To Trap A kiss

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Chapter 7

When Wolf returned to the clubhouse, he carefully settled his bike in for the night before turning to walk into the clubhouse. Earlier, Major had called to tell him that two members from an opposing Mc, The Reapers, had been seen in the town outside the bar, ‘Tim’s’. Wolf being closest had responded alongside Tito, another biker in the club. They had found the piece of shits cornering the for mentioned Tim.

Tim was a decent guy, who in-turn for protection against his regular patrons, gave the club a 10% share of his profits however tonight the biker who was meant to be on duty, Raven, had been outnumbered and needed back up. Major had been fuming and rightly so coupled with the fact that they had spotted some of the younger reapers including the president’s kid at school. The Reapers were crossing territory lines.

Gaining the upper-hand they had sent them packing licking a few scars and tending to some bruises, reminding them who they were messing with. Tim had thanked them profusely, telling them that he had heard rumours that the had been Reapers causing havoc through the town but hadn’t expected confrontation.

Over the next hour, they had Tim fill them in on everything he had heard. It was surprising how much people were willing to spew after they had had a couple of drinks. Tito had remained at the bar with Raven, however, it was unlikely for there to be any more trouble tonight, yet Wolf had still left to go and scout the area.

He had patrolled the streets for a good hour, but it was uneventful, and he decided to head home to give Major the report. He had called Ink’s shop but when no one answered he assumed that Ink had given Emily a lift home, so he had kicked his stand up and drove quickly back to the compound covering the ten minutes’ drive in only six.

As he walked into the clubhouse, he could feel the tension. His eyes searched the room quickly meeting Major’s who sat at a table talking quietly with Leon. He dumped his rucksack on the floor and strode over to the two men pulling out the third seat for himself.

In response to Major’s questioning eyes, he began explaining what they had found when they got to Tim’s and what had transpired at school. When he had finished Major was clenching and unclenching his fists. Major had a reputation of remaining calm in stressful situations and soon enough he took a deep breath and leapt into action, listing places where they would patrol and talking about arranging a meeting with the president.

“What about at school?” Wolf asked eager to hear a solution.

“Keep an eye on them for now, don’t engage unless they are causing trouble,” Major explained running a hand through his dark hair that was embodied with wisps of silver, “If they throw the first punch make damn well you through the last.”

Wolf nodded content with this solution for now and resolved himself the watch Ash and his crew like a hawk. Over his dead body would he let them near Emily.

With the meeting adjourned Wolf turned his attention back on the room, his eyes scanning for a familiar blonde. He frowned when he couldn’t see her but assumed, she was in her room. He took the stairs two at a time eager to see her. When he again found no sign of her in her room worry ebbed into him. Perhaps she was just taking a walk.

Downstairs he met Major now nursing a beer with his Father as they discussed paroles and asked them if he had seen her.

“Not since this morning” he replied, “Did you no pick her up?” Major asked turning to Wolf with a harsh gaze.

“No, I left her with Ink when I left to handle the Reaper situation at Tim’s” he explained, “I rung the shop, but no one answered, I assume Ink brought her back”

Worry crossed the President’s face, “Ink had to go pick up a new part for his Harley this afternoon, he got back ten minutes ago”.

“He didn’t pick Emily up?” Wolf asked knowing the answer already.

Major immediately jumped into action digging out his phone from his pocket and ringing the shop’s phone to get the same result as Wolf had earlier before ringing her phone to no avail.

“Shit” Major growled out slamming his phone down on the table “Has anyone seen Emily?” he bellowed out to the room that housed the majority of their brother who got to their feet shaking their heads with a chorus of ’No’s.

Fear flooded Wolf as he jumped up and raced for his bike followed by Major and his Dad and close behind them his other brothers. Emily was loved by all his brothers and there wasn’t a doubt in his mind that they wouldn’t rest until they found her.

All sort of cinereous were racing around inside his mind as he grabbed his keys and ran to his bike. They were all mounted up and were splitting into groups when the gate opened and two bikers drove into the compound.

The relief was palpable as he spotted his Angel who clung onto Axe. When Axe and Cyrus stopped their bikes, their eyes understanding as to why almost the entire clubhouse was sighing in relief, Wolf rushed to Emily, his eyes scanning over her checking for injuries before he lifted her off the bike and pulled her into a bone crossing hug.

“Where were you?” he whispered in her ear and he shut his eyes and held her to his chest letting the fear and worry ebb away as he lost himself in her presence.

“Can’t breathe!” she choked causing Wolf to immediately pull away, scared he had missed an injury that was now suffocating her. At the humorous look in her eyes, he chopped her on the head lightly before stepping back to let Major have his turn pulling her into his arms.

Major leaned down as spoke to her in a hushed volume causing her to wipe her head up and glance around at everyone’s worried faces, eyes widening as she hugged him tighter whispering apologies.

Once everyone had made sure for themselves that she was fine Wolf took her hand and led her back inside the clubhouse, setting her down at the bar table and shooting her an expectant look for her to start talking, which she deflecting bringing her finger to her lip and avoiding eye contact.

“Angel, where were you? Why didn’t you call?” Wolf questioned as he knelt down placing himself into her eye line. “I was so worried,” he told her, his strained tone from before creeping back into his voice. At this Emily broke.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to make anyone worried. I didn’t want to bother anyone” she rushed out “I sort of knew the way back and whatever you had to do this morning seemed really important, so I just thought it would be easier if I made my own way home” she explained to him.

“You walked back?” he asked astonished and angry at her for not calling him.

“I really didn’t mean to worry anyone, I’m so sorry” tugging at his heartstrings as a tear fell from her glistening eyes which pleaded with his own to understand and forgive her.

Wolf couldn’t hold back anymore and pulled her into a tight embrace tugging her head into the crock of his solder whispering endearment to her until she regained her composure. Poor Thing, it had been a long day already and on top of it all, she had to face a room full of worried and overprotective bikers.

“You’d never be a bother Angel, it’s time you get that in your head, day or night, we would all do anything for you” he explained to her quietly setting her down on the bar stool once more and cupping her face.

“We’re not angry at you” Major begun drawing the attention of the crying beauty before him “But please, never do that again. I want you to promise you will call if this happens again. I won’t sleep unless you do.”

Emily nodded immediately scanning the faces of all his brothers noting the same concern and plead for her promise reflected in their own eyes.

“Good,” major continued “Just imagine what could have happened little one, some creep could have come and shoved you in their van,” Major stressed chiding her slightly by explaining the danger of what could have happened. Wolf shut his eyes trying to remove the idea of struggling Emily being thrown in the back of a van.

Thankfully his dad broke the silence that had been looming, “Let’s thank our lucky stars that that didn’t happen. Remember,” he turned to her and bent down to get her full attention “stranger danger” he ruffled her hair playfully in an effort to relieve the tension and guilt Wolf could see rampaging through her.

“Actually,” Axe interrupted from the side of the bar meeting Emily’s eyes, “There’s a bit more,”. Wolf waited expectantly as the two shared a silent conversation and after an encouraging nod from both Axe and Cyrus Emily explained,

“I was walking back, and this guy stopped on the road”

Wolf’s heart stopped, what had the bastard done that had made Axe and Cyrus have such a furious expression at the recall of the event. “He stopped and offered me a ride home, but I said no,” ‘good girl’, Wolf thought, listening intently to her story,

“He was a biker but I didn’t recognise his patch, I think I might have been a skull, I don’t know it was too dark.”

All the bikers in the room cursed immediately their faces showing ranges of fury causing Emily to flinch as confusion flooded her. Wolf suppressed his want to drive over to their compound right now and set it on fire, it was clear she was describing the Reaper’s patch meaning she had run into one of those fuckers.

Emily was too sweet to be messed up in territory wars, too precious.

Ignoring his fuming brothers Wolf stroked her shoulder and asked “Did you get his name” using a neutral tone as to not frighten her more.

Emily looked around the clubhouse warily, everyone seemed to know something she didn’t as they all tried to cap their anger for her sake, glancing back a Wolf she nodded hesitantly.

“I think he said it was Ash.”

The remaining bits of Wolf’s control snapped right there as he pummelled his fist into the table behind Emily.

“That son of a bitch!” he snarled.

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