To Be With You

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Want Some German Sausage?

I could hear Emeraude sniffling behind me. I felt a little bad that she had to come along with us, despite telling her and Collin more times than I could remember that they could stay longer. They both insisted on coming.

“I’ll tell you what,” I heard Collin whisper, “after this trip is over, we’ll move there. To France.”

Emeraude gasped softly. “Mon amour, I can’t let you do that. What about you, and where you want to live? What about Casey, and your family?” Casey shifted beside me, attempting to glance inconspicuously at them with my tiny hand-held mirror.

“We actually really want to move to Europe ourselves. My parents would go to Wales, Jupiter and Ginny would have gone to England, Casey and I would head to either France or Italy with Stella; Thera would go to Switzerland with her Half, and Alfonso would go to Greece with his Half. Every holiday or special occasion, we’d meet up in one of those places.”

It was true. We still planned on doing such. It was just a matter of getting our papers, and transferring jobs on my parents, Alfonzo’s and Thera’s part. I think my parents were just waiting on Stella to finish university.

“Really?” Emeraude whispered, and the twins and I answered simultaneously, “Yes.”

Casey and I turned slightly, smirking at the pair of Halves, who playfully glared at us.

We stepped out of the airport, pausing to roll our necks and shrug our stiff shoulders.

Lass uns scheißgesicht bekommen!" Casey and I yelled simultaneously, earning a chuckle from the taxi driver who, I presume, was about to ask us if we needed a ride to a hotel. (“Let’s get shit-faced!“)

We loaded up, and took off, a comfortable silence around us as we drove to our destination: a hotel. I no longer had connections in Germany, given that they moved to Japan for work and to live with their Half about a year ago.

Thanks to my clear, lonely, love-empty head, I remembered to book two rooms about a week before we left France, so the check-in was smooth. We were silent on the elevator ride up, simply enjoying each other’s presence, and when we finally got to our rooms: Casey and I together, and the pair of Halves in another room, we had a near-telepathic communication.

‘Sleep first.’ I’m sure we all thought as we parted and disappeared behind the hotel room doors, and collapsed on our soft beds, instantly consumed by sleep.


A consistent poking on my bum roused me from my sleep, and I had no doubt that it was Emeraude, who had some obsession with my butt.

“It’s nice and jiggly, Gin. I can’t help it.” She had said when we were still in Costa Rica; specifically on the day we went to the beach. Now that I thought about it, I could probably see why my very own ‘Pepe Le Pew’ got a little loopy in the head.

Emeraude had spent majority of the day just... smacking my bum to watch it jiggle. It didn’t exactly help that the bottom half of my swimsuit had little coverage.

“Em...” I groaned when the poking continued, and I heard her stifled giggle. “Get up, Ginny. We’re going out.” I groaned again, and reluctantly sat up to face the already dressed red-head. In a black sequined dress that ended at her knees and a pair of heels to match, Collin may have some trouble with unpaired men tonight.

My eyes drifted to the other bed, where Collin, who was also already dressed in a black dress shirt and jeans, was gearing up to launch himself at a still sleeping Casey. He attacked, and Casey yelled, twisting wildly to get Collin off him. “Why couldn’t you be fucking like a normal newly paired Half?” he questioned sleepily, and Collin smacked his twin with a pillow, sending him horizontal again.

I snickered as I slid off the bed, and walked to the bathroom to get ready.

Half an hour later, I was dressed in a long-sleeved maroon dress that ended about mid-thigh, with a pair of leggings underneath and my boots on my feet. By the time I came out, Casey was in a maroon long-sleeved shirt and jeans.

“Aye,” we laughed, pointing finger-guns and winking at each other. “Well, now that we’re all dressed and matching, let’s hit the town!” Collin said, and we filed out of the room after snapping a few pictures and making sure we had our room keys and phones.


I felt the bass in my bones. The mass of dancing bodies moved in sync to the electronic music. My head was light, and I wasn’t 100% sure where I was, or where my siblings and Emeraude were. I just knew that we found a club, got in, had a few drinks then hit the dance floor.

Someone was behind me, gripping my hips in a way that I was starting to like. I didn’t know what they smelt or looked like, but they were a furnace behind me in the already humid room. Not that I minded in my state.

The drinks were getting to my head, bringing out the Ginny that Henry had the pleasure of meeting twice already. That part of me turned around, happy to meet the man behind the strong grip. I drew him closer to me and continued to sway my hips to the music, shutting my eyes and letting my head fall back.

His tongue was hot as it snaked up my exposed neck, and my loud moan was drowned out by the music and chatter of the clubbers. I stayed in position, allowing this stranger to put his saliva on my sweaty neck.

The rational side of me was weeping, begging drunken Ginny to stop this madness.

“Let’s get out of here, wunderschön.” Drunken Ginevra absolutely loved those words. Her eyes rolled back as he nipped at the pulse on her neck. I found myself nodding, and my feet began to move, following him out of the crowd of dancing bodies.

Everything was a blur, and soon enough, the cool, fresh air was being sucked into my lungs, alleviating the slight pounding in my head that was beginning to make itself known and cooling my skin.

Under the street lights, I finally got a good look at him. Tall, tatted-up, mischievous green eyes, devilish smirk; all things that made drunken Ginevra shiver with delight. His inked right hand reached out and gently tugged on a curl that was stuck to my face.

My feet shuffled closer, and before I could blink, his lips were on mine; warm and soft, but rough as they molded with mine. Drunken Ginevra whimpered with wanton desire as his tongue invaded her mouth, gripping him tightly and pulling him closer.

My head was light, the breeze was cool, and his lips on mine was turning drunken Ginevra more wanton by the second.

I am beginning to wonder when the universe will stop giving me wild cards.

A harsh tug on my hair yanked me away from him and I cried out in shock and from the sting of pain. A rough, heavy hand wrapped around my neck, and a cold cylinder nudged against my temple. I stiffened in shock, and the alcohol instantly drained from my system.

My almost one-night stand glared instantly, barking out a command in his mother tongue. The person behind me chuckled darkly, squeezing me tighter. I tried not to cough from the sudden cut-off of oxygen. He loosened, and I inhaled shakily.

My mind was too busy trying to come up with a means of escape to try understanding what they were speaking so harshly about.

I locked eyes with my green-eyed dance partner, and through a telepathic communication line I didn’t know we had formed, I knew what to do; real simple.

With a deep inhale, I jabbed my elbow backwards, aiming for his solar plexus. He groaned in pain and released me; I quickly spun on my heel, and landed a punch to his cheek before my dance partner launched at him, overpowering him from the get-go.

They scuffled about on the ground, grunting as fists impacted on skin. I looked around me, the streets empty save for a couple of persons, stumbling about and laughing loudly in a drunken stupor.

I needed to get someone to help me stop this.

A gunshot made me freeze in my tracks.

Fearing the worse, I pivoted slowly, hoping that my dance partner was okay. They were still on the ground, someone panting heavily. A breath of relief whooshed out of me when his mischievous green eyes met mine.

“That was not how I was expecting the night to go.” He said as he rose to his feet, dusting off his clothes and stepping over the unmoving body, a pool of red growing slowly.

He drew closer, that devilish smirk growing on his face. “I was really hoping it would end with you in my bed, but unfortunately, it can’t. I’m sorry, wunderschön.”

Green turned to black, and drunken laughter turned to static, then silence.

~Short chapter. Tut mir Leid.~
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