To Trap A kiss

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Chapter 8

After Wolf had picked every detail from her about her encounter with Ash the two had finished their homework and watched a movie.

She could feel Wolf was still tense and angry at the night’s events. Major had explained to her about The Reapers, how they did a lot of under the desk business with drugs, illegal weapons, etc . Apparently, their territory was a couple of towns over but Major had heard that their clubhouse had been raided by the police and they were relocating. Relocating apparently here.

Emily didn’t like that. Their town was dangerous enough without a new club thrown into the mix. She knew Major and the other bikers tried to hide it from her, but she knew about the gangs and mobsters in town. Their club offered protection to lots of businesses against these very people.

She saw when bikes returned with bruises knuckles and scrapes from what she assumed was not a friendly brawl.

She understood why the club was on edge about the whole ordeal. She slipped her hand into Wolf’s playing with his fingers on her lap while they watched the movie, wanting to soothe him. She really hadn’t meant to worry everyone by disappearing on them.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered to him, keeping her eyes focused hard on the screen of his laptop to disguise the guilt that was acting away at her

“Angel...” he groaned, shifter her to face him,

“I didn’t want to bother anyone, and in my process of doing that bothered everyone.” She confessed holding her tears back.

“Emily!” His, voice snapped her out of her pity party. “You’d never be a bother. Christ! How could you even think that?” His eye bore into hers, punctuating his meaning. “I was just worried about you Ems, we all were.”

“I know....I’m still sorry,” she told him earnestly.

“Just call me next time before you decide to go wandering off into the darkness on your own. Promise?”

“I promise,” she told him honestly, kissing him lightly on the cheek before returning her attention back onto the movie.

The next day Emily awoke to shouting downstairs which was, for the noisy clubhouse, standard. Checking the time, she gasped and shot out of bed to get ready.

Hunting through her closet she found a blue skater skirt, a vintage grey T-shirt, and a grey buttoned, cashmere cardigan. She slipped on a pair of back spandex shorts under her skirt to avoid a pantie flashing incident on the bike, grabbed her bag, and stumbled out the door.

She ran into Wolf in the corridor who looked as if he was just about to get her.

“Morning Wolfy!” She chirped, grabbing his hands, and skipped down the corridor.

“What has you so chirpy today?” He asked, mirth evident in his voice.

“I dunno” she paused, shrugging. “Clemmie said we were gonna learn our routine for the football game on Friday! on one against North High”

“Oh yeah, I forgot that was coming up on Friday,” he told her, seeming distracted

“You forgot about the first football game of the season?” She asked him incredulously, “The star quarterback?”

“Hush,” he demanded chopping her lightly on the head and they finished descending the stairs.

“Ow! Mom! Stop” Mace called dodging the swatting pillow his mother, Olivia held.

“What do you think he did this time?” Emily whispered to Wolf

“HE! Put my keys in water and then froze them!” Olivia shouted angrily at her son, answering Emily’s question.

“I’m getting my hair colored today!” she whined at her son. Emily held back her giggle wondering over to the bar where there was indeed a block of ice with Olivia Harley’s Key stuck inside.

“Ollie,” she called, snapping Olivias attention away from throwing pillow after pillow at Mace. “We can just heat some water up in the kettle to melt it, she explained scooping the block up and taking it to the sink.

“Thank you, Sweetie!” Olivia cooed over her, shooting Mace one last glare dropping and smack with a pillow before moving to flick the kettle on. “You’re a lifesaver!”

Olivia always had a soft spot for Emily and had taken her role as a Crazy Aunt seriously helping her adjust to the club life and even stated in a few parents’ evenings if one Major couldn’t make it.

“It was Dad’s Idea anyway....” Mace muttered causing Olivia’s eyes to snap to her husband who had bees sitting on a stool laughing. His eyes widened in betrayal and fear before bolting off of the stool and fled out the door with Olivia short on his tail having grabbed a pan from the sink.

Emily couldn’t hold her laughter back, doubling over shaking at the grunts and “Crazy woman!” that was coming from outside.

Hunter slipped a bowl of cereal in her hands and she stated at the bar to quickly eat her breakfast. A groaning Mace came to sit next to her to reclaim his half-finished breakfast next to her sending her into another fit of giggles. Mace and his family were always playing pranks on one another and providing entertainment for the clubhouse.

Major, came over to her and wished her a good morning sending a loaded look to Wolf. Emily ate her cereal as she watched bewildered as the two engaged in a seemingly silent conversation. Wolf nodded at him glancing at through the corners of his eyes.

Emily just shrugged and finished her cereal. Grabbing hers and Maces bowl and washing them up. Grabbing a granola bar and slipping it into Wolf’s hands knowing that he wouldn’t have time to eat as they were already running late.

Major swooped her up in a big hug, reminding her again to be careful of The Reapers and stick with the boys. She promised him she would, grabbing Wolf’s hands and pulling him outside almost forgetting her rucksack in the process.

Wolf chuckled as he stowed both their backpacks in the storage compartment as she slipped her helmet on. Like Usual he picked her up and set her on his bike.

Men...she thought, rolling her eyes at his smirk. Soon they were on the road and heading to school, flanked by the other boys.

Despite setting off late they arrived in time to rush to their homeroom class before the bell rung. They had burst into the class dramatically causing the teacher to raise one bushy eyebrow at their Antics before resuming fiddling with the computer.

Emily moved to sit in her normal set but stumbled over one of the backpacks on the floor next to someone’s desk, she tumbled forced legs running overtime to reclaim her balance but succeeded in bumping into someone’s back.

Ears turning red, she muttered an apology, awkwardly back up and moving towards her seat. She was stopped at the voice that sounded out.

“Falling for me already Princess?!”

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