To Be With You

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We all have a soulmate, right? How hard would it hit you to know that yours doesn't exist; at least, not anymore... All Ginevra Morgenstern ever wanted was to meet her soulmate. All her friends already did; their necklaces glowed whenever they were close to their Half. She was the only one who hasn't found hers yet. Taking matters into her own hands during her 25th year, she leaves everything behind and travels the world once more to prove that you can carve your own Half out of yourself when all hope is lost. Hope is lost, however, when she sees a portrait of a strikingly handsome man, his death date clearly marked out on the bottom right corner, and her glowing necklace surrounding her in its light.

Romance / Fantasy
Sapphire Winters
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In this wonderful world of ours, everyone is born with some kind of mark, showing that your are destined to meet the other half of your soul; the one who would make everything better by just smiling or looking at you. Everything about them just silences every doubt you've ever had and you'll love them forever.

Most people have a necklace, but some people have tattoos; they correspond with your other Half's. Others have a strip of the other's hair color and a rare one is blindness of the other's eye color. In this rarity, when you meet your Half and look into their eyes, it'll be the first time you see that certain color, and you'll fall in love, yadda, yadda, ya, and then you'll live Happily Ever After, yadda, yadda, ya. Instead of breaking your heart and soul over and over through trial and error.
I've read about that world and it sounds really horrible, but people always, somehow, find their love against all odds, and go on with their happy lives; ups and downs, and 'getting through's. They have it good in my opinion, because there is still a 50% chance that they'll find love again.
But here, there's an age limit to when you're supposed to meet your Half, and that's at twenty-four years old. Once you pass that limit, you'd better just down some bleach or jump off a cliff, since life would be completely and utterly useless without them. It sounds harsh, but it's true; I've seen it first hand.
It was my brother, Jupiter. Like everyone else, he traveled the world in his 23rd year, and even during his 24th year. Once he got to his 25th year however, he sank into depression, and in his 26th year, I watched on with his friends and my family as his casket was lowered into the ground, my parents crying bloody murder, and his best friends cursing the Gods above, below and all around us. I was numb; I didn't know what to feel at all. But there was this horrifying feeling set in my mind and a knot in my gut that told me that I would have the same fate, no matter how many times I shook it off or got reassurance from my friends who already did have their Half.
I envied those who found their love more than I'd like to admit, but my role model, my aunt Janice, lived for forty-five years without her Half. According to her, "Forging your own piece to yourself is better than sitting around and waiting for it to come running into your arms and sweeping you away from your troubles."
I really want to take her advice and shout, "Blasphemy!", like she did; but when you watch all your friends find their Half and attend their wedding mere months later while you're halfway through your 25th year with no hope of finding your Half, you'd want to take the easy way out like Jupiter did.
But one thing about Ginevra Morgenstern is that she does not take the easy way out.
Universe, prepare yourself.
I shall trumpet the beautiful word 'blasphemy' to every corner of your vastness, nice and loud.

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