To Trap A kiss

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Chapter 6

By the time Emily had finished her shift at the shop, Wolf had still not returned.

Ink had left half an hour ago asking her to lock up. it had been a good shift, a new customer had arrived asking for an intricate tattoo of a dragon to stretch across her back.

Emily was ecstatic with the new project and had been over the moon when Ink had recommended her to Tracy.

The Grey haired Asian girl has shot her a shit-eating grin as she sat at the counter scanning through her past works and to her joy appraising her for her talents with her designs. What made the whole thing better was that Tracy wanted Emily to design the tattoo herself, instead of using a stencil.

She had listened eagerly as Tracy explained what she wanted in the tattoo, a fiery Chinese dragon that would start on her shoulder and coil down around her back to end on her left hip. Emily had jotted down all the details her mind already racing over ideas and designs.

Tracy had shown her other tattoo that she had, a Cobra that climbed her right arm. It suited the girl and the detail on the snake had her pressuring herself over the design for the dragon.

‘Did Ink do this?’ she asked in aww studying the intricate artwork and detail etched into the scale.

Tracy chuckled at her obvious ogling at the tattoo, ‘No, I got it done in San Francisco, a friend of mine put me in touch with the guy who specialises in snake designs.’ She explained as Emily stared at the sketchbook in front of her suddenly feeling unqualified for the job.

Even though the tattoo design wouldn’t be ready for another week, Tracy had stayed in the shop for another hour, talking and joking with Emily. It turns out she was a female kickboxer who was currently in the area for a fight. She had just won the ‘Draconian Tournament’ in Boston, hence the dragon tattoo.

By the time she had left the two girls had exchanged phone numbers, a firm friendship just beginning. She had packed up and locked up the school and now stood on the curb outside. She had Called wolf phone but he must have turned it off.

The compound wasn’t too far away and Emily didn’t want to bother any of the bikers, she felt mostly confident that she knew the way and despite the evermore darkening sky she set off.

Twenty minutes into her walk was felt her confidence wavering, she pulled out her phone to call someone to pick her up but to her dismay, she found she had no service, she decided to keep walking hoping to come across something familiar.

The temperature was rapidly dropping and Emily was glad she has remembered to place a grey knitted jumper in her backpack, yet her bare legs were cold.

Roughly ten minutes later a single headlight appeared ahead of her on the road. Her heart jumped hoping it was Wolf or one of her Iron Angels. The rider slowed down the bike, coming to a gentle halt beside her, because of the dim light she couldn’t see the rider in the dim light but she didn’t recognise the bike.

She watched as the biker removed his helmet shaking out a lock of shaggy, raven back hair, he wore a vest, a biker vest – but not one Emily recognised

‘Hi,’ she said sheepishly, not exactly sure what you say to a strange biker who pulls up next to you in the middle of the road, in the dark. It wasn’t exactly the situation every girl dreamed of.

‘You know, pretty girls like you shouldn’t be walking alone in the dark’ he began shutting off his engine and skill full knocking his kickstand down.

Emily squinted at his club patch, the symbol of something that looked like a skull, she had no idea what club this guy belonged to. She realised she had been silent for a while her only response had been to cock an eyebrow at his question.

He sighed looking her up and down, watching as her bare legs shivered, ‘Can I give you a ride princess?’ he asked genuinely concerned. she decided to ignore the nickname, this guy wanted to give her a ride – yeah no thanks. Emily knew very well what happened to girls who took rides with strangers

‘I’m good’ she told him ‘but thanks for the offer,’ she added not wanting to appear rude as she continued walking.

‘Come on’ he groaned and she heard behind her, him dismount his bike and follow her. A rough hand encircled her wrist tugging her around. She struggles in his grip until he finally let go. ‘Just let me take you home,’ he offered again.

She shook her head. There was no way she wanted this guy to know where she lived, the very thought sent shivers down her spine.

‘I am sorry, I am sure you only have good intentions but I don’t take rides from strangers, and it’s not far from here so I will be fine’ she moved to put some distance in between them.

‘You don’t take rides from stranger huh?’ he sounded frustrated, ‘Then let’s not be strangers, I am Ash and you are princess?’

Emily rolled her eyes, she couldn’t believe this guy, she obviously was tense around her and yet he wasn’t getting the message, pushing further into her personal space.

‘’If you don’t tell me now princess I am going to find out later,’ His voice now more forced and even in the low light she could see the irritation in his eyes. She continued to try and walk away but this time he grabbed her backpack and pulled it off her shoulders, a cocky smirk on his face.

‘Give that back,’ she told him in the most confident voice she could manage, something about this guy rubbed her the wrong way and she just wanted to be at home with Wolf and Major.

‘I will give it back for a small price,’ he told her dangling her bag over her head like she was a child as she tried to make a grab for it.

‘What?’ she asked warily halting her assault

‘Your name,’ Emily wasn’t a violent person but she just wanted to slap that stupid smirk off his face, before she could launcher her counter-attack two headlights appeared on the road. Her heart dropped.

Had the dark-haired biker sent for his friends?

Emily could not explain the relief she felt when the two bikers pulled to a stop and took off their helmets and saw the concerned faces of Axe and Cyrus.

‘Emily!’ they called in shook and she groaned as she saw the corners of Ash’s mouth, who was glaring at Axe and Cyrus, twitch up into a smirk as he dropped her backpack. She glared at him when it hit the concrete, she was lucky there was nothing breakable in there.

She grabbed it off the floor and ran to Axe and Cyrus who had dismounted their bikes and were fast approaching. Cyrus, the hind hearted ex-military doctor pushed her behind him towards Axe who checked her over scanning her for injuries.

‘What are you doing her Reaper?’ she heard Cyrus ask.

‘You know these guys princess?’ he called to her and she looked round to see him glaring at her two bikers, his fists clenching and unclenching. A cough from Cyrus brought his attention back to the dark-skinned giant.

‘I simply saw a young, beautiful girl shivering on the side of the road in the dark and felt obliged to help her before some wackjob could pick her up’ he told them, drawling his words. ‘She’s one of yours?’ he asked more serious this time.

‘That Reaper is not of your business but if you mess with her you will have the whole of the Iron angels on your back, ’ Axe threatened, standing to his full height.

‘Good to know.’ If Ash was intimidated, he didn’t show it, he shot her another one of his smirks, walking back to his bike.

‘I’ll see you around Princess!’ he called as he mounted his bike, revved the engine and disappeared into the darkness.

She was pretty sure she heard Both Axe and Cyrus groan before they turned back to her berating her with questions.

‘Are you okay?’ Cyrus now took up the position of checking her over, once he was satisfied that she was in fact not hurt he pulled her to him in a big bear hug

‘For goodness sake Emily, what are you doing out here in the dark?’ he asked, his voice tight and gruff.

She explained what had happened with Wolf being gone and not wanting to bother the club, then how Ash showed up and how he wouldn’t leave her alone.

She pulled away from Cyrus and ran over to give Axe a hug. Axe was the Sargent Of Arms in the club so he took everyone’s safety, partially hers, very seriously

‘Thank you,’ she whispered to him smiling up at the older biker.

‘Come on little-bit,’ he ruffled her hair ‘Let’s get you home.’ He took her backpack from her and gave it to Cyrus, (this time she didn’t mind) as she jumped on the back of Axe’s bike.

They arrived back to find the clubhouse in an uproar.

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