To Be With You

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Onwards! The World Awaits!

January 10th

My eyes rolled to the back of my head and a deep sigh escaped my lips for the millionth time today. I stared at my mother, arms dangling limply at my sides as she bustled about my room, fussing over the most minute of issues, like if I have enough underwear, or clothes so I could change outfits at least twice a day, excluding my pajamas. I've done this twice before, I don't see what the big issue is.
It may be the fact that she and my father will be alone for the first time in years, and she is eager to get rid of us. Alfonso and Thera had gone off to live with their Halves a town over, Estelle is going to University, and the twins, Collin and Casey, are coming along with me, since it's their time to travel the world.
Valentina Morgenstern was muttering to herself in French when I rudely brought her out of her thoughts by slamming my hand against my computer desk, instantly consumed with regret as my hand stung painfully and my mother dropped a mirror which she was trying to to shove into my backpack. "Ginny!" her voice was void of any emotion, but her brown eyes held surprise.
"Hello, mother. Welcome back to Earth. Now, may I please complete my preparation for the journey ahead?" she rolled her eyes at my formal speech, and stepped away from my bed, which was covered in stray articles of clothing, and my suitcase and backpack, hands raised in surrender. "Forgive me for wanting to make sure that my daughter is prepared." She murmured, walking towards me. My shoulders slumped and I sighed again. "Mommy, I've done this before. It's no big deal; I'll be fine."
She lazily trailed her finger along my bookshelf, strewn with fairy lights and action figures, and trophies for martial arts. "I know that but, I'm just worried." She faced me now, and took more steps towards me until we were eye-to-eye. Her hands came to rest on my shoulders. "I don't want to assume the worst, but what if... what if we, you don't-" she faltered, and her bottom lip quivered and eyes turned glassy.
A lump formed in my throat and my nose burned at the memory of Jupiter. His bush of dark brown curls, freckles dotted under his kind brown eyes, his crooked nose from being dropped as a child and too many fights, and a heart-shaped mouth. He was tall and lanky, yet surprisingly graceful. His heart was pure and full of love for all his family and friends. The fact that he knew that he was deeply flawed just made him more lovable to me. He was my best friend.
A soft stroke across my cheek brought me out of my reverie, and I became aware that I was crying. My mother was too, and I brushed my knuckle under her eye. Simultaneously, we laughed shakily, and she pulled me into a tight embrace. I always enjoyed my mother's embrace, unlike a few of my friends, who felt as though they were being smothered by their mothers and genuinely disliked it. Why would you hate motherly love?
I heard the soft click, then creak of my door opening and turned my head towards the door, Collin and Casey standing there awkwardly at 6'3 each. Unclasping my locked fingers from around my mother, I gestured for them to join the hug, and they grinned before running up to us, arms opened. My mother squealed in surprise before chuckling, then kissed each of our foreheads. We untangled after what felt like ten minutes and sat around the room, pushing books and trinkets into place.
"Are you all packed?" my mother asked after another ten minutes. The boys looked at each other briefly then focused on my mother. She stared, then quickly walked out of the room. About a minute later, her scream echoed through the house. I rushed out as the twins began to snicker. My father pushed past me, basically shoving me into the wall to get to his wife. When I finally got to the end of the hallway, rubbing my shoulder, my mother was covered in dirt, and worms wiggled purposefully wherever they were located; and they were everywhere.
My father stood still, a hand clasped over his mouth and his breathing heavy, a few tears trickling from his eyes. My mother's head was bowed and fists clenched; she too was breathing heavily. I tried to formulate words, but nothing seemed to come up.
Not a minute later, the twins dashed out of my room and hopefully far away from the house, until my mother cools down in a few hours. She stomped after them, cursing in a mixture of French and Welsh, and my father and I remained silent, making room as she passed by. Once she was out of earshot, my father doubled over in laughter. I followed soon after, the sounds mixing together, and hopefully not floating around the house for my mother to hear us. Her wrath was one I didn't want to face.
We calmed down, facing each other with our backs to the wall and knees pulled up to our chests. "Are you ready?" he asked softly, looking awkward with his long legs placed so that they didn't block his face. I nodded my reply, dreading to express my fright and worry that I will have the same fate as Jupiter. Daniel Morgenstern stared at me intensely, and involuntarily, I shifted nervously under his gaze. It was a while before he did anything, and that was sliding over to sit next to me.
"Ginevra," he began, taking my hand in his own, "I know that you're scared. Uncertain about your future. Your mother and I are dreading that the worst will happen." His voice cracked as he spoke, and his grip tightened on my hand. "I don't want to lose you, or any more children for that matter. It's the worst thing in the world." I laid my head on his shoulder, sobbing softly. Jupiter was still a fresh wound that may not close for me, or anyone, ever.
"I want you to know that I love you very, very much. I don't know if I didn't say it enough to Jupiter that made him just leave us so abruptly, so I'm telling you now, before you leave for the last time to find your Half. No matter the outcome, I want you to know that you have our full support all the way, no matter how long it takes you to heal if things really do take a turn for the worse."
I sniffed, wiping the liquid that ran down my nose with the back of my hand. The lump in my throat prevented me from speaking, so I simply nodded.
"Is everything okay?" my mother's voice filled my ears and I looked up. She was still dirty, but the lose clumps of earth and worms were mostly gone. "Yes, darling. Everything is okay. I was just having a chat with Ginny." She nodded, and jumped over us to enter hers and my father's bedroom.
"I still have worms in places they shouldn't be. Excuse me." The door slammed behind her, and again, my father and I burst into laughter.

The airport was mostly deserted, save for the few early morning travelers, dragging their feet and groaning; the living embodiment of zombies.

My mother, however, was as chirpy as ever.
The twins, my father and I walked slowly, glancing at each other every once in a while as my mother chatted on the phone with Thera as if it were 11am, when it was really far from that. She spun around, and seeing the distance between us, gave the universal "What are you doing?" look. With that, we picked up the pace until we reached her. She shoved the phone into Casey's hands with a quick, "Thera wants to speak with you!", before grabbing my hand and pulling me along to check in.
"Well aren't you excited to get rid of us." I murmured and she giggled. "Why yes. Yes I am. It's the first time in years I get to be alone with my husband. I'd like to squeeze as much time out of it as possible." I gagged, and she stopped to smack my arm, her cheeks tinted pink. We arrived at the counter, and the assistant looked at us with sleepy eyes.
"Place your luggage on the scale please." I dropped the heavy suitcase down as my mother handed over my passport, and began taking out money to pay in case it was overweight. It wasn't thankfully, and the woman handed my mother a ticket. "Have a safe trip." I murmured a thanks, and we walked towards my father, who was dozing off as he leaned against a pillar, and the twins, who were still on the phone with Thera. Collin perked up as he saw me, and thrust the phone into my hands. "H-hey Thera, what's up?"
She paused, clearly not expecting to be speaking to someone else. "Ginny! Do me a favor and punch Collin for me." No need to tell me twice.
My fist connected with his bicep and he yelped. Thera chuckled, then cleared her throat. I tapped the speaker button, then brought the phone up to my ear, putting some distance between myself and my family. "How do you feel, baby sister?" I gulped, suddenly feeling nervous.
Honestly, I was absolutely terrified. That horrifying, sinking feeling I got at Jupiter's burial hasn't left me in the past week. After Jupiter left us, I would turn to Thera. I glanced back at my parents and the twins, sighing shakily before truly expressing what I felt.
Jupiter always told me that I had a way with words, and he was a bit envious of how easily I could express myself, be it words, dance or music.
Thera listened on, humming, and I could imagine her, sitting up with her back against the headboard and fingers intertwined with her Half, who was either still asleep or sitting up as well, reading the news on his phone. I sighed shakily again when I finished speaking, and waited for her to say something, anything, to ease my nerves and tell me that I'm overreacting.
"Ginny, I'm going to speak as a historian first, then as a sister. What you and Jupiter experienced isn't rare. It's happened before in all periods of history. But sadly, very few persons have found their Half after their 25th year. It is theorized that the other Half is deceased, not born yet, born in another era, or simply non-existent. You're still in your 25th year, and there is still a chance that you'll find your other Half; but, Doll, if not, I want you to know that I absolutely love you, and I that it's going to be so hard on you. I am going to be there for you, for whatever you need, however long it takes. I don't want to lose you too."
Leaning against another pillar, I tried to stop myself from sliding towards the ground, my mouth covered to suppress my sobs. "I'm so scared." I managed to whisper, and her voice was motherly as she spoke. "I know Ginny, I know. But we'll get through this. You have Casey and Collin and the entire family with you. We'll be alright." I sniffled as we said our goodbyes, and returned to my family, who looked at me worriedly. I waved them off, and we bought something to eat while we waited.
We sat in comfortable silence, leaning on each other, much like when Jupiter left, but without the overbearing melancholy in the room. It was about an hour before our flight was called and we parted ways, hugging tightly and whispering reassurances to each other. My parents let us go, and stayed until the doors closed behind us. With one hand wrapped around my shoulder and another around my waist, we walked to the airplane. "Ginny."
I looked up towards Collin, whose face was neutral, but light brown eyes full of brotherly love. "We got this." I smiled at him, and Casey shouted, pointing towards the sky, "Onwards! The world awaits!", before running up the stairs, nearly tripping on the way up. Collin and I snickered as we boarded the plane.
As we took off, the three of us settled in, lucky enough to get seats next to each other. We each had headphones in our ears to keep out the sounds of loud snores and crying children. I hit shuffle, and the first song that played was 'Tear In My Heart'; I stared to calm down, the beat pushing my anxieties to the back of my mind. Their music always calmed me down.
It wasn't long before I fell asleep, hoping and praying that one day, someone would sing that song about me too.

~Hello hello wonderful people. This right here is a book that has been stewing in my mind for a while, just like all my other books (that I'll hopefully put out if I have good enough ideas to keep it going). I've been on Wattpad for a while, but it was fetus me writing, and I'm not very proud of them.
I followed one of my recent favorite Wattpad writers here, and I thought, "Why not?", so here we are.~
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