that didn’t mean she approved of him hitting on anything that moved.

After homeroom Wolf walked her and Hunter to Geometry despite the fact that Emily insisted he would be late for his class but he just smirked at her an kept on walking. When they reached her classroom Hunter went in while she turned and pushed Wolf with all her strength. Of course, the big brute didn’t budge but instead watched her with a goofy grin on his face.

‘Go! Or your be late’ she insisted

Finally, he gave in, ‘Okay Angel!’ he said kissing the top of her forehead ‘You wait here and I will see you after class, ok?’


‘See you soon’ he told her backing up a few steps before turning to run down the hall to his classroom. Emily bit out a giggle and turned and approaches hell, also known as Geometry.

Hunter had saved her a seat next to him which she took grabbing her notebook out of her bag as she prepared for the worst.

40 long minutes went by and eventually, the bell rang causing Emily to grab her stuff and run to the door bumping into other students as she rushed to get out of the horror which was math. She heard Hunter chuckling behind her as he patiently gathered up his stuff and slung it into his black backpack.

Emily waited outside the door for Wolf, she was perfectly capable of going to class on her own but since Wold was in her next class it would be nice to walk together. Emily hoped that they would be able to sit near each other but a girl in school, Amber Davis would also always try to sit next to Wolf with all her ‘posy’ surrounding him and blocking her out.

It’s not that Emily didn’t mind Wolf having an interest in other girls, he was her best friend and no more as she would constantly remind herself every time she was that goofy smile on his lips, but she especially didn’t want Amber to be his girlfriend.

Emily liked most people but she wouldn’t stand by a bully especially when she picked on sophomores and other younger years.

‘Angel!’ Wolf greeted, jogging up to them, a board smile on his face. ‘How was math?’

‘Brilliant!’ she said sweetly

‘Really?’ he asked a weary expression on his face

Emily signed ‘No, it was awful – I really did try but....’ she trailed off.

Wold chuckled slipping his arm around her waist pulling her to him ‘Come on Angel,’ he whispered waiting for her to wave goodbye to Hunted as they started walking to English.

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