To Trap A kiss

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Chapter 5

A puzzling quality that Emily possessed was the ability to perform tumbling passes and acrobatic tricks with careful grace and precision and yet in real life was as clumsy as an elephant in a ballet class, and having the added curve of the elephant being drunk and on role stakes – that was Emily.

She had always been rather good at gymnastics and athletics, other girls played volleyball and lacrosse. Unfortunately, ball sports were no her forte as after a couple years of being lovingly acquainted with balls as they smacked into her face.

She was happy that she shared gym with Wolf and the other guys. She always loved watching him play if he ever had matches. Whilst all the guys were good at football, Wolf was amazing at it. He had been offered the position of captain many times but he refused as he has duties to back at the club.

After the period was over Emily made her way back to the girls’ locker room talking to her friend, Clemmie one of her friends outside the club. Clemmie had a dramatic personality, desperate to make it in show biz as an actor and could always put a smile on Emily’s face.

After she had showered and changed back into her normal clothes, Emily skipped outside the school building to find Wolf sitting with his back against the tree which stood tall outside the front doors of the school. He had his eyes shut and look serine.

She began to make her way towards him, naturally falling into an overdramatic bank robbery walk only to catch her foot on a root and go tumbling down to the earth before she could even squeal and embrace herself for the incoming impact a hand slippered round her waist and she was pulled back into Wolf’s chest.

‘Be careful,’ he whispered ‘wouldn’t want you to trip.’ She could practically hear the smirk on his face. Emily blushed as a couple wolf whistled rang out from a couple of jocks who were making their way to their cars in the parking lot.

Wolf stepped back used his arms to turn her around and bopped her on her nose bringing a giggle to her lips.

‘Come on,’ he gestured grabbing her rucksack off her and slipping it onto his own shoulder as she stumbled to catch up to him and his long strides, they met the guys at the bikes who stood leaned against them groaning about the work set for the day.

‘The first day and already Mrs Millers is giving us homework! I don’t even get it – why is learning about how Macbeth was a dick help me in everyday life?’ Mace was ranting, throwing his hands up in the air.

When Mace saw her he mover, knocking Wolf away from her and slung an arm around her shoulders, not pausing on his rant about Shakespeare and what ‘a major dick he was’.

Emily laughed, it was always funny when Mace got going on a rant about English. While she listened to mace she noticed Hunter had moved and was talking quietly to Wolf both of them looked angry and were looking around seemly searching for someone and Emily strained to hear them above Maces eccentric ranting which had now moved onto how concerning Shakespeare’s mind was and how he was ‘probably a wackjob!’

She heard snippets of Hunter and Wolf’s conversation, ‘the Reapers here? ..... see Hawthorn?’ the bits she did get made no sense to her. Obviously feeling her stare Wolf caught her eye, his expression softening.

‘Are you ok?’ she mouthed to which he nodded and winked at her shooting her a jaw-dropping grin, pearly whites and all. she was pretty sure she learned an audible swooning for the girls nearby.

Soon they were on the road, Emily sat behind Wolf, he was giving her lessons on her bike, for her seveteenth birthday all of the club had gotten her, her own bike which she was learning to ride around the compound -while she had grown up around bikes it was ironic that she hadn’t learnt sooner.

They were heading into town were Ink’s tattoo parlour was. The gruff man was a master when it came to tattoos, she remembered always begging Major to let her go to the shop whenever Wolf and the guys were busy with ‘club business’.

Mace, Hunter and Fox accompanied them to the shop but when they all arrived each of them gave her a quick hug, ruffled her hair, or in Mace’s case tickled her, ignoring her screams.

As soon as she was free from Mace’s entrapment she skipped into the shop and ran to the burly man who stood leant against the counter flipping through tattoo sketches. She jumped on the man, taking him by surprise. His tense muscles relaxed when he head Wolf’s snort and her laugh.

‘How was school little Monkey?’ he asked spinning her around from his back and placing her on the counter. Emily huffed her face falling and her eyes darkening

Ink bellowed ‘That face says it all!’

She huffed but could hide the grin that escaped her lips. She leaned around the counter and snagged the book that held all of the appointments for the future. She watched out of the corner of her eye Wolf beckoning to Ink to talk outside.

She shrugged, if whatever it was he was angry about was important he would have told her right? She had a new client now that she had finished with Duncan and so began to prepare, tidying up the work desk and pulling out brochures of examples.

She spun around as she heard cursing, Wolf was no longer talking to Ink but was now instead, on the phone, cursing and swearing. She watched as he hung up kicked a stone of the concrete ground before heading back inside the ship. His eyes immediately sought her out her the brooding intensity did not leave his expression.

‘Angel,’ he called to her. ‘are you going to be ok if I leave you here for a bit? Majors called and something’s come up that he needs me for.’

‘Of course, I will be fine’ she assured him. he usually stayed while she worked her shift, doing homework in the break room or standing in on her sessions with clients. Being in the tattoo business often the clients were ‘slightly more intimidating characters’ and Wolf, the mother hen that he was liked to stick around.

Emily could see the conflict brewing in his eyes not knowing whether or not to leave her there.

‘It’s fine!’ she told him again ‘it’s not like anything is going to happen, Inks here and if the club needs you then you need to go!’ she tried to sound encouraging.

‘Ok’ he agreed begrudgingly pulling her close and placing a soft kiss on her forehead

Emily pulled back swatted his hands away ‘GO!’ she giggled practically shoving him out the shop. Getting the message Wolf fell into step jogging to his bike shooting a grin back over his shoulder to her, matching the one plastered on her face.

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