To Trap A kiss

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Chapter 4

Wolf ignored the annoying high pitch whine behind him and he walked from his history class to Emily’s Phycology one. Amber Davis screeched behind him calling for him to slow down. Wolf speed up.

‘Wolf!’ she cried, ‘Wait up’ she told him as her hand snuck her clawed hand round to grab his arm.

‘What do you want Amber?’ he bit out annoyed at her presence. Amber was not a nice person and more than a few time Wolf had caught her tearing into his Angel. He had made it very clear to Amber that he didn’t like her and to stay away from them, usually, his threats made people run to the hills but this girl just didn’t seem to get it.

‘Well, we haven’t seen each other since last semester, I just wanted to know how you are doing?’ she clung to him and was almost jogging to keep up with his long strides. ‘I am actually throwing a party on Friday and I thought that you could...’

Wolf stopped in his stride ‘Could what Amber? Go to your party –I don’t like you Amber –I’ve told you this, I don’t like people who prey on innocent people and thinks she better than everyone else’ with that he stride was leaving the tall blonde standing in shock huffing and stomping her foot.

Thankfully there were no other interruptions on the way and he met the other outsider her classroom with Emily. When she saw him her eyes brightened and she plastered a Cheshire cat grin on her face.

The others turned to him when he arrived he had seen Mace and Hunter in the morning lessons he believed he only had gym with Fox.

’You ready for lunch Angel?’he asked as they began to move in the direction of the cafeteria. His brothers fell in step behind them chatting about classes and the new gossip in school, Wolf also ignored Mace’s comment about how ‘He was here too and would love to go to lunch –thanks Wolf!’, his Angel laughed at this and asked him about his history class and what he was covering.

‘We didn’t really so much cause it was the first class, so it was pretty boring but I drew this for you’ he told her twisting his backpack around and pulled the piece of paper out and handed it to her.

Wolf was no artist, like Emily but he had taken art on as a class so he could spend more time with her which meant he wasn’t terrible at drawing. He smiled as Emily gasped at his drawing. It was her as the subject he had tried to capture her beauty as well as he could on paper (although nothing could compare). She was framed by two magnificent Angel wings, the ones that were currently tattooed onto his back by his angel.

‘Wolf!’ she squealed, ‘This is amazing! Can I keep it?’ he could hear the pure happiness in her voice and he reached out to tuck a strand of golden hair behind her ear as he nodded. He smiled as he watched her press the drawing to her chest, a cute pick blush kissing her cheeks.

When they reached the cafeteria they joined the short queue and all them laughed at Emily as she tried to stand on her tiptoes to see what type of food was being served.

What made them laugh more was when she went off on a whole rant about how they wouldn’t be laughing if they were her size and all the problems faced by those who are vertically challenged. Wolf did not miss the heated looks from all the other boys in the cafeteria towards his girl but they were quick to look away when Wolf sent his best glare back to them.

When they reached the queue Wolf took a tray and asked for his food, a hearty helping of macaroni cheese and Emily asked for her food, a helping of chicken and rice with some sort of orange sauce. Wolf took their food to the till scooping up two slices of strawberry cheesecake on the way and paid for their food, not wanting Emily to spend her money she had earned from the tattoo shop.

He had seen how proud she was when she received her first pay check. Being the Angel she was she immediately took it to Major trying to insist he took the money for the club as they had looked after her for so long, in fact even in the first place when Ink had given he the money she hadn’t wanted to take it, but both bikers were insistent and made her keep the money for herself. Her savings deserved to be spent on something better than school lunches.

‘Wolfy!’ she groaned, ‘We’ve talked about this, I can buy my own lunch,’ he ignored her and walked to a table setting the tray down ‘And carry my own lunch.’ she added.

He smirked sitting down and pulling her down with him on the bench, she quietened when he placed her meal in front of her and placed a fork in her hand –immediately the point she was trying to get through vanished from her mind as she dug into the food.

They spent the rest of the lunch period in the cafeteria. Mace, Hunter and Fox came to sit with them and they disused their misery over the start of school, Wolf notice Hunter remained quiet throughout the whole conversation.

Hunter was clever, one of the smarted guys he knew, he was a wiz with any sort of computer and had already taken on the major tech role of the club. The guy could hack his way into anything. It was no secret he loved learning, he took all the tech classes, physics and maths and was usually always spending time explaining topics and homework to Emily and his brothers.

Classes after lunch went by quicker, Emily perked up in Art and now he was sitting on the bleachers after changing into his gym clothes for gym. He had the period with Emily, Mace and Fox the boys played football in the middle of the running track whilst the girls had gymnastics.

It was always distracting when Emily was doing her tumbling passes as, while she was flexible and had a natural talent for gymnastics, Wolf was always worried she would fall over. Of course, there was always the other members of the football team drooling after her petite toned body clad in her gym clothes which were supplied by their school, West Bridge High –which consisted of a red and yellow top and short black shorts.

While the boys at his school appraised this choice in uniform, Wolf did not approve.

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